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Getting Organized in the New Year

Reorganize for the New Year
Start working on your 2014 reorganization plan


Happy New Year! Have you started (and already ended) your New Year’s Resolutions? Did you know that according to a study, only 46% of people who make resolutions actually keep doing the resolutions through 6 months? A great and easy New Year’s Resolution that can be achieved is resolving to be more organized in 2014. The task might seem daunting, but actually once you have decluttered and reorganized a room or even the entire house, the sense of accomplishment is well worth the work. If you follow some of the simple tips listed below you can easily complete reorganization projects.

1. Create a goal for your reorganization project. Always keep that goal in sight as you are working. It is crucial to keep the goal realistic and achievable.

2. Work on small projects to accomplish the overall goal.  Give yourself a timeline and a start and finish date to complete your tasks. Check off the list of tasks as you work through them.

3. Break up the larger projects (such as reorganizing an entire room) into smaller projects. This will make the overall project easier to complete. Once you finish organizing a desk or shelving unit in a room, then move on to the next task and then the next task and before you know it, the room will be completely decluttered!

4. When starting a decluttering project, completely clear out the room. Then, sort the items into the following boxes: keep in room, put in storage, donate, sell, or throw away. Renting a self storage unit is a great place to store items that you no longer have the room for, but you can’t get rid of the object. These could be items such as exercise equipment, extra furniture or even sporting equipment. Storage World has a variety of storage unit sizes from 5’x5’ to 10’x30’ that can fit all of your storage needs. It is important to remove the items that you want to store, sell, donate or throw out right away, so they don’t add to the clutter in a basement or garage.

5. In order to prevent future clutter, make sure that you have a home for any new items that you are purchasing. If you don’t, then ask yourself if you really need to have the item. Stop recreational or impulse buying as this adds more clutter to your home.

6. Sort paper mail right away. Recycle catalogs and magazines that you will not be reading as soon as you get the mail. Remember to contact the publishers to cancel your subscriptions if you just don’t have the time to read them. Have a designated place in your home to place bills and mail that have to be answered and/or paid.

7. Put away items that you use on a daily basis into their designated spots. Keep your kitchen counters clean of clutter each night before you go to bed.

8. Utilize storage bins, shelving units and other organizational tools to keep your stuff together, organized and easily manageable.

Being organized is a great New Year’s Resolution and can be easy to do. The project takes patience and planning, but it so worth the work. Good Luck with your organization goals! Stop by our 3 Atlanta area Storage World facilities in Decatur, Stockbridge and Jonesboro, for all of your storage needs from packing supplies to mobile storage containers.

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