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Tips For Packing a Moving Truck


Man-in-blue-shirt-carrying-carIt is no secret that moving is a stressful event. Moving requires a lot of planning and preparations. One of the first decisions that has to be made when moving is to decide if you will be moving on your own by renting a moving truck, from a company, such as U-Haul, or if you are going to hire a moving company.

When renting a moving van, truck, or trailer there are certain steps that should be followed to make the rental experience easier.  If you reserve the moving truck online, verify where you are picking up and returning the truck. Before driving the moving truck off of the lot, make sure to visually inspect the vehicle for broken lights, leaks or other damages. It is also very important to have a packing strategy for your move as well as packing a moving truck. In order to save time and money when renting a truck, have everything that you are moving ready to go the day of the truck rental.  If you plan ahead, you can save money on gas, mileage, and time when you are renting.

How to Load a Moving Truck

Make sure that you get the size of the U-Haul that you need for your belongings. If you only have a few items, then you will not need a large moving truck. The key is to plan ahead thinking of what you need to move as well as being creative and concise in packing the moving truck. It is crucial to pack the truck correctly to utilize every space and to protect your belongings during transit.

  • Have all of the moving supplies, such as a moving dolly, furniture padding, tarps to cover your items, packing tape and straps to keep your items in place on the truck that you will need in order to make your moving day easier.
  • As you load your belongings into the truck, distribute the weight of your belongings evenly on both sides of the truck. Do not overload the truck’s weight limit as this could cause a drag to the truck, which results in using more gasoline.
  • Load large appliances into the truck first. Place these at the back of the truck against the wall closest to the cab. Keep these appliances upright and covered by a tarp.
  • When loading furniture onto a moving truck, place items such as mattresses, box springs, headboards, couches and table tops upright against the longest wall of the truck. Then, cover them with mattress and furniture pads. Dissemble bed frames and tables and place them near the table tops or mattresses.
  • After the furniture and larger items are put in the truck, then start loading in the packed boxes. Fill in all empty area towards the back of the truck with boxes first and then move forward. Put the heavier boxes on the bottom of the stack of boxes and the lighter boxes should be on top. Stack the boxes to the ceiling of the truck with keeping like-sized boxes stacked together.
  • Fill in leftover spaces with items that can be used as buffers such as bags of clothing, linens, bedding or pillows.
  • Load the most fragile items last on the truck.
  • When packing, also designate a few boxes as “open first”. These boxes would contain items that you would need right away in your new destination such as paper towels, bathroom needs, garbage bags and some tools.

Sometimes you might just need to move your items into a storage unit. Storage World offers a free move-in truck at participating facilities for first-time renters. Find out more about this offer when you rent your storage unit at one of our 3 Atlanta area storage facilities.

By following simple moving and packing tips, you can fit everything that you need to in your moving truck and make the moving experience much easier. There will always be surprise set-backs on moving day, but if you know that you have planned as much ahead that you can then, you will be much happier.

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