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The Top Inventory Management Apps for Your Business

Admin | September 2, 2022 @ 12:00 AM

Savvy small business owners know that effectively managing inventory is an important, if not the most important, strategy for success. It’s not only how you ensure you have an adequate supply of products when your customers need them, but it’s also critical to monitoring your cash flow and providing a positive customer experience.

Fortunately, plenty of tools are available to help make such an essential job easier. Inventory management apps designed for mobile devices like smartphones put control of your inventory literally at your fingertips so you can keep tabs on your business anytime, anywhere.

5 Inventory Management Apps You Could Be Using

With dozens of options available, it’s hard to know which inventory management app you should choose. Here, we break down some of the top inventory management apps for iOS in the Apple App Store and Android options in the Google Play Store.

1. Sortly

Features of this app include browsing by product images, barcode scanning, custom QR and barcode labeling, visual browsing, custom fields, stock alerts and reminders, import/export functions and more. Cloud-based data is synced continuously so you can always access current information. The app offers both free and paid plans, depending on how many users you need. iOS, Android and desktop versions are available.

2. Square: Retail Point of Sale

You may know about Square as a card reader or point-of-sale app, but the retail version also offers a host of stock control features and add-ons (depending on your plan). In addition to features like multi-location inventory tracking (handy for managing profit margins) and tools that let you track, adjust and transfer inventory, you’ll also find the ability to ring sales using a keyword search or barcode and accept multiple forms of payment. This app also lets you create customer profiles so you can market more efficiently and improve your customer experience. Note that full app access is limited to iOS and Square Register users; you can use Square on Android but won’t be able to use the Retail app.

3. On Shelf

If you thrive on reports, this may be your app. Real-time tracking means you can access current data anytime, without waiting for the next update cycle to complete. Tools like color coding help you track sales performance so you can pinpoint trends and irregularities, and you can even count on the app to give you advice about appropriate inventory levels. Pricing depends on the number of inventory items you need to track (the free version only supports 15), as well as the number of users and other variables. You’ll also pay extra for cloud backup. Look for this inventory app on iOS and Android.

4. Zoho

The ability to integrate your inventory tracking with many of the leading e-commerce sales platforms makes Zoho a popular choice. You’ll find options for multi-warehouse management, item bundling and common needs like backorders, purchase orders and drop shipments. You’ll even be able to automate some customer and vendor relations tasks. After a free trial, expect to pay at least $49 per month for a basic plan. Downloads are available for iOS and Android.

5. Veeqo

One of the major advantages of this inventory app is the ability to manage inventory across multiple stores, but you’re also likely to appreciate the extra time you can save thanks to integration with major shipping carriers to automate shipping tasks like printing labels and tracking packages. Real-time inventory and sales data helps with forecasting, and with other robust functions in the app, you can take care of business wherever you may be. Desktop, iOS and Android versions are available.

Organize Your Inventory Better with Storage World

Even if you’re using the best inventory management app for your business, tracking the data is only part of the story when it comes to effective inventory and order management. Physical space to store your inventory items is a common challenge for small business owners, but self storage is a simple way to keep your excess inventory organized and accessible off-site.

An option like Storage World offers numerous security features and climate controlled units so you know your inventory is safe. What’s more, you can take advantage of numerous amenities designed with business owners in mind, including free delivery acceptance, flexible month-to-month rentals and convenient gate hours. Find a commercial self storage solution near you and see how easily you can add one more tool to your inventory management system.

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