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How to Store Baby Clothes and Gear: 10 Tips

Box of baby clothes and toys to pack away for storageIt seems like only yesterday that your child was just a baby. But now they’re growing up, and it’s time to put away the baby items. Maybe you’re not ready to part with them completely, or perhaps you’re thinking about growing your family in the future. But if you want to store baby clothes, here are some tips to keep them in good shape for a later date.

How to Store Baby Clothes

  1. Wash everything first.

Before anything goes into a bin or box, clean it first with warm water and soap. If there are any stains, treat them now. When you get them out later, it will be nearly impossible to remove any stains then. Once all the baby clothes are clean, give them ample time to dry. If anything is accidently packed while still damp, the entire container will smell like mildew when you open it again.

  1. Sort with a system.

There’s few things more frustrating than having to open every box just to find one item. To avoid unnecessary searching later, pack away clothing based on size. Some manufacturers size clothes a little differently, but most baby clothing is sized by month. If something seems a bit out of place, check the label for a weight range and pack it with the matching items. Once you have everything grouped by size, stack clothing based on season.

  1. Bag and label everything.

If you can, put all the baby clothes into air tight, resealable bags. Then label each bag with the size and season. Once everything is packed in the boxes, label the outside with the contents for easy sorting later. Cardboard and canvas boxes will do the job, but plastic will keep out the most moisture.

Storing Baby Gear

  1. Clean and disinfect.

Throw away anything with teeth marks as bacteria can live in the crevices. Anything that can be saved should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. This will prevent mold and mildew from growing during storage. Hard, plastic toys can be cleaned in the top rack of dishwasher. If they’re small, place them in a mesh bag first.

  1. Pack toys in boxes.

Like clothing, you should store baby toys in boxes. Pack similar items together, and label boxes clearly.

  1. Store baby gear in a climate-controlled space.

Fluctuating temperatures can crack plastic toys and warp wooden furniture such as cribs. If the temperatures become too extreme, plastic can break down and release toxins. Avoid this by storing baby gear in a climate-controlled space. If you are unable to use a temperature-controlled unit, remove all batteries from toys, swings, and similar items. Heat can cause batteries to swell and leak.

  1. Check for safety and recalls.

If you have any items that have expired or have a recall out, dispose of them rather than place them in storage. A car seat that’s five years old now will be outdated within a year and will not be of use then.

How to Store a Stroller

  1. Clean your stroller.

Any area that may have food particles such as the tray is a breeding ground for bacteria. Wipe it down and vacuum away any crumbs or hair.

  1. Fold it up.

A stroller left open takes up much precious space. Besides saving room for other items, folding a stroller also keeps damage from occurring during storage.

  1. Store the stroller with a cover.

While items are in storage, dust and dirt can settle on them. For easy cleaning and quick use after their time away, cover strollers and similar large items with a sheet.

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