Things to Consider When Renting a Portable Storage Unit in Atlanta

Are you on a tight budget? Because traditional self storage in Atlanta can be costly – plus, it means that your belongings are not always easily accessible. With this in mind, a lot of people choose to rent portable storage units which allow them more freedom and convenience — a huge breath of fresh air when looking for portable storage . Such storage facilities are placed on your property and solve even the most difficult of your storage needs. And if this sounds even a little bit tempting, you will find services going at competitive prices, with the possibility of shipment wherever you may be located.

Goods Safety

One of the most important advantages of our portable storage units for rent in Atlanta is the pure, guaranteed safety of your stuff. Your goods will be stored exactly as you packed them, while you can rest assured that absolutely nothing will happen to them — sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? When your portable unit is transferred to another place, it is moved through a flat hydraulic lift which is particularly strong but extremely safe. This means that it is powerful enough for transferring something as heavy as a car, and gentle enough to keep even your most fragile belongings free from damage!


When you’re looking to rent portable storage units, make sure that you are granted the easiest and fastest access to your belongings possible. Knowing that your things are close by is always a weight off your shoulders — and that way, whenever you need something, you don’t have to make a trek out of it. No driving is required and you are never the one to transfer your belongings. With portable storage, everything is done by professionals -which takes all stress off of you!

Schedule Flexibility

Always keep in mind that you should look for a company that thrives on flexibility — respecting your natural wish to have it your way. The business you choose to commit to should allow you to determine any specific storage dates, pick-up times, or delivery arrangements. At the same time, you should know that you can store some of your things on one date and some on a different one -or store all your belongings temporarily.

Ease and Convenience

Renting portable storage in Atlanta is convenient, plain and pleasurably simple. You are only required to do the absolute minimum; while everything is conveniently taken care of for you. Loading and offloading your units is done safely and efficiently, while transporting and shipping your goods has never been easier. Call and ask for a quote today and solve all your storage needs once and for all.

Self Storage Georgia: Dos and Donts

You know what they say: once you pack up and wrap up your stuff to store it, it’s a pain to have to do it again. Before you pack, here are some DOs and DONTs to think about before you transfer your belongings into storage.



Stack your furniture to save yourself space. Don’t worry, a big couch is strong enough to hold a couple love seats. Make sure to wrap your furniture in blankets or moving pads: two leather sofas smushed together for a while does nothing good for the leather.


Wrap your furniture in plastic or newspaper! Plastic holds moisture in and can unexpectedly ruin a perfectly beautiful wooden table. Newspaper ink can rub off onto fabric or wood.

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Storage World’s Patented Lift Portable Storage Solutions

The Storage World facility located in the Atlanta, Georgia area is a unique storage facility unlike any other. Not only are your precious belongings stored locally, but they are also packed with TLC. Whether you’re storing cars or crystal stemware, our unique storage lift guarantees that your items will remain intact, just as they were when you packed them.  This technology is still new, but it has already solved one of the biggest problems in the storage/moving industry today and that is minimizing the damage of goods. How many times have you carefully packed your items just to retrieve them crushed and broken? Up until now there was no real way to prevent this from occurring–but now there is.

What is a Lift?

Back in the days movers had to physically lift your boxes or drive your car into the storage truck or pod (as you might have hear of); however, many things have changed since those days. For one, most storage facilities use lifts now. Lift technology allows your goods to be moved from the ground level into the moving truck without human assistance.  The lift is normally attached to the truck bed, similar to a tow truck bed. It then moves the items up onto the bed by pulling them up a slopped lift. This type of lift is useful for moving certain items, but it proves disastrous for others.


What Makes Our Lifts Different?

By now you are probably wondering what makes our technology so different from what’s already out there as portable storage solutions.  Most lifts move items or storage containers into a moving truck diagonally (up a slope). The problem with this is that items in the  portable storage container can move around in the box, which spells disaster for fragile items. Our lifts use hydraulic technology that works in a similar way to hydraulic elevators. The lift comes out from the bed of the truck and slides under the storage pod. It then gently lifts the pod from the ground vertically. This prevents your items from sliding down the lift (which often happens with sloped lifts). The hydraulic lift also ensures that everything stays intact. In fact, our lifts are so gentle that even a set table would stay in place without the glasses falling over.


Store with Us

Local storage is a major plus in Atlanta where storage is often done off-location. However, Storage World ensures that you can store locally and access your belongings anytime. Our facility is always fully staffed and you can bet that your goods are stored under state of the art security. We can move your belongings using out storage on wheels trucks along with our new patent hydraulic lifts, getting all your items onto the truck in one clean sweep without any risk of damage.


Determining the right size storage unit you need in Atlanta

Do you have clutter in your premises or place or work? Are you planning to move? Are you refurbishing your house and you need to move a couple of things to complete the project? If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then you definitely need some storage space. Storage space is a requisite for many individuals but unfortunately, in most instances, it doesn’t come cheap. You always have to rent some extra space if you want to store something.

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Looking for mobile self storage in Atlanta? We Deliver it, You Pack It & We store It

Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding area are among the most forward thinking locations in all of the South. It comes as no surprise that Storage World with its three locations (Decatur, Jonesboro and Stockbridge) are revolutionizing the self-storage industry with a new program we like to call “Storage World on Wheels.”
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Looking For Cheap Self-Storage Solutions in Atlanta?

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Are you in need of extra storage space in your home or business? If yes, don’t rush into renting an extra house or room. Renting some extra space would obviously cost you a lot of money yet all you need is to store some extra items. Additionally, don’t consider disposing any of the items just because you can’t afford to rent extra space within your home or office. You can opt for a cheap and very effectual storage method by contacting Storage World.

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Help Tyler Crumsey Lift Up A Life

Tyler Crumsey has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. It’s a progressive, muscle wasting disease that’s one of nine different types of Muscular Dystrophy. In this particular strain, there’s an absence of an essential protein in the muscles that keep them intact. It has robbed Tyler of his ability to walk, and he is in a wheelchair.

However, it hasn’t taken away his fighting spirit, his bright smile, or the strong, supportive arms of his family and friends.

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