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How to Store a Pool Table

A pool table in a homeInterested in learning pool table storage tips? If you are planning on moving and storing your pool table, it is essential to do so properly. Incorrectly storing a pool table can cause permanent damage to the felt, slate and frame of the pool table. Read this blog for important tips for both moving and storing a pool table!

6 Tips for Moving a Pool Table

Before taking apart the pool table, check the manufacturer’s instructions. Different brands of pool tables may have different steps for disassembling, moving and storing.

  1. Remove the pockets- To disassemble the pool table, first remove the table pockets by taking out the screws or staples holding them in.
  2. Disengage the rails- Next, disengage the table rails by sliding them out. Place the rails onto moving blankets for safe keeping.
  3. Remove the felt- To remove the felt, carefully pull out the staples holding the felt in place. Fold the felt up and put it into a bag to keep it free from damage.
  4. Lift out the slate- Lastly, it is time to remove the slate. Keep in mind that the slate can weigh up to 800 pounds so you will need help with this task. Use a power drill to remove all screws and bolts and then lift the slate up.
  5. Wrap each piece for safe keeping- Once your pool or billiards table is completely disassembled, it is ready to begin being moved. But, typically, this process includes wrapping up the larger pieces in their own moving blankets. Individually wrapping each slate, rail, leg and frame, while also keeping each piece organized and secured with packing tape.
  6. Carefully load the table onto the truck- It’s important to be very cautious when placing the slate on the moving truck, too. Use an appliance dolly to help get it up the loading ramp, and if there is more than one slate they can be stacked once on board.

Essential Pool Table Storage Tips

From there, following the steps below will help you store a pool table properly. Read these tips for storing a pool table below!

  1. Place plastic sheeting on the floor of your storage unit- Lay the slate on top of the sheets. If there is more than one piece of slate, cover each individual piece with more plastic adhered with packing tape before stacking the next piece on top.
  2. Keep the pool table wrapped in the moving blankets- The frame, legs, pockets and other pieces of your pool or billiards table should be wrapped in the moving blanket. The felt should be kept folded neatly in a sealed plastic bag to protect it from damage.
  3. Hold onto the nuts, screws and bolts- Keep the bags of screws, nuts and bolts with the table parts so you’ll have everything ready to go for reassembly.
  4. Use a climate controlled storage unit- You should consider renting a climate controlled self storage unit for your pool table, as the constant temperature will ensure the wood will not warp or buckle. Contact any of our Atlanta area storage facilities for more questions.

Store Your Pool Table with Storage World!

If you need to store a pool table or other larger items, consider Storage World for all your household storage needs. We offer a variety of storage unit sizes perfect for all your sports equipment storage large or small, nearby Atlanta in Jonesboro, GA and Decatur, GA on Panthersville Rd and Flat Shoals Pkwy.

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Motorcycle Maintenance Tips for Summer

Polishing a motorcycle for the summerRiding season is almost here! Are you ready? Before you can take your motorcycle out for its first spin, it is important to prepare it for the season ahead. Try out these important motorcycle maintenance tips for summer!

Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist for Riding Season

  • De-winterize your motorcycle: The first step for getting your motorcycle ready for the summer is to undo the winterizing steps you took a few months ago. For example, uncover the motorcycle and dust it off. If you plugged the exhaust pipes or other openings to prevent mice from crawling inside, unplug the holes. Additionally, wash off any protective coating that may be remaining on the bike.
  • Check all fluids: Even if you replaced fluids before putting your motorcycle in storage, it is still important to check fluid levels now. Before taking your bike out, you may need to replace fluids or completely flush the fluids out. Additionally, consider changing the oil and replacing the air filter.
  • Inspect the tires: Depending on how your motorcycle was stored, the tires may require varying levels of care before you can ride it. For example, if the tires did not bear weight, they should only require an air pressure check. If the weight of the motorcycle rested on the tires all winter long, check the tires to make sure damage did not occur.
  • Examine the bike: Next, check the bike for any visible damage. For example, look for any visible rust on the bike frame or chips in the paint. Any physical damage you notice should be addressed before using your motorcycle for the summer.
  • Reconnect the battery: If you removed your battery before storage and put it on a trickle charger, attach the battery back to the motorcycle. If your battery was left in the motorcycle all winter long, it may be best to replace the battery.
  • Test the bike for damage: Give the throttle, levers, pedals and turn signal a quick test. If you identify any issues with any of these parts, be sure to repair or replace them.

Looking for a Motorcycle Storage Solution?

Are you looking for a place to store your motorcycle? Whether you’re looking for a location to store it at night after a day of riding, or at the end of riding season, we have a solution for you. When renting a storage unit for motorcycle storage, it is essential to use a climate controlled storage unit. A climate controlled storage unit will protect your motorcycle from damaging fluctuations in temperature.

Are you looking for a storage unit near you? Storage World has storage facilities in Jonesboro, GA and Decatur, GA on Panthersville Rd and Flat Shoals Pkwy. Reserve your storage unit today!

What Fits in a 10×10 Storage Unit?

A young couple moving furnitureIf you’re looking to rent a storage unit, you’re probably wondering what storage unit size will work best for you. At Storage World, we have a variety of storage unit sizes, allowing our renters to get a storage unit rental that is the perfect size for them. One of our most popular storage units is the 10×10 storage unit.

How Big is a 10×10 Storage Unit?

The 10×10 storage unit is 100 square feet and the size of a standard bedroom. The 10×10 storage unit is able to hold the contents of a one-bedroom apartment. The 10×10 storage unit is a good size for many different renters.

  • Homeowners, renters and students: This storage unit can easily hold large pieces of furniture, appliances, large boxes and a mattress.
  • Businesses: If you have a large business inventory, a 10×10 storage unit will also work for storing clothing, boxes, documents and records. Retail companies can easily fit boxes and rolling carts of inventory and garments. Pharmaceutical sales representatives can store extra products and equipment in a storage unit.

Are you unsure if the 10×10 storage unit will work for you? Check out our online storage unit calculator. If you have further questions, contact one of our friendly self storage professionals.

10×10 Storage Unit Cost

A 10×10 storage unit will vary in cost depending on if the storage unit is conventional or climate controlled. A climate controlled storage unit is capable of controlling the temperature inside of the storage unit and will cost more than a conventional storage unit. It is important to use a climate controlled storage unit when storing items that are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature.

10×10 Storage Units Near You in Atlanta, GA

Are you looking for a 10×10 storage unit near you? Storage World has storage facilities in Jonesboro, GA and in Decatur, GA on Panthersville Rd and Flat Shoals Pkwy. Our storage facilities not only have 10×10 storage units, they have 5×5, 5×10 and every size of storage unit between. Our storage facilities offer storage unit specials, making renting a storage unit with Storage World a very affordable solution.

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The Best Camping Storage Tips

A family enjoying a weekend of camping before storing their tent, sleeping bag and other camping itemsThere’s nothing like spending the weekend camping by the fire and under the stars. If you’re a camping enthusiast, you spend all year long awaiting the early spring to early fall months where your weekends are spent outdoors. But what do you do with your tent and other camping items between camping trips? Find out how to store a tent, sleeping bag and other camping supplies in this post.

The Top Tips for Storing a Tent

After your camping trip is over, keep your tent damage-free by following these tent storage tips!

  • Tip Number 1: Dry Your Tent: Before you can clean or store your tent, give it time to dry. If there is any moisture left on the tent, it can permanently damage the waterproof coating. If it is a hot and sunny day, leave your tent outside for a few hours to let it dry.
  • Tip Number 2: Clean Out the Tent: Clean the tent by using a solution of non-detergent soap and water. Rinse the tent well after to remove any leftover soap.
  • Tip Number 3: Keep the Tent in a Loose Bag: The bag the tent came in is a good option for transporting the tent from your home to the campsite, but it isn’t a good storage option. The tent needs to be stored in a bag that can breathe. Store the tent between uses in a pillowcase or mesh bag.
  • Tip Number 4: Store the Tent in A Climate Controlled Location: Tents are often times stored in the back of a car, garage or basement. Neither of these locations are suitable for long-term storage of a tent. These locations are prone to fluctuations in temperature and moisture, which can damage the coating of the tent and create mold and mildew.

The Top Tips for Storing a Sleeping Bag

  • Tip Number 1: Clear Out Sleeping Bag: Remove any loose items or dirt from inside of the sleeping bag by shaking them out.
  • Tip Number 2: Air Fluff the Sleeping Bag: Give the sleeping time to air out before placing it into storage. When airing out a sleeping bag, hang it upside down by a hanger.
  • Tip Number 3: Store the Sleeping Bag in a Loose Bag: Your sleeping bag needs to be able to breathe when it’s in storage. Just like storing a tent, store your sleeping bag in a loose mesh bag or pillow case.

Storing a Flashlight, Radio and Lantern

When storing a flashlight, radio, lantern and any other battery-operated item, it is important to remove the batteries. Store the empty flashlight, radio or lantern in a cool and dry location. The batteries for these devices can be stored close to them, but not inside.

Self Storage Can Help with Camping Storage

Unfortunately, with the trunk of a car, basement and garage not being viable storage solutions, it doesn’t leave you with many options. If you are unable to store your tent and camping items in your house, consider a climate controlled storage unit. A climate controlled storage unit will maintain a range of temperatures safe for the storage of camping items. Storage World has three self storage facilities in Jonesboro, GA and Decatur, GA on Panthersville Rd and Flat Shoals Pkwy. A 5×5 storage unit would be perfect for storing your tent, sleeping bag and other camping supplies. Contact us to rent a storage unit today!

How to Store a Mattress and Box Spring Like A Pro: Tips from the Experts

A mattress being moved into a storage unitA good night’s rest can make all the difference in the world. What doesn’t help? Sleeping on a lumpy mattress that wasn’t stored correctly. Here’s how to store mattress the right way:

  1. Disassemble the Bed
  2. Clean the mattress
  3. Protect the mattress
  4. Choose the right spot

Of course, there’s a lot more to storing a mattress than you might think. Keep reading for the full story, and we’ll show you how to protect your bed and your beauty rest.

1. Disassemble the Bed Frame

A bed frame will be much easier to move if it is disassembled. Remove all of the screws, nuts and bolts and store them in a plastic bag. Tape the plastic bag to the headboard for safe keeping during your move.

2. Clean the Mattress

Over time, dust and debris can work its way into the fabric of your mattress. So, use a mild cleaner, such as an upholstery cleaner, to remove as much of this as possible. Here are two of the top-rated upholstery cleaners to use:

• Lysol
• Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

Once the mattress has been cleaned, vacuum both sides to remove any leftover dirt, dust or hair.

3. Protect the Mattress

When moving and storing a mattress, it is important to utilize a mattress cover. A mattress cover will help to protect your mattress from dust, dirt and moisture during the move and while it is in storage.

4. Choose the Right Spot

Avoid keeping your mattress in any location that is damp. This means that the basement, attic and garage are not good storage locations for your mattress. In order to protect the springs and frame of your mattress during storage, store it flat. If you store it on its side, springs can shift and become warped. Never place items on top of your mattress while it is in storage. Overtime, the weight of those items can damage the springs.

How to Store a Box Spring

A box spring should be stored in a similar fashion as a mattress. Use a mattress cover to protect it during the move and while in storage. Avoid placing items on top of the box springs while it is being stored.

Storage World Has Storage Facilities in the Atlanta Area!

Are you interested in renting a storage unit to store your mattress, box spring and bed? Storage World has storage facilities in Decatur, GA on Panthersville Rd and Flat Shoals Pkwy as well as Jonesboro, GA, ready to meet your storage needs. Our self storage units range from the 5×10 storage unit to 15×30 storage unit. Contact us to rent a self storage unit today!

The Top Tips for Moving a Table

A dining room table before it is movedThere may come a time in your life when you are tasked with the project of moving or storing a dining room table. This can be a large project because dining room tables tend to be large, heavy and very expensive. Understanding how to properly move a dining room table will help to mitigate the chance of damage occurring during the move.

Moving a Table in 6 Simple Steps

Follow these tips to properly move your table!

  1. Clean the Table: Ensure the table and chairs are clean. Before you move your dining room table, be sure to dust and clean it with a manufacturer approved cleaner. This is especially important if you will be storing your table after moving it, as any leftover food or moisture on the table can turn to mold or mildew while it is in storage.
  2. Remove the Legs from the Table: Spread a blanket down on the floor and place the table upside down on top of it. The legs will either be attached to your table by bolts, screws or glue. If the legs are bolted or screwed to the table, use a tool to remove the legs. Place any loose parts like screws or bolts in a bag and tape them under the table. If the legs are attached to the table with glue, try to use a putty knife to break the bond. If you are unable to remove the legs from the table, thoroughly wrap them in bubble wrap to protect them during the transit.
  3. Wrap the Legs in a Protective Material: In order to prevent the legs of the table from getting dinged up during the transit, wrap them in a protective material. Secure the protective wrap using tape to prevent the wrapping from coming loose during the move.
  4. Remove the Table Extension: If the table has a leaf or table extension, remove it before moving the table. Wrap the extension in a moving blanket and secure it using tape. Use packing tape to secure the underside of the table and prevent it from opening while the table is being moved.
  5. Cover the Corners of the Table: Prevent the corners of the table from getting dinged up by folding cardboard around the corners of the table.
  6. Use a Dining Table Protector: Use blankets to protect the surface of the table. Make sure the entire surface is covered then secure it using tape.

Are You Looking for a Location to Store Your Table

Storage World has local storage units throughout Decatur, GA on Panthersville Rd and Flat Shoals Pkwy as well as Jonesboro, GA, ready to meet your storage needs! We offer various self storage specials, making a storage rental with Storage World the clear choice! Are you interested in learning more about a storage unit rental? Contact one of our storage facilities today!

Wine Storage Tips to Safely Age Your Wine

Wine bottles stored on a wine rack The wildfires in California have resulted in a shortage in the supply of wine. In order to ensure their supply doesn’t run dry, many wine lovers have resorted to stocking up on their favorite selections. This means that it is now more important than ever to ensure you are storing your wine properly. If you are looking to store your wine temporarily or long-term in order to age it, follow these wine storage tips!

Why is it Necessary to Properly Store Wine?

Imagine spending time picking out the perfect bottle of wine, aging it in order to improve the flavor, and then discovering that at some point during the storage process, the wine had gone bad. The best way to prevent your wine from going bad is to ensure you are taking the necessary precautionary steps when storing it. Try out these wine storage tips!

Always Store Your Wine in the Dark

Any exposure of light to your wine will degrade the quality of your wine and can cause it to age prematurely. Store your wine in a dark room away from any sunlight, ultraviolet rays or windows. While it is equally as important to protect both your red and white wines from light, white wines are more susceptible to damage caused by light. Over time, red wines will also see a degradation in quality when they are exposed to light but it will take longer than white wines.

Consider Using a Wine Rack

When wine is exposed to air, it will oxidize. It is extremely important to keep the wine cork damp in order to prevent it from drying out and cracking, which can let air in. A wine rack or wine holder will angle a wine bottle on its side and keep the cork damp enough to prevent cracking. If the wine bottle does not have a cork and instead has a screw cap, plastic cork or glass top, it will not be necessary to store your wine bottle on its side.

Store Your Wine in a Dark Location

In order to prevent damage from occurring to your wine, it is important not to store it in a location that is too hot or too cold. Wine that is stored in a location that is too hot will age prematurely. The cork on a wine bottle that is stored in an area that is too cold will dry out which can result in the wine becoming exposed to air. To keep your wine from becoming damaged, ensure it is stored within a safe range of temperature.

Are You In Need of a Location to Store Your Wine?

If you’re in need of a location to store your wine, consider a storage unit that will control the environment. Storage World has storage facilities in Decatur, GA on Panthersville Rd and Flat Shoals Pkwy as well as Jonesboro, GA that are capable of controlling the environment in your storage unit. Additionally, all of our storage units are dark, creating the optimal condition for wine storage. Are you interested in learning more about a storage unit rental at one of our storage facilities? Contact us today!

The Top Musical Instrument Storage Ideas

A man plays a musical instrument before placing it into storage in a storage unitMusical instruments can be extremely valuable, both monetarily and sentimentally. If you have to store your musical instrument, it is important to do so with care to avoid any damage coming to the instrument. Follow these tips for safe musical instrument storage!

The Best Tips for Storing a Musical Instrument

  1. Follow Manufacturer Approved Instructions: If the manufacturer specified any care or storage instructions, be sure to follow them. It is important to understand that all instruments require a different kind and level of care.
  2. Break Instruments Apart: Any instrument that can be broken down should be broken down. This will help to reduce pressure on the joints of the instrument and prevent it from cracking or breaking.
  3. Clean and Condition the Instrument: Before storing your musical instrument, make sure it is clean and ready to be stored. Take advantage of the musical instrument being broken down and clean all of the joints and parts that you aren’t normally attainable. To avoid scratching the instrument, only use a cloth that is intended to clean musical instruments. Be cautious to never use oil or rubbing alcohol on wooden instruments because it can damage the instrument. If you’re storing a guitar, violin or other stringed instrument, be sure to release the tension in the strings to prevent the instrument from cracking during storage. It is not necessary to adjust the strings in a piano, but after carefully cleaning it, be sure to apply a polish.
  4. Place Tissue Paper Between the Instrument’s Pads: In order to prevent moisture from causing the pads to stick to the instrument, place tissue paper between the instrument and pads. Over time, a pad that is stuck to an instrument can rip
  5. Store Instrument in Original Case: No matter what kind of instrument it is, make sure to store it in its original case. This will be the best way to prevent your instrument from becoming damaged.
  6. Be Cautious of Where You Store Your Instrument: It is important to store your instrument in a location free from moisture and fluctuations in temperature or humidity. An instrument that is exposed to fluctuations in temperature and humidity can crack or the finish can peel.
  7. Check on Your Instrument: If you are storing your instrument long term, make sure you check on it periodically. This will help to mitigate the chances of damage occurring to your instrument.

Are You Looking for a Location to Store Your Musical Instrument?

A climate controlled storage unit is an ideal location for the storage of a musical instrument. Not only will storing your instrument in a climate controlled storage facility unit keep your instrument away from the dangers in fluctuation and humidity, it will also keep your instrument in a secure and out of the way location. Are you interested in learning more about a storage unit rental at one of our storage facilities? Contact us today!

Common Storage Unit Myths Debunked

A sleuth investigating storage unit mythsThere are a lot of myths surrounding storage units. Some of them are entertaining, and some are downright terrifying. Although the truth may not be as entertaining as the myth, knowing the truth can make a storage unit rental much less scary.

Commons Myths About Storage Units

We decided to set the record straight about what a storage unit rental is really like. Below you will find some common storage myths that surround storage units as well as explanations as to why they are myths.

Storage Myth Number 1: A Storage Unit is Not Secure

This is simply not true. At Storage World, we take the security of your storage unit very seriously. Our storage facilities are surrounded by a gate that can only be accessed through a personal code. This not only keeps unauthorized personnel out, it ensures that the facility knows who has been inside any given day.

Storage Myth Number 2: A Storage Facility is Dark and Dreary

The storage units at Storage World have ample lighting. Properly lit storage units not only help deter crime, they also help reduce injury and provide an overall safe environment to our customers and workers.

Storage Myth Number 3: Storage Units are Gross and Dirty

We keep our storage units very clean to create an overall enjoyable storage experience. Clean storage units are not only beneficial to customers, our staff and business, they also help to deter vermin and the growth of mold and mildew.

Storage Myth Number 4: Storage Units are Expensive

At Storage World, we strive to offer competitive prices for our storage unit rentals. We also offer various promotions and even a free move in truck with a storage unit rental. We feel that offering competitive prices to our customers is a part of creating a good rental experience. Contact us with any questions about our storage rental promotions.

Storage Myth Number 5: A Storage Unit Rental is a Waste of Money

This is extremely circumstantial and not true in many instances. Sometimes you just need some extra storage space. Whether it’s during a move, to store seasonal or unneeded items, or because you want to use it for an unconventional reason a storage unit rental can be extremely beneficial. When a storage unit is used properly, it helps to create a more organized life. In many situations, the use of a storage unit reduced stress, saved time and improved daily organization.

Are You Looking for a Storage Unit Rental Near

Now that you understand what a storage unit is really like, you may be feeling a little different about a storage unit rental. Storage World has four storage locations throughout Georgia ready to meet your storage needs. If you still have additional questions regarding a storage unit rental, contact us to speak to one of our friendly representatives.

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