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Spring Cleaning: Boost Your Business

A frustrated businessman seated at a cluttered deskMost spring cleaning guides (including our previous three) are focused on the home. The practice can also greatly benefit the workplace. Many offices have a cleaning crew come through regularly, so there’s less focus on wiping and scrubbing when we talk about spring cleaning for businesses. However, organization plays a major role in all spring cleaning projects, and that’s what we’ll focus on today.

Organizing Your Office or Workspace

Many (if not most) office jobs today revolve around a computer, so not only do you have a physical desktop area to maintain, but you also have a virtual one that needs special attention. Let’s start with the more traditional space first.


If your desktop is covered with sticky notes, papers, folders and more, sort through those first. Toss any outdated items. Arrange the remaining things according to priority so you can focus on the appropriate projects first once you’ve finished cleaning. Keep frequently used items close at hand (like a pen or two and a notepad), but consider stashing away things like staplers and sticky notes if you only use them occasionally. Don’t throw them into drawers just yet, though. We’ll be cleaning those out shortly.

Try to place your phone on the same side of your desk as your dominant hand. This will prevent you from having to drape the cord across any items you’re working on while talking on the phone and potentially disrupting your organized structure. It should also help keep the phone cord from getting kinked and knotted. Family pictures, knick-knacks and other personal items can help make your space more comfortable, but don’t overdo it. It’s easy to get distracted, and if you spend all day reminiscing about that vacation, you won’t be getting much work done. Position your computer monitor directly in front of you—preferably at eye level. This can help with screen visibility, and it may prevent you from straining your neck.


Once the top of your desk is clean, it’s time to see what’s been hiding in the drawers. Empty them completely so you can take a thorough inventory. Toss any garbage like stale or expired snacks, paper scraps and sticky notes containing information that’s already been processed and anything else that’s just cluttering up the area. Sort and organize any remaining objects, and return them to the drawers neatly. Make sure any items you need frequently are at the front of the drawer so you don’t have to rummage around every time you open it.


With the physical space organized, here are a few tips to help you manage the virtual counterpart. Set aside regular time in the morning and afternoon for checking email, but plan on staying focused on tasks and projects for the rest of the day. It’s easy to get distracted by incoming messages, and it can be difficult to get back into a good working groove once you’ve been interrupted. If the incoming notifications prove too tempting to resist, try turning them off.

You can also reduce the amount of email needed with some follow-up phone calls, meetings or office visits when there is any confusion about a subject. It might be easier to hash out the details with a form of communication that’s a little more give and take than the one-sidedness of an email conversation.

Off-site Storage For Businesses

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