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6 Laundry Room Organization Ideas

A young woman carrying a basket after following tips for organizing a laundry roomThe laundry room is a space that can easily get cluttered. Between dirty laundry piles thrown together by your spouse or kid, boxes of detergent and laundry supplies, shoes, backpacks and hats from school, it’s easy for this space to get out of control. But, this space should not be neglected because an organized laundry room can help your entire home to feel more organized.

How to Organize the Laundry Room in 6 Steps

If you’re looking to get your laundry room organized and keep it organized, try out these 6 steps!

Step 1: Use Laundry Room Organizer Shelves

If you’re starting to run out of storage space in drawers and cabinets, consider using laundry room organizer shelves. This is a smart way to keep your space organized and clean.

Step 2: Keep All Laundry Supplies Together

Keep all regularly used laundry items, like detergent and fabric softener, together in one section. Near this section, put any lesser used laundry items, like bleach and stain-stick. Keeping all of your laundry items together will keep you from wasting time digging for these supplies later on.

Step 3: Hang Bookbags and Coats

The laundry room is commonly used as the space used to store kids’ school items. Use a coat hooks to hang bookbags, coats and other hangable items. Put a label above each hook with each kids’ names on it so they can easily find their stuff in the morning.

Step 4: Color-Code the Hampers

Add three hampers to your laundry room. Label each of the hampers as “whites”, “lights” and “darks”. Instruct your kids to bring their clothes down to the laundry room once they are dirty and sort them into the coordinating basket.

Step 5: Create a Lost and Found Box

Designate a box to be used to store items found in the laundry room. This may be spare socks, money, Chapstick or other items that may have fallen out of a pocket during the wash.

Step 6: Add a Drying Bar

One of the main complaints of people with their laundry room space is that they do not have enough drying space. Install a drying bar from underneath a shelf to be used to hang a row of shirts and allow them to air dry.

Are You Looking for a Household Storage Solution?

If after following all of these steps your laundry room is still too crowded, consider a storage unit rental. A storage unit rental can help to clear unneeded items that may be cluttering your laundry room. Storage World has storage facilities in Jonesboro, GA, Stockbridge, GA and in Decatur, GA, on Pathersville Rd and coming soon on Flat Shoals Pkwy. Reserve a 5×5, 5×10 and 10×10 storage unit today!

Couples Moving in Together: Follow These 6 Tips

Two couples relaxing on the couch after following tips for moving in togetherIf you and your significant other have recently gotten married, you’re likely starting to take steps to combining households. While moving in together can be a very exciting time, it can also be a very stressful time. Ease the moving in process by trying out these 6 tips for couples moving in together.

Must Follow Tips for Couples Moving in Together

  • Compromise on items: If you and your significant other both live on your own before moving in together, you likely have quite a few duplicate items. Instead of one person selling or disposing of their items and the other person bringing all of theirs, compromise in the middle. If you bring your couch, keep your partner’s dining room table.
  • Understand each other’s living habits: Before moving in together, discuss any habits that may impact your significant other. For example, if you like to watch television before bed, offer to keep the volume down and set a nightly timer.
  • Keep date nights on the schedule: Even though you are combining households and will see that person often, it is still important to plan on doing date nights. This is where many couples run into problems, it is easy to fall into the rhythm of being roommates.
  • Divvy up chores based on preference: Create a list of necessary chores for your household. Have both patners look at the list and dictate if there are any chores that they like or dislike more than the rest. Based on preference, divvy up the chores list. Keep in mind that this list is by no means set in stone and it is a good idea to help each other where you can.
  • Commit to 70% of the housework: Oftentimes, people overestimate just how much work they actually do. If in your mind, you commit to doing 70% of the work, you’ll actually end up doing about half of the work.
  • Decorate together: It is important for both people in the marriage to feel that they have had a say in decorating the space. When shopping for items for your home, make sure you both agree on the decorations.

Make Space with Self Storage

One of the main challenges with combining households is a lack of space. While a starter home is great for the budget, it can be very small. Even after sorting through your and your significant other’s items, it’s possible you may just have too much stuff. Over the years, both parties may have grown attached to their items, and parting with them can be tough. If you and your spouse are in this position, consider a storage unit rental. A storage unit rental allows you to store your items for as long as you want until you’ll need them again.

Storage World has storage units in Jonesboro, GA, Stockbridge, GA and in Decatur, GA, on Panthersville Rd and coming soon on Flat Shoals Pkwy. Reserve a 5×5, 5×10 or 10×10 storage unit today!

Preparing for a Baby: How to Get Your Home Ready for a Baby

A new mom holds her baby after following a things to do before baby arrives checklistDuring the weeks leading up to you or your spouse’s due date, you may be experiencing a wide variety of emotions. From excitement about meeting your baby, to being nervous about what lies in the new chapter ahead, every emotion is normal. One thing many first-time parents worry about is effectively baby-proofing their homes. Preparing your home for the new baby will not only help you to have an easier first few weeks with your newborn, it will also protect your newborn from potential hazards. Check out these 7 things to do before bringing your baby home!

Things to Do Before the Baby Arrives Checklist

  1. Clean Your Home: Keep in mind that babies are germ magnets. Infants are more susceptible to illness, and the last thing you want is to bring your baby into a germy home. When cleaning your home, use all non-toxic chemicals. Before bringing a product into the home, research it to make sure it is safe to have around an infant.
  2. Check for Recalls: It is always a good idea to know what products or items have been recently recalled. This is especially important if you have received hand-me-down or second-hand items.
  3. Stock the Freezer: During the weeks after you bring the baby home, you probably will not have a lot of time to cook. Prepare meals ahead of time and freeze them.
  4. Pack the Hospital Bag: Start packing your hospital bag way before your due date. This bag should include both everything the mom and baby will need.
  5. Examine Your Home for Safety Concerns: While it may seem pre-mature to prepare your home for a mobile baby before it is even born, it isn’t. It is also better to prepare your home ahead of time before you’re sleep deprived and have a lot more on your plate. Plug all of your outlets with safety plugs, install safety latches on all cupboards and secure any heavy furniture and items to the wall.
  6. Prepare for Visitors: Be prepared for visitors. The weeks leading up to your due date, stock up on extra toothpaste, toothbrushes, clean sheets and towels.
  7. Do Laundry Ahead of Time: Take the tags off of new outfits and wash them using a detergent that is safe for infants. This will be a huge time-saver once the baby is born.

Storage World Has Household Storage Solutions

Babies require a lot of items. When you convert a room into a nursery, you might not have space for or be able to keep all of the items that were previously in your home. Whether the space was previously an office, workout room or spare bedroom, there may be some items you want to hold on to that just simply will no longer fit in your home. Instead of throwing these items out, consider renting a storage unit.

Storage World has storage facilities in Jonesboro, GA, Stockbridge, GA and Decatur! For the storage of smaller items, consider our 5×5 storage unit. If you’re storing larger pieces of furniture, consider our 5×10 or 10×10 storage unit. Reserve your storage unit today!

The Top Tips for Renovating an Attic into Living Space

A man renovating attic space installs insulation into the ceiling Most homeowners are not taking full advantage of their attic space. This area is often used as a catch-all for old paint cans, tools, old yearbooks and other long-forgotten items. But with a little work, your attic can be more than just a drop spot for unwanted items.

The Atlanta, GA area is a hotspot for tourists. Extra rooms in your home can easily be rented on Airbnb or another rental site and help give you extra income. Before renovating your attic into a new room, check out these 5 tips!

How to Turn an Attic into a Room

  1. Check with the Building Codes
    Before going full-force on attic renovations, it is important to determine if your attic can handle being renovated. Some areas in your attic may not be able to support weight. Additionally, it is important to understand which walls are weight bearing. Before renovating your attic, have a professional inspect the structure to determine if it is safe.
  2. Have a Plan
    When it comes to renovating an obtusely shaped room, the last thing you want to do is to start renovating without putting a plan into place. Have a rough estimate of where you want the bed, bathroom, cupboards and any other large items to go.
  3. Extend Systems into Your Attic
    This step is optional, based on your intent with the attic space. If you want the space to be livable, you’ll have to extend the electrical, plumbing and HVAC system into the attic. When adding in these systems, it is best to contact a professional. A professional can help to determine any limitations of the system.
  4. Make Best Use of Space
    You will more than likely be short on space in this renovation. Additionally, finding furniture that will fit the room will be a very difficult task and will ultimately take up too much room. The best way to make use of all space is to build storage into the walls. Conserve space by building closets, cupboards and drawers into the wall.
  5. Make the Space Look Bigger with Windows
    According to most building codes, every room has to have at least one easily accessible window. When renovating your attic, consider adding more windows. This will help to open the space and make it appear bigger.

Storage World Has Attic and Household Storage Solutions

Now that you have decided to renovate your attic and put the space to use, you’re tasked with the problem of finding a location to store the items that were once stored there. If the items were initially stored in your attic, you most likely don’t need or want them cluttering your home. If the items have sentimental value or you simply are not ready to part with them, consider a storage unit rental with Storage World. Storage World has 5×5, 5×10 and 10×10 traditional and climate controlled storage unit rentals in the Atlanta, GA area. Reserve your storage unit rental today!

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