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What to Store and What Not to Store in a Storage Unit

A man lovingly holds up the pet snake he is unable to store in a storage unitWhile we will happily store most items, there are a few particular items we are unable to store. Whether for your own safety, the safety of your items or the safety of the storage units around you, becoming familiar with our list of storage prohibited items will result in a better storage experience for everyone.

Storage Prohibited Items

Can I Store My Pet Snake?

We will gladly store any stuffed-animal snakes laying around your home, but we are unable to store the living snake that grew too big to live in your apartment. Besides, it would be cruel to store any living creature in a storage unit for a variety of reasons that should be obvious to most people. Not to mention, living animals and plants will also attract pests and vermin, which could result in damage to the other items in your storage unit, as well as the storage units surrounding you.

Can I Store My Leftover Fireworks from the Fourth of July?

We are unable to store any explosives, flammables or toxic/hazardous materials. Examples of materials that can’t be stored in a storage unit are fertilizers, paint, gas, kerosene lamps, chemicals and grease. These items require special storage considerations that may not be possible in a standard self storage unit. For your safety as well as the safety of those around you, it is prohibited to store these dangerous items in a storage unit. And yes, that even means your awesome stockpile of fireworks.

Can I Store Food in Case of a Zombie Apocalypse?

Food is prohibited from being stored in a storage unit. This goes for pet food, rawhides and treats as well. These food items may attract rodents and other pests, not only ruining the food itself but possibly your other belongings. Storing food in your storage unit isn’t just bad news for you, it may even be bad for your neighbors. Especially if those pests decide to infiltrate nearby units. Might we suggest storing your zombie apocalypse survival kit somewhere in your home?

Is Storing Guns in a Storage Unit Prohibited?

Guns and gun powder are prohibited from being stored in a storage unit. Due to the fact that gun powder is an explosive, it would not be safe to store it in your storage unit.

Can I Stash my Stolen Goods?

This should go without saying, but it is illegal to store stolen goods in a storage unit. If an item stored in a storage unit is found to be a stolen item, Storage World is not responsible for that item.

What Items to Store in a Storage Unit

While there are some items that are prohibited from being stored in a storage unit, there are far more items that are allowed to be stored. Items commonly stored in storage units include clothes, toys, seasonal decorations, office supplies and appliances. If you need storage for delicate items, such as wine, leather wooden furniture, electronics or musical instruments, consider utilizing a climate controlled storage unit.

Are Your Items Safe to be Stored in a Storage Unit?

Do you have further questions about what items are allowed to be stored in a storage unit? Contact us! Our friendly staff is always available to answer questions. An understanding of the items that are allowed to be stored in a storage unit, as well as the items that aren’t allowed, is mutually beneficial for everyone.

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