Storage Space For Contractors

Storing Construction Materials

Self storage is an ideal storage space for construction workers, contractors, plumbers, electricians, and painters for their tools and equipment during a project. Many contractors, actually work out of their vans, trucks or out of their homes, and do not have “brick and mortar” locations or buildings to store their equipment. The cost of renting a storage unit is much lower than paying for rent and utilities for a storefront or a warehouse. By storing building materials and tools in a storage unit, contractors can keep their overhead low and their budget in check. Another way for contractors to keep overall costs down is by storing construction materials, supplies and tools in bulk in a storage unit until these products are needed on a work site.

Having a self storage unit in a centralized place, closer to their project location, makes it much easier for the contractor to transport equipment. Using a self storage unit for construction storage, including tools and equipment, will help to protect the items from damage from rain, temperature extremes or being vandalized if kept on a construction site. Atlanta is a thriving metropolis with many construction projects going on throughout the city. Storage World is the best self storage solution in Atlanta for contractors and construction companies.

Contractor Storage

Most self storage facilities have drive-up storage units, which allow easy access for contractors to load and unload their equipment. Convenient computerized gate access hours allow contractors, painters and plumbers to access their tools before they need to be on the job site. Deliveries of building supplies and materials can be accepted at some storage facilities, which allow the contractors to continue with their work and not have to wait around for that special tool, equipment or supplies. Larger storage units are also good for construction or contractor storage of larger tools or equipment. Our secure storage include features such as video surveillance, individual storage unit alarms and gated gate and building entry gives the contractor peace-of-mind that their equipment will be safe while in storage.

Storage World offers a variety of storage unit sizes from 5×5 to 10×30 for every type of construction or contractor storage need from storing tools to larger equipment. Stop in to find out more information about how Storage World can help with storage space for contractors and storing construction materials


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