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How to Store Winter Clothes Properly

Six Tips For Placing Your Winter Clothing Into Storage

Storing Winter Clothes in a Storage Unit

Spring is a difficult time of year for wardrobes. It isn’t quite warm enough to wear summer gear, but it isn’t cold enough to continue to wear all those hats, gloves and coats! By storing your winter clothes, you can ensure that everything stays in great condition once you take them out of storage.

Below are step-by-step tips for winter coat storage and hat and glove storage:

    1. Sort and discard. Take time to sort through your winter wardrobe before the warmer seasons arrive. If you didn’t wear certain clothes over this past winter, that’s okay! You can donate your winter clothes, sell your clothing, or throw away the clothing. Goodwill, homeless shelters or the Salvation Army always welcome clothing donations.
    2. Organize what’s left. Once you’ve sorted through everything, make piles of similar items. Place hats in one pile, scarves in another, gloves and mittens in another, and so on. Sorting your clothes makes it easier to keep like items together in storage.
    3. Clean and dry your winter clothing before storing. At the very least, you should spot clean any stains, dirt or food particles. We recommend that you wash the clothing according to manufacturer’s instructions. If some clothing requires dry cleaning, take all your items to the cleaners at one time. Make sure all your clothing and outerwear is clean and dry before boxing for optimal winter coat storage and storage for hats and gloves.
    4. Use the proper storage containers. Store clothing in clean, unused cardboard boxes. You can pick up a variety of residential storage supplies from any of our Storage World facilities throughout the Atlanta area. Talk with any of our friendly experts about what you need to meet your goals for storing winter clothes.
    5. Store similar winter items together. So you’ve already sorted through all your cold weather clothes. Great! As you place sweaters and winter clothing accessories into storage, be sure to keep similar items together. Your heaviest items should stay on the bottom. Store heavy coats sin plastic garment bags during the off-season. Wardrobe boxes are also a great winter coat storage option. Hang the coats on the bar in the boxes to keep them wrinkle-free and then unpack them next season!
    6. Maintain freshness. Don’t forget to add a dryer sheet, mothballs, or cedar block to the box with your items before moving your winter clothing into a storage unit. This will keep everything smelling fresh and safe.

If you have winter clothing and other seasonal items that need to be placed into storage in the Atlanta, GA, area, Storage World can help you find the solution to best fit your needs. We are happy to answer any storage questions you have, as well as provide you with a quote. Visit our facilities to check out our options and features. You can also give us a call to speak with our self-storage experts today.

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