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6 Tips for Getting Along with Post Grad Roommate

Two roommates chat in a bedroomThe cost of rent in many major cities is on the rise. This means that many college graduates are looking for ways to make rent in a large city more affordable. A great and easy way to do this without compromising on location, features and amenities is to live with a roommate. But, living with a roommate in college is admittedly a little different from living with a roommate out of college.
Looking for tips for getting along with your post-college roommate? Read below!

How to Get Along with a Roommate After College

  • Choose wisely: While you had the option to choose a random roommate for your freshman year dorm, that isn’t necessarily a good idea for a post-college roommate. In a dorm, if something happened between you and your roommate you were able to be transferred. This is not the case for post-college living. There are many different services both free and for cost that can help connect you to other people living in the area looking for roommates.
  • Go in with the right mindset: When you were in college, you may have hung out with your roommate 24/7. It is important to understand that this doesn’t have to be the same for your post-college roommate. Starting off the agreement with the right mindset can help to get your living situation off on the right foot.
  • Be honest from the start: Once you choose a roommate and start getting to know them, it is essential to be honest from the start. Do you want to limit overnight guests on week nights? Do you have a large group of friends that like to visit on weekends? Let your roommate know from the start what they can expect from living with you.
  • Discuss rent: While you may assume that the rent will be split 50/50, your roommate may feel that since they will only be there two weekends out of the month, that shouldn’t be the case. Before signing a least together, make sure you’re both on the same page about the rent and utility breakdown.
  • Face problems head on: If an issue arises, be sure to bring it up immediately. For example, if you are tired of your roommate being loud late at night, bring it up in a respectful way. While ignoring the problem or making passive-aggressive comments may seem like the easier route, it will lead to larger problems later on.
  • Be respectful of common spaces: View the bathrooms, living room and kitchen as common areas. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to go through and clean or straighten these areas nightly or a few times a week to keep them as clutter-free as possible.

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