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Spring Cleaning: Kitchen Edition

Keeping the house clean is a never-ending job, and the kitchen is easily one of the toughest spots. Most of us make several messes in the room throughout the day. That’s why we’re targeting the kitchen first in our series on spring cleaning.

A mother of two toddlers stresses over her messy kitchen.

Cleaning the Kitchen

The first tools you should reach for are a pen and paper. Proper planning is one of the keys to success, and that’s no different here. Use the following tips to structure your to-do list for the kitchen. Customize it to fit your needs, and check items off as you complete them. It will help keep you focused and efficient. The visual aid of checking off items can help you stay motivated, too.

  • Break it down into areas and categories. Starting in one area and cleaning it thoroughly before moving onto the next will prevent you from going in circles. You don’t want to clean it twice, do you? You might start with cabinets and drawers, move onto the appliances next and wrap things up with surfaces like counter tops and floors.
  • Get that stuff outta here. Remove the contents of anything you’re cleaning. In the end, you’ll save more time taking everything out, cleaning thoroughly and returning the items than if you just shuffled things around as you work. With the refrigerator, once all the food and drinks are removed, take out any removable shelves and drawers and give them a good scrub in the sink. Take the time to check for any expired food and toss it. Now that the fridge is completely empty, you can clean the inside from top to bottom. Follow the same basic steps for any other appliances, cabinets, drawers, and pantries.
  • Soak away the stains. If items like knobs and burners on the oven have some caked-on gunk, you can remove and soak them in a vinegar solution. It should loosen the clingy crud. You’ll also be able to clean the stove top much more thoroughly without those in place. Give everything a rinse with warm to hot water before you return it all to its rightful home.
  • Save the sink, clean the counters and finish with the floor. You’ll be using the sink to clean other items as you go, so don’t worry about cleaning it until all washable items have been addressed. The counters will serve as your temporary staging areas when cleaning and sorting. When you’re finished with all that, make sure you wipe the counters down. Finish everything off by sweeping and mopping the floor.

Organizing the Kitchen

As you move from area to area, consider how things are organized. Group like items together so you don’t have to hunt for that herb or spice next time you try a new recipe. If all your plates are stacked together, you’ll maximize cabinet space and make putting away clean dishes more efficient. Keep all your cleaning supplies under the sink (and under lock and key if little ones are running about). Once you know where everything is, you’ll be zipping around the kitchen like the star of your own cooking show! You could do it blindfolded! (Actually, don’t try this.)

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