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Inexpensive Solutions For Packing Fragile Items

Inexpensive Packing Tips Preparing your precious belongings for storage can be a lesson in stress management. Not only do you have to carefully wrap up some of your most treasured items so they are protected while in holding, but you also need to watch your budget as you make a major transition. Devising a way to securely pack your delicate goods in a cost-effective manner, whether moving across the state or merely freeing up garage space, safeguards against added expenses.

There are innumerable solutions on the market for stowing fragile items, but they almost always cost more than you would expect. Fortunately, there are inexpensive solutions for packing fragile items. Here are a few ideas that will preserve both your keepsakes and your money.

Christmas Ornaments, Small Figurines and Fragile Jewelry

Retail establishments, like the Container Store and Michael’s, will try to sell you boxes and single-use containers that are specially made for ornaments and jewelry, but some of these options can be costly! Skip the brand name containers and use commonplace plastic cups and egg cartons. The cherry red picnic tumblers can hold all sorts of small objects. When lined up at the bottom of a box, they naturally distance themselves with their rims touching and cup bodies remaining separate. Egg cartons provide even more security for your smaller items because they close; jewelry fits snuggly where the eggs once were, and a few well-placed cotton balls ensure they stay put.

Oddly Shaped Items, Good China, and Glass Everything

In order to have a well-organized storage space, you need to pack everything in easy-to-stack boxes. Oddly shaped items, including vases, lampshades and crockery, usually require packing peanuts and bubble wrap, but you have another choice. Use shredded newspapers and magazines to fill open spaces, and inflated sandwich bags can support glassware better than pillows. Consider wrapping plates in t-shirts if you’re moving, or wrapping them in junk mail if they’re going to be stored at a local storage facility. A word of caution: Don’t use printed newspaper for wrapping your items because the ink can run and damage the items.

Plastic food containers, plastic grocery bags and yarn also all make useful materials for packing.

These inexpensive, effective and readily available supplies will protect your cherished goods while in transit to Storage World. Give your wallet and your wellbeing a boost by utilizing these handy tips next time you find yourself on the move. Storage World also has packing supplies such as boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap if you do need to use the more “traditional” packing supplies.

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