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Storage World’s Patented Lift Portable Storage Solutions

The Storage World facility located in the Atlanta, Georgia area is a unique storage facility unlike any other. Not only are your precious belongings stored locally, but they are also packed with TLC. Whether you’re storing cars or crystal stemware, our unique storage lift guarantees that your items will remain intact, just as they were when you packed them.  This technology is still new, but it has already solved one of the biggest problems in the storage/moving industry today and that is minimizing the damage of goods. How many times have you carefully packed your items just to retrieve them crushed and broken? Up until now there was no real way to prevent this from occurring–but now there is.

What is a Lift?

Back in the days movers had to physically lift your boxes or drive your car into the storage truck or pod (as you might have hear of); however, many things have changed since those days. For one, most storage facilities use lifts now. Lift technology allows your goods to be moved from the ground level into the moving truck without human assistance.  The lift is normally attached to the truck bed, similar to a tow truck bed. It then moves the items up onto the bed by pulling them up a slopped lift. This type of lift is useful for moving certain items, but it proves disastrous for others.


What Makes Our Lifts Different?

By now you are probably wondering what makes our technology so different from what’s already out there as portable storage solutions.  Most lifts move items or storage containers into a moving truck diagonally (up a slope). The problem with this is that items in the  portable storage container can move around in the box, which spells disaster for fragile items. Our lifts use hydraulic technology that works in a similar way to hydraulic elevators. The lift comes out from the bed of the truck and slides under the storage pod. It then gently lifts the pod from the ground vertically. This prevents your items from sliding down the lift (which often happens with sloped lifts). The hydraulic lift also ensures that everything stays intact. In fact, our lifts are so gentle that even a set table would stay in place without the glasses falling over.


Store with Us

Local storage is a major plus in Atlanta where storage is often done off-location. However, Storage World ensures that you can store locally and access your belongings anytime. Our facility is always fully staffed and you can bet that your goods are stored under state of the art security. We can move your belongings using out storage on wheels trucks along with our new patent hydraulic lifts, getting all your items onto the truck in one clean sweep without any risk of damage.


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