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Tornado Safety

With all of this bad weather lately, it is important for us to be prepared for Earth’s most violent storm, the tornado. Tornadoes are very serious in our area; the warnings should never be taken lightly. We all know too well that they can hit in seconds with deadly force and can destroy whole towns in the matter of minutes. If the weather starts to turn severe be sure to tune in to your local weather channel or radio.

There are two types of tornado alerts, a watch and a warning. A tornado watch means the weather is favorable for a tornado to form. Stay tuned to the radio or local news for updates. A tornado warning means one has been a sighted or picked up on the Doppler radar and you need to seek shelter immediately. We bought a weather radio that alerts us if there is any severe weather or flooding in our county. You can purchase one at Walgreens, Walmart or Target. It helps us to sleep better at night knowing the alarm will sound if we need to take cover.

Having a plan is key for safety. Tornadoes strike fast and you have to be ready! Have a family safe spot already picked out in your home where you and your family can seek shelter; preferably a small closet or bathroom on an interior wall with no windows. Cover yourselves with pillows or a mattress if possible. Bike helmets and shoes are great to wear to prevent injuries from debris. A car is never a safe place; you should find a nearby sturdy building or the lowest spot on the ground and lie flat with your hands covering your face.

A fantastic resource and guide for thunderstorm and tornado safety can be found here at the National Weather Service website:

Here are links for local radars to keep up with the storms in your area:

WSB-TV weather:

11Alive weather:

Fox5 Atlanta weather:

In the event of a disaster, having your stored valuables insured is always a great idea! Just ask your friendly sales associate at Storage World how you can get insured.

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