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Transitioning from Winter to Spring Outfits

Beige Winter and Spring ShoesIt’s spring again. That means you’re going to be warm. And then cold, and then warm again. As much as we’d all like to throw our sweaters in to storage right now, you will still need them for a little bit longer. But there’s a way to transition winter to spring outfits so you’re always dressed for the weather.

Here are some easy steps to segue from winter to spring clothes.

7 Ways to Transition from Winter to Spring with Your Wardrobe

  1. Add bright colors to winter neutrals.

It may feel a bit unnatural to jump straight into bright colors and pastels after months of dark colors and neutrals. Start by adding one or two colorful accessories to a normal winter outfit, and continue to switch out things as the season progresses.

  1. Pair boots with spring dresses.

While you’re eager to break out something a little breezier, it may still be a little chilly. Wearing an above-the-knee spring dress with a pair of knee-high boots is stylish but will still keep you warm.

  1. Layer with blazers…

If it’s too warm for a coat but too cool to go without one, try using a blazer as a lightweight replacement. It’ll keep you warm and will be easy enough to take off and carry if you get too warm.

  1. …Or a trench coat.

If blazers aren’t your thing, opt for a trench coat. It’s both the perfect weight and a great length to transition from winter to spring. Pair it with a blouse and jeans or a lightweight mini-dress.

  1. Lighten your denim.

It’s not time to put your jeans away for the summer, but you can swap the dark winter ones for a lighter wash. They’re versatile enough to wear with both dark, wool sweaters and light-colored blouses.

  1. Focus on layering.

Because spring weather can shift on a dime, it’s important to be prepared. That means layers are important. But try to stick to lighter-weight fabrics. A denim jacket with a cotton shirt is easier to shift from winter to spring when peeling off layers.

  1. Give your sweaters some love.

After a long winter of wear, your sweaters may look as if they’ve seen better, brighter days. Treat them with a sweater comb or send them to the dry cleaners before you store them away for the season.

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