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Back to School is a Great Time to Consider Self Storage

Back to school is a busy time of year for every family! There is school clothing and supplies shopping, packing belongings for first time college students (and then cleaning out their rooms) and helping returning college students to gather their belongings. Back to school time is also a busy time for self storage facilities. College student who have rented a storage unit in the spring are now returning to take their items out of storage and it is also the end of the moving season.

The back to school season is time of transition for everyone in the family. It is important that your home is prepped and organized for the chaos of the school year. Children’s school projects can start piling up on kitchen tables and desks. Fall sports equipment begins to take over home basements and closets. Self storage is a great option to store these items during the off season. Utilizing self storage will help you keep your home organized during the school year. For college students, it is time to access your storage unit that you rented at the end of the spring semester. It is good time to go through the stored items to see what you will need to take back to your dorm rooms and college apartments. If you do not have room for some of the items, then continue to rent the storage unit until you can find room. For parents of college students, fall is the time to renovate and repurpose the college student’s room.  The bedroom can be turned into an office, workout or craft room. Once the college student leaves for school, it is a great time for parents to clean out the clutter and box up the children’s awards, artwork and childhood collections. Place these items in a self storage unit for the college student to look through when they are home visiting.

This summer has gone by way to quickly and it is hard to believe that it is already time for school to start! DeKalb County Schools start back on August 12th. The Atlanta City School District starts classes on August 7th with district wide open houses to help families prepare their children for the new school year on August 5th. The Atlanta area colleges and universities will be heading back to classes at the end of August. Georgia State University  will start their fall semester on August 16th and Emory University will start their classes on August 28th. The classes at Georgia Tech will start August 19th.

Storage World with locations in Decatur, Storage World is here to help with your storage needs during the back to school transition time. Stop in to one of our locations in Decatur, GA on Panthersville Rd and Flat Shoals Pkwy as well as Jonesboro, GA to pick up packing supplies for the bedroom reorganization or children’s sporting supplies. Ask our customer service representatives about how our variety of storage unit sizes can be a great option for your family’s storage needs.

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