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Ease the Upheaval of Home Renovations with Mobile Storage

home renovationsAnyone who has undertaken major renovations in their home will know just how stressful and disruptive the process can be.  Major decorative and building works within a family home can create a number of problems.  However, the most pressing problem is often working around furniture, belongings and personal possessions.  Many people attempt to carry out major works without making adequate provision for the storage of such items, and that can leave them vulnerable to damage.  Thankfully, Storage World On Wheels has an ingenious solution that ensures renovations to a home don’t have to place personal possessions in jeopardy.  If you’re looking for Atlanta self storage options, then look no further!

Homeowners who are carrying out improvements to their property are often reluctant to use traditional forms of storage because of the time and effort required to pack the contents of a home and transport them to a facility several miles away.  However, the innovative mobile storage options from Storage on Wheels mean storing your possessions involves only a short walk to your property’s front yard!  The opportunity to have a storage facility brought to your home may sound rather fanciful, but Storage World on Wheels is making it a reality for thousands of homeowners across Georgia.  Not only will we deliver your storage unit to your front door, we will even give you tips and advice on how to pack your goods in the most effective way!

The state-of-the-art technology developed by Storage World on Wheels uses a horizontal lifting technique that ensures the contents are not shifted during transit.  This form of portable storage allows people to store their precious items of furniture while building and renovation works are carried out, and that gives them the peace of mind in knowing that their possessions are safe and secure.  One of the distinct advantages of mobile self storage is the fact that the unit may be kept right outside the property – giving homeowners quick and convenient access to their goods.  Portable storage solutions from Storage World on Wheels are either left at the property or stored locally, and knowing that their personal possessions are accessible at any time is a source of great comfort for our customers.

The upheaval involved when renovating a home can be extremely upsetting – particularly for a young family.  The intrusion of workers and the resultant mess can quickly take a toll on a family’s standard of living; the last thing they will want to contend with is the likelihood of damage to their furniture and possessions.  The innovative portable storage solutions from Storage World on Wheels are designed to make your life easier.  Whether you want to send your goods away for remote storage, keep them close by, or move them to another property, you can rest-assured that they are safe, secure and accessible with our portable storage units.  At Storage World on Wheels, we don’t just offer storage – we make the lives of our customers easier!

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