Moving Supplies

Storage World carries a wide variety of moving boxes and packing supplies at each of our locations. We have the moving supplies and packing boxes you need when you need it to make moving and storage easy. Visit one our Atlanta storage locations for your moving supply needs.

Moving Boxes

Moving Supplies
Dish Pack Box
18″X18″X28″ (5.1 Cubic Feet)
“Double Walled” for china, glassware or a large lamp.

Small Moving Box
18″X12″X12″ (1.5 Cubic Feet)
Great for Books, CD’s, Tools, Video Tapes

Medium Moving Box
18″X18″X16″ (3.1 Cubic Feet)
Great for Kitchen Utensils, Miscellaneous items

Large Moving Box
24″X18″X18″ (4.5 Cubic Feet)
Great for Pots, Pans, Toys, Medium Lamps, Shades

Extra Large Moving Box
24″X18″X24″ (6.1 Cubic feet)
Great for Light Bulky Items, Toys, Tupperware

Picture Frame Moving Box
Framed Pictures and Mirrors

Wardrobe Box with Bar
Comes with sturdy hanger

Moving Supplies and Packing Materials

  • Bubble Wrap ½” x 12” x 10’
  • Packing Paper: 10#
  • Packing Paper: 25#
  • Tape: 2” x 55yards
  • Disc-Locks



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