How to Store Holiday Decorations

Renting a self storage unit is a great Christmas decoration storage solution for holiday items including Christmas trees, indoor and outdoor lights, outdoor displays, ornaments and wreaths. Holiday decorations can take up a lot of storage space in a home. Boxes and bins used to store holiday decor tend to clutter up closets, attics, basements and garages. These areas can be better utilized for storing other day-to-day items.

Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

When storing holiday decorations either at home or in a storage unit, special care needs to be taken so these items will continue to stay in good condition. Following simple steps will allow for continued use of treasured decorations. Check for broken ornaments and lights before packing away the holiday trimmings. If they can’t be fixed, then discard them and add them to an inventory list to replace for next year. Once you have inspected the decorations, then sort them in boxes by the type, such as keeping all indoor/outdoor lights coiled and stored in one box. Christmas ornaments can be very delicate, so they should be stored in boxes separately from other holiday decorations. Learn more about how to store specific types of holiday decorations with the tips listed below.

Christmas Ornament Storage

Christmas tree ornaments come in all shapes and sizes from delicate glass-blown creations to hand-made paper designs. Many ornaments hold sentimental value because they are heirlooms or were made by family members. These require special treatment when preparing for storage. They should be wrapped individually in tissue paper and placed in a box. Store larger or oddly-shaped ornaments in their original boxes whenever possible.

Christmas Tree Storage Tips

An artificial Christmas tree requires larger storage spaces than the rest of the holiday decorations. If possible, store trees in their original boxes. If the box is not available, take apart the tree branch-by-branch and put in plastic bins. Christmas tree bags are also good for artificial Christmas tree storage. Some of the bags come on rollers, so you can easily transport the tree to its storage spot. A great tip to save time when putting the tree up at the beginning of the holiday season is to store the tree partially or even fully-assembled including lights and garland.

Storing Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Lights

Separate outdoor and indoor Christmas lights after use. Coil the lights to keep them from being tangled. There are many great DIY solutions for storing holiday lights such as: wrapping the lights around the outside of a coffee can or coiling them around a piece of cardboard or a plastic pants hanger.

Storing Holiday Wreaths

Place holiday wreaths in their original boxes and store them horizontally on a shelf. If you do not have the original box, then place a bag over the wreath and hang it in a closet or behind a door. Do not store bags of wreaths on top of one another, as the wreaths could get damaged.

Storage units are great places to keep your holiday decorations until you need them again next year. Climate controlled storage units help keep artificial wreaths and Christmas trees looking fresh and ready for use in the future. Seasonal items can be stored in the back of a storage unit and then switched out throughout the year when they are needed. Storage World offers secure storage amenities including gated keypad entry, surveillance cameras and alarm systems to give our renters peace of mind that their holiday and seasonal decorations are safe while in storage


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