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6 Laundry Room Organization Ideas

A young woman carrying a basket after following tips for organizing a laundry roomThe laundry room is a space that can easily get cluttered. Between dirty laundry piles thrown together by your spouse or kid, boxes of detergent and laundry supplies, shoes, backpacks and hats from school, it’s easy for this space to get out of control. But, this space should not be neglected because an organized laundry room can help your entire home to feel more organized.

How to Organize the Laundry Room in 6 Steps

If you’re looking to get your laundry room organized and keep it organized, try out these 6 steps!

Step 1: Use Laundry Room Organizer Shelves

If you’re starting to run out of storage space in drawers and cabinets, consider using laundry room organizer shelves. This is a smart way to keep your space organized and clean.

Step 2: Keep All Laundry Supplies Together

Keep all regularly used laundry items, like detergent and fabric softener, together in one section. Near this section, put any lesser used laundry items, like bleach and stain-stick. Keeping all of your laundry items together will keep you from wasting time digging for these supplies later on.

Step 3: Hang Bookbags and Coats

The laundry room is commonly used as the space used to store kids’ school items. Use a coat hooks to hang bookbags, coats and other hangable items. Put a label above each hook with each kids’ names on it so they can easily find their stuff in the morning.

Step 4: Color-Code the Hampers

Add three hampers to your laundry room. Label each of the hampers as “whites”, “lights” and “darks”. Instruct your kids to bring their clothes down to the laundry room once they are dirty and sort them into the coordinating basket.

Step 5: Create a Lost and Found Box

Designate a box to be used to store items found in the laundry room. This may be spare socks, money, Chapstick or other items that may have fallen out of a pocket during the wash.

Step 6: Add a Drying Bar

One of the main complaints of people with their laundry room space is that they do not have enough drying space. Install a drying bar from underneath a shelf to be used to hang a row of shirts and allow them to air dry.

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