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Lawn Equipment Storage Tips

Lawn Mower Storage

Many types of lawn and garden tools and equipment require storage during the winter months. Preparing lawn equipment correctly for winter storage will allow for easy use of the items next spring. Lawn mowers, gardening equipment, lawn trimmers and garden hoses can take up a lot of valuable storage space in a garage or shed. Renting a self storage unit to store lawn and garden equipment for the winter is a great storage solution when there is no additional space to store at home. Doing so will help free up space in the garage for other items that will be needed during the winter months, such as a snow blower or snow shovels. Plus, you will have room to actually park your car!

Lawn Mower and Equipment Storage Tips

One of the largest pieces of lawn equipment that needs to be stored during the winter is the lawn mower. Before starting to prepare the lawn mower for storage, consult the owner’s manual for recommended cleaning and storing tips for lawn storage. Following specific preparation steps will allow for easy start up when the mower is needed again during the warmer months.

  • Examine the machine for any damage or needed repairs before placing it into your lawn mower storage unit. If the mower is damaged, ask yourself if the item is worth repairing or is it time to replace it?
  • If the lawn mower is beyond repair, then dispose of the item according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Lawn mower blades should be cleaned of excess dirt, grass or leaves and then washed.
  • Wash the outer part of the lawn mower with water and let thoroughly dry before placing in storage.
  • After cleaning, remove and sharpen the mower blades so they will be ready for the spring grass-cutting season.
  • Empty the gas tank before putting it in storage for the winter months. Never store any equipment with combustible contents such as gasoline in a storage unit.
  • Change the oil, replace the air filter and check the spark plugs to see if they need to be replaced.
  • Disconnect the batteries on the equipment to avoid power drainage and store them in a cool, dry place within your storage unit.
  • Place cardboard or a plastic tarp on the ground when storing a lawn mower, then cover it with a breathable canvas tarp.

How to Store Garden Tools and Power Tools

Consult with the owner’s manual for instructions for how to store specific garden tools. This is especially true for motorized lawn and garden equipment such as trimmers or hedgers.

  • Any type motorized lawn equipment should be drained of fluids and the air filter should be replaced.
  • Garden tools should be thoroughly cleaned and dried and then stored in a dry location away from the elements.
  • Tools such as shovels and rakes can be hung up on a garage or shed wall for storage during the winter months.
  • Bundle shovels, rakes and brooms together and store inside a garbage can.
  • Store small lawn and garden equipment such as pruners, trowels or small shovels in plastic bins. Label the bins with the contents for easier retrieval during the spring.
  • Some garden tools will need to be sharpened and oiled before placing in storage.
  • Garden hoses will last a long time if they are properly cared for during the winter months. Hose storage devices can help prevent kinking, and a wall-mounted hose bracket or hook will allow for easy storage on a wall in the garage. A hose reel with a crank will allow you to easily wind up the hose for storage. Then, wheel the hose reel into a garage or storage unit for the off-season.

Storage World offers a variety of storage unit sizes that are perfect for storing lawn equipment during the off-season months. Our facilities have secure storage with video surveillance, gated keypad-entry and specialized alarm systems to give our customers peace of mind that their lawn and garden equipment is safe for the off-season or the entire year in storage.

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