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5 Tips for Spring Bike Maintenance

A person riding a bike after winter storageIt’s finally time to bring your bike out of storage and enjoy the spring weather. But after a winter of being stored away, your bicycle will be covered in dust and some rust. Before you take it for a spin, follow this bike tune-up checklist to get it in riding condition.

Spring Bike Tune-Up Checklist

1. Clean your bike.

Even if you cleaned your bicycle before putting it away for the season, it can accumulate dust over time just like everything else. Clean the frame with a little water and a cleaning solution, being careful not to use too much water. Excess liquid can add to the rust. If you have any tough stains that won’t come out, scrub them with a toothbrush. Then apply a degreaser to the chain system.

2. Check the tire pressure.

Press on both tires firmly with your thumb. There should be no give. If there is, refill the tires before your first ride. You can also use a tire gauge to check the pressure. The side of the tire should have the proper PSI listed – make sure it matches.

3. Check the brakes.

You don’t want to take your bike out before you know that the brakes are still in order. Look for any wear or metal poking through. If you see either, replace the brake pads immediately. Also check that brakes hit the tire rim when you pull the levers. Is there still a gap? Make an adjustment.

4. Assess the chain and seat.

Aside from collecting grime during storage, bike chains can wear out and stretch over time. A little bit of stretching is fine, but if the links don’t line up properly with the teeth of the cassette, you’ll eventually have to replace both the chain and the cassette. While you’re checking that, check the seat as well. It may have jiggled loose since last year.

5. Add lubrication.

Lubrication keeps all the moving parts from experiencing undue wear and tear. Add enough lube to keep all the parts going but not so much that it will draw dirt and cause damage.

Storing Your Bicycle After the Season

If you can’t do the spring bike tune-up on your own, you can always take it to a bicycle repair shop for a professional tune-up. And at the end of the season, if you have to store your bike again, store it with Storage World Self Storage. Use our Storage Unit Calculator to find the right unit for you and your bike.

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