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Bicycle Storage Tips for Atlanta Cyclists

man cyclingBicycle storage best practices will keep your bike in excellent condition throughout the year. To kick-start your bicycle storage, we’re offering the top bike storage tips that cycling enthusiasts need to ensure their bikes are safe, secure and peddling further through Atlanta this summer. Those bicycle storage tips include cleaning your bicycle before storing, avoiding garage storage, storing bicycles together and placing your bikes in a self-storage unit.

Clean Bicycles Before Storage

Before placing a bike in storage, it’s important to thoroughly clean the bicycle. Take a few minutes to wipe and polish the frame, reflectors, handle bars and seat. Use a brush to remove any mud and grit from the wheels, joints and brakes, and then you’re ready for bike storage. This will also help you prepare your bike for riding as soon as its removed from storage, and prevent the build-up of rust and grime.

Beware of Bike Storage Near Cars and Tools

Cars, snow blowers, shovels and tools that occupy the garage could become a damaging combination of items when stored with a bicycle. It only takes a simple bump from your car door to knock a nearby bicycle over, causing damage to any number of items. If you must use your garage for bicycle storage, consider hanging them from the ceiling with manufacturer-approved bike hooks. But if this can be avoided, we recommend keeping your bicycles out of the way of everyday items, and storing them in a shed. Or, if the riding seasons is over, there are a variety of self-storage units that could help during the winter months.

Keep Your Bicycles Stored Together

True biking enthusiasts have a stable of bicycles. From mountain bikes, to touring bikes and everything in between, there are specific bicycles designed for specific terrains. To help stay organized and get you on the road quicker, it’s best to store all bicycles together. Whether in a basement, shed, or self-storage unit, keeping all bikes together helps maintain their condition and prevents damage to the bike or other items while in storage.

Self-Storage Units for Bike Storage

Storing your bicycles in a self-storage unit will keep the chains and tires out of the elements, preventing rust or cracking. It will also help keep your garage organized. At Storage World, our storage facilities throughout Atlanta offer 24/7 access to your unit. This means that you will have the ability to grab your bike for that early morning ride as well as that late-night trek after work. Self-storage units also provide a more secure storage option, remaining locked at our storage facility until they need to be accessed.

Storage World offers self-storage specials, as well as household storage solutions, business, car and bicycle storage along with everything else that you need. Stop by one of our self-storage facilities in Atlanta today and speak with our customer service team to find the storage unit that’s right for you.

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