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How to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

A family gathers by a Christmas tree with giftsAs the holiday season quickly approaches, you may be starting to think about getting your home ready for hosting parties and get togethers. Before the holiday guests arrive, it’s a good idea to get your home prepped for entertaining your guests. Read below for a quick holiday prep checklist for the home.

Holiday Prep Checklist

  • Clear out the refrigerator: During the holiday season, your refrigerator will be packed with holiday sweets, dishes and more. To make room for all of these items, spend time cleaning out your refrigerator ahead of the holiday season. Check all of your condiments to make sure they are not expired. Additionally, take inventory of any low ingredients in your fridge that are commonly used for your holiday recipes. Some examples of these items may be butter, eggs, milk and cream.
  • Clean all appliances: The appliances in your home can really take a beating during the holiday season. To get your appliances in shape for the season, clean them ahead of time. This will help your home to look cleaner and prevent any nasty kitchen smells.
  • Stock up on essentials for the home: The last thing you want to happen right before your guests arrive is to discover that you’re low on a household essential. During the weeks leading up to your party, stock up on extra toilet paper, hand soap, dish soap, dishwashing detergent, napkins and more.
  • Declutter: Before your first holiday guest arrives, it is a good idea to declutter the home. Decluttering the home will help your home to look neater and more organized.
  • Decorate! This may be the most fun step of all. Before your guests come over, get your home into the holiday spirit! Hang holiday lights outside of your house, put up the Christmas tree and add festive decorations throughout your home.

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During the holiday season, closets, under the bed and basement storage spaces are often used to hide presents. Unfortunately, this makes decluttering the home that much more difficult because areas where you may have stored extra pieces of furniture, miscellaneous out of season or other unneeded items are already taken. With a storage unit rental, you can easily declutter your home and keep your holiday gifts safely hidden.

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