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Motorcycle Maintenance Tips for Summer

Polishing a motorcycle for the summerRiding season is almost here! Are you ready? Before you can take your motorcycle out for its first spin, it is important to prepare it for the season ahead. Try out these important motorcycle maintenance tips for summer!

Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist for Riding Season

  • De-winterize your motorcycle: The first step for getting your motorcycle ready for the summer is to undo the winterizing steps you took a few months ago. For example, uncover the motorcycle and dust it off. If you plugged the exhaust pipes or other openings to prevent mice from crawling inside, unplug the holes. Additionally, wash off any protective coating that may be remaining on the bike.
  • Check all fluids: Even if you replaced fluids before putting your motorcycle in storage, it is still important to check fluid levels now. Before taking your bike out, you may need to replace fluids or completely flush the fluids out. Additionally, consider changing the oil and replacing the air filter.
  • Inspect the tires: Depending on how your motorcycle was stored, the tires may require varying levels of care before you can ride it. For example, if the tires did not bear weight, they should only require an air pressure check. If the weight of the motorcycle rested on the tires all winter long, check the tires to make sure damage did not occur.
  • Examine the bike: Next, check the bike for any visible damage. For example, look for any visible rust on the bike frame or chips in the paint. Any physical damage you notice should be addressed before using your motorcycle for the summer.
  • Reconnect the battery: If you removed your battery before storage and put it on a trickle charger, attach the battery back to the motorcycle. If your battery was left in the motorcycle all winter long, it may be best to replace the battery.
  • Test the bike for damage: Give the throttle, levers, pedals and turn signal a quick test. If you identify any issues with any of these parts, be sure to repair or replace them.

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