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Garage Storage Solutions: Take Back Your Garage Storage Space!

A family follows garage storage solution tips and rents a storage unit for seasonal itemsGarages are often one of the most cluttered rooms in the house. Why is this? Well, when you think about it, a wide variety of items are often stored in the garage. From gardening tools to sports equipment to summer inner-tubes, the garage is a catch-all for a lot of household items. But, your garage doesn’t have to be disorganized. Follow these garage organization tips!

7 Garage Storage Ideas for a More Organized Household

  1. Empty Out Your Garage: The best way to evaluate the items you have stored in your garage is by pulling all of the items out onto your lawn. This lets you get a clearer picture of what should stay and what should go.
  2. Keep, Donate, Throw-Out and Sell: Sort your items into 4 piles labeled “keep”, “donate”, “throw-out” and “sell”. Within the “keep” pile, split it into items you want to keep in your home and items you want to keep in your storage unit. Seasonal items or items that aren’t used as often can be stored in your storage unit.
  3. Look into Garage Shelving: Use a garage shelving system to create more storage space in your garage. Shelving units are relatively inexpensive and can create more storage space in your garage.
  4. Organize Smaller Items in Clear Bins: Clear bins are a great and effective way to organize odds and ends of items. Smaller items like tools, sports equipment and cleaning equipment can be stored in these clear bins. Even though you will be able to see through the bin, label it with a list of contents for ease of finding items.
  5. Take Advantage of Hangable Items: Consider making room in your garage by hanging your tools from the wall and your bicycle from the ceiling. This will also help to protect fragile items from damage.
  6. Remove Hazardous Items: There are some items that are hazardous or potentially dangerous to your home and should not be stored in a storage unit. For example, any sort of food items should not be stored in your garage because it may attract pests and vermin. Additionally, propane tanks and paints should never be stored in your garage because they are flammable and combustible.
  7. Continue to Organize: You just spent all of this time organizing your garage, but if you’re not careful, it may become disheveled again. The best way to prevent your garage from becoming disorganized is to put time into your schedule to organize it about every month. When you organize monthly, it will be a much easier project because there will be a lot less work to do.

Storage World Has Household Storage Solutions

Your garage being unorganized may boil down to you not having enough room. If this is the case, consider a storage unit rental to store out-of-season items like shovels, a wheel barrel, summer fun items and more. A storage unit rental will keep items you don’t need right now in a safe and secure location. Storage World has a wide variety of storage units available, including out 5×5, 5×10 and 10×10 storage units. If you’re storing items that are more sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, consider a climate controlled storage unit rental. Reserve your storage unit today!

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