Climate Controlled Storage Units

Customers store all kinds of items in self-storage units. While most of the items you store will be in one of our normal units, certain items are best kept in climate controlled self-storage units. Whether or not you need climate controlled storage will depend on how long you need storage, where you are storing your belongings and what you are storing.

What is climate controlled storage?

Climate control keeps the temperature in your unit within a specific range, ensuring the unit – and your belongings – never reaches very high or very low temperatures. Normal storage units have no thermostat. The temperature inside the unit is influenced by outside factors. This means in the winter that storage units can reach temps below freezing and in the summer the temperature can climb into triple digits in extreme heat.

How long are you storing your belongings, and where?

If you are using short-term self-storage, climate control may be unnecessary, especially if you are looking for storage units for rent in the spring or fall. However, if you are looking for long-term storage, then you may want to consider climate controlled storage units, especially if you are renting storage in an area with extreme seasons. You may not need climate controlled storage when renting from facilities based in areas that have mild temperatures all year, where your unit won’t be exposed to frigid or sweltering temps.

What kind of items should be kept in a climate controlled environment?

Generally, any items that have high sentimental value or monetary value may be candidates for climate control. Typically, renters storing electronics, paintings, photos, documents, books, antiques, furniture, collectibles and wine seek climate controlled storage options. However, certain valuables are best suited for stringent climate control so be sure to discuss any concerns with the Storage World staff.

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