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5 Storage Tips for Mobile Storage Containers

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Storage World on Wheels containers are secure, dry, and safe, and offer a convenient way for you to store your belongings on a temporary basis. You can also have a mobile container delivered directly to your home or business, so you won’t have to rent a truck or move all of your belongings yourself. Whether you are packing a mobile container delivered to your door or packing one up ‘on site’, there are several key things you should remember. These tips are also great for storing in a mobile container or a regular self storage unit. The tips will help you optimize the space that is in your mobile storage container.

1. Store large furniture in the back of the container Large items of furniture should always be placed towards the back of the storage container. This will maximize the storage space in the container. Where possible, disassemble furniture, such as tables and bed frames, to fill in any gaps, and always keep instructions with them to help you put them back together. If you are storing chairs, stack them up so that the seats are lying on each other like you’re putting together a puzzle. Also, place couches and mattresses vertically in the storage container to optimize space. Put items that you will need to access more frequently towards the front of the storage container.

2. Wash clothing and other fabrics before storage Any fabrics should be washed and dried before you put them into storage. Failing to do so can lead to pest infestations which can ruin your clothing, curtains or linens. Try to pack malleable possessions such as clothing last. They can be used to fill in any gaps if you are limited on space, as well as being easily accessible if you need to get them out. Do not pack clothing in plastic bags as moisture can build up over time and damage the clothing.

3. Use boxes for storing It is a good idea to pack belongings into sturdy boxes. As these have rigid square shapes, boxes are very easy to stack, meaning that little space will be wasted. With delicate items, leave a little bit of empty space in each box and fill it with bubble wrap to act as protection.

4. Clean appliances thoroughly before placing in storage Always clean kitchen and electrical appliances and dry them thoroughly before placing them in storage. Leave refrigerator and freezer doors slightly open in storage for good air circulation. As with larger items of furniture, appliances should be kept towards the back.

5. Keep an inventory list Label boxes with their contents and keep an inventory list to cross reference when you are moving the items out of storage. If there are any items you may need to access, keep this in mind and try to keep them towards the front of the mobile container.



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