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How to Store a Pool Table

A pool table in a homeInterested in learning pool table storage tips? If you are planning on moving and storing your pool table, it is essential to do so properly. Incorrectly storing a pool table can cause permanent damage to the felt, slate and frame of the pool table. Read this blog for important tips for both moving and storing a pool table!

6 Tips for Moving a Pool Table

Before taking apart the pool table, check the manufacturer’s instructions. Different brands of pool tables may have different steps for disassembling, moving and storing.

  1. Remove the pockets- To disassemble the pool table, first remove the table pockets by taking out the screws or staples holding them in.
  2. Disengage the rails- Next, disengage the table rails by sliding them out. Place the rails onto moving blankets for safe keeping.
  3. Remove the felt- To remove the felt, carefully pull out the staples holding the felt in place. Fold the felt up and put it into a bag to keep it free from damage.
  4. Lift out the slate- Lastly, it is time to remove the slate. Keep in mind that the slate can weigh up to 800 pounds so you will need help with this task. Use a power drill to remove all screws and bolts and then lift the slate up.
  5. Wrap each piece for safe keeping- Once your pool or billiards table is completely disassembled, it is ready to begin being moved. But, typically, this process includes wrapping up the larger pieces in their own moving blankets. Individually wrapping each slate, rail, leg and frame, while also keeping each piece organized and secured with packing tape.
  6. Carefully load the table onto the truck- It’s important to be very cautious when placing the slate on the moving truck, too. Use an appliance dolly to help get it up the loading ramp, and if there is more than one slate they can be stacked once on board.

Essential Pool Table Storage Tips

From there, following the steps below will help you store a pool table properly. Read these tips for storing a pool table below!

  1. Place plastic sheeting on the floor of your storage unit- Lay the slate on top of the sheets. If there is more than one piece of slate, cover each individual piece with more plastic adhered with packing tape before stacking the next piece on top.
  2. Keep the pool table wrapped in the moving blankets- The frame, legs, pockets and other pieces of your pool or billiards table should be wrapped in the moving blanket. The felt should be kept folded neatly in a sealed plastic bag to protect it from damage.
  3. Hold onto the nuts, screws and bolts- Keep the bags of screws, nuts and bolts with the table parts so you’ll have everything ready to go for reassembly.
  4. Use a climate controlled storage unit- You should consider renting a climate controlled self storage unit for your pool table, as the constant temperature will ensure the wood will not warp or buckle. Contact any of our Atlanta area storage facilities for more questions.

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