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Mobile storage vs. traditional self-storage. Which is best for you?

Trying to decide whether mobile storage or traditional self-storage is the best answer for you? Let us help you! We have created a checklist to help you decide.

You might need Storage World on Wheels if…

__you need storage for only a short period of time.

__you would like to store your belongings at your home or business.

__you’re moving locally and want to use the container in lieu of a moving truck.

__you want the pleasure of taking your time packing and unpacking.

__you have a business and need to store seasonal or extra goods.

__you don’t want to pack and unpack more than once.

__you need storage for a special event.

__you are remodeling or renovating.

Storage World on Wheels gives you storage options! Here is how it works: we drop off a container at your home, you pack it at your own pace, you decide if you want us to leave it there or take it to our storage facility, when you want your things back or at a new location, you call and we deliver.

All storage containers are 8X16. Which is in between the 10X10 and 10X16 traditional self-storage sizes. Click here to use our “What Fit’s?” toolStorage World on Wheels uses a “Horizontal Lift” to transport your valuables like no one else in the mobile storage industry. You can feel confident that your valuables are carefully transported! We pride ourselves on having the best lift on the market, even better than the one’s the big franchise companies use. To learn more about the Horizontal Lift Company please go to www.horizontallift.com.

Click here to get a free quote online.  Please call us at (404)236-6564 or email with any questions you may have. We are thrilled to be able to offer our Storage World on Wheels option to our customers!

We at Storage World want to know what you think about our mobile storage option! As always we would love to have you store right on-site with us, if that is a better option for you!  Let us know what you think. Leave your comments below. Thank you!


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