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Is mobile self storage in Atlanta a good idea when moving?

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Moving homes can be stressful.

If you have ever arranged a move before, you’ll be well aware of this. When planning your move, the best case scenario is that your new property will already have been vacated by its previous owners, allowing you to transfer your furniture and possessions over to it without too much hassle. But what if the property isn’t available yet? What if the current residents are yet to move, or the property hasn’t been fully built or renovated?

These sorts of situations can cause problems, especially if the new buyer for your property is intending on snatching the keys off you before your new residence is available. In such situations, mobile self storage may well be the answer, allowing you to store your things at a neutral site before transferring them to your new home once it has become available.

When it comes to mobile storage solutions, you’ll have a few options to choose from. One of these will simply be to hire a moving van, load it up with your things, drive over to a self storage container, and then unpack it. Once your property becomes available, you’ll have to do the same thing in reserve. This is certainly an effective and flexibly solution, but is it the best?

Atlanta Mobile self storage: A better solution

Well, in a word, no. In fact, there is a new solution that makes things all the more simple for you, saving you both time and money. That solution is to take advantage of portable self storage Atlanta from Storage World on Wheels. The solution is based on a simple premise – we bring the self storage container to you, you pack it all up, and then we come and collect it when you’re done.

This solution essentially cuts out the middle man i.e. it eliminates the need for a rental van.

If your new property isn’t available yet, your things will be picked up and the storage container will be taken off to one of three convenient sites in Atlanta – Decatur and Jonesboro. If your property is available, the container will be taken straight there, where you’ll be able to unpack it at your leisure.

With great rates and flexible plans, mobile self storage has become a far more convenient moving solution for those switching properties. So, if you want to save some money, and a great deal of time, spare a thought for portable self storage solutions the next time you move home.


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