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Decluttering Your Home and How Storage Can Help

Are you enjoying your home to its fullest potential? Is the sun room really sunny? Is the living room livable? Have the items that your family has amassed been met with no vacancies at your nearest closet? If so, sounds like you have a decluttering issue.

Decluttering is the process of removing items you are not currently using into a storage area outside of your home to create more livable space. Storage facilities are frequented used in a decluttering project, for example, providing space to place seasonal items, sports equipment, patio furniture, bikes and other items you won’t need for a few months. A detailed list of top items are below.

Decluttering Tips: 10 Things to Get Rid of in a Decluttering Project

1. Old or unused kitchen equipment: Throw out old and unused kitchen equipment. If it’s gathering dust, it’s taking space you could better use for something else.

2. Outdated bathroom items: Throw away old and outdated cosmetics, medicine and first aid items. Check the expiration date and clear out space for anything past its prime.

3. Throw out old office equipment: Do you still have a fax machine in your home office? Throw out any office equipment you are no longer using to increase storage space around your home; this include old office supplies like pens, pencils, empty tape dispensers, etc.

4. Stacks of magazines, newspapers and unread books: Maybe you’re holding on to those magazines because there’s a recipe you wanted to try out, or you just haven’t had time to read that paperback. If several months have passed and you still aren’t getting around to reading them, recycle them or consider donating them to a hospital, school or senior center.

For any other storage questions or tips for how to declutter your home, stop by any of our Atlanta area storage facilities to learn more. 

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