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Need extra storage? No matter your situation – a homeowner without a garage or attic, a renter lacking closet space, a student between housing or a business owner with inefficient storage – you’ll find that self-storage offers safe, affordable solutions.

Easy, creative storage solutions

If your home or office doesn’t offer you enough space to store your belongings or inventory, you need to look outside your residence or business. Two popular storage ideas are self-storage and mobile storage. Here’s how Storage World can help you:

Storage for Homeowners
The longer you live in your home, the more belongings you’ll accumulate. Add kids to the mix, and your limited storage space starts getting cramped. Self-storage is a great way to get extra space for a low cost. Rotate seasonal items – jet skis, bikes, skis, holiday decorations, lawn mowers, snow blowers and more – to make room in your home all year long. Self-storage is also a great place to keep power tools and equipment that you don’t want near your children.

If you are renting, you may not have the closet and storage space you hope to have in your own home. Form excess clothing to furniture that won’t fit in your apartment, you may have belongings you want to keep but simply have nowhere to put. Self-storage gives you a clean, secure place to keep your items while you live in your apartment. Learn more about apartment storage.

During summer break or after graduation, you may find yourself with a need for temporary storage. Using self-storage allows you to put your furniture and other belongings away until you move into your next apartment or dorm, rather than hauling everything home again. Learn more about student storage.

Business Owners
From inventory and files to office furniture and equipment, business owners can find a lot of value in self-storage. Self-storage units are easy to access and can de-clutter your office and help you get organized. Plus, if you are expanding the office or moving, you’ll find self-storage can be very helpful. We can help a wide variety of businesses stay organized and find more space including:

  • Construction Storage
  • Pharmaceutical Storage
  • Inventory Storage
  • Document Storage
  • Restaurant & Catering Storage


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