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When you are storing your belongings in self-storage, you want the peace of mind of knowing that they are kept in a safe environment. At Storage World, you’ll experience secure self-storage through a variety of safety measures. We take security very seriously and our self-storage Atlanta facilities feature a variety of secure storage solutions including:

Gated access with personal code

Our facilities are surrounded by a security gate with access granted through your personal code. This assures that only authorized individuals can enter the premises.

Surveillance cameras

A variety of surveillance cameras are posted around our facilities to monitor activity on a 24 hour basis. Any unusual activity is picked up on video.

Disk locks

You’ll receive your own disk lock for your unit free with your rental agreement. Our disk locks are reliable and weather resistant.

Alarm systems

Our facility is equipped with alarm systems that send out an immediate alert if the facility are broken into. This added layer to our secure storage solutions provides another measure to prevent any potential problems.


Ample lighting is another method for creating a secure storage environment. Not only does the lighting provide safety to our customers as they access their units, but it also provides a deterrence to any unwanted activity.

Clean facility and units

Another sign of a safe storage facility is a clean facility. We keep our facility buildings and units neat and orderly to give off an overall secure impression.

Understanding each facility’s security

To learn more about specific secure storage options offered at each of our facilities, you can speak with one of our storage representatives at (770) 927-4503. We highly encourage you to tour the facility as well so you can see for yourself the different security measures we offer to protect your belongings.


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