About Us

About Storage World

Storage World has a larger purpose than simply “storing stuff.” Our team understands that behind every need for storage, there is typically a bigger story: a change. Perhaps there has been a change of address or a new job opportunity. Maybe it’s a change in your family — with the addition of a new baby or a dear family member. Sometimes a household becomes smaller, and it just seems the whole world is changing.

Storage Solutions for You

We offer our services to add a little stability to your life. We created Storage World as a special “world of space” right here in your neighborhood for you whenever you need it. We’ll look after your belongings as your family would. You see, it’s our calling, which started with our founder, Jack Johnson. He follows the servant-leader model, a biblically-based approach that keeps us focused on always doing what serves our customers best.


Storage World also serves through sponsorship of community projects and events for local youth programs, non-profits, churches, and foundations. We are passionate about working with organizations that are improving lives. Please contact us if you’d like to partner with us to serve others.