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Getting Rid of Clutter: Throw Out These 8 Items

A stressed-out woman looking at the clutter in her homeDecluttering isn’t an easy task. Part of the reason people hold onto the items they no longer need is because they’re scared they will need them again. To help with this concern, we put together a list of the items that you should definitely get rid of when decluttering.

How to Get Rid of Clutter: Start with These Items

  1. Old Clothes: It’s hard to throw out clothes. Clothing can be expensive, and no matter how outdated the piece is, you remind yourself that it would be perfect for one particular event. This is not a good mindset to have, though, because it can lead to a very cluttered closet. Taking the time to comb through your closet and remove any items you haven’t warn in a while will result in a more organized closet.
  2. Old Medicine: Everyone’s medicine cabinet is filled with old prescriptions and outdated over the counter drugs that are no longer needed. If your medicine has expired, or you no longer need it, get rid of it. Not only is it not safe to have old medicine lying around, it also can result in some serious clutter. Be sure to follow DEA instructions when throwing out old medications.
  3. Mismatched Containers: Is your pantry and cupboards filled with mismatched containers you just can’t seem to find the lid to? Get rid of them. Recycle all lids that are recyclable and throw out the rest.
  4. Herbs, Spices Cans and Mixes You Never Use: If you have had cans of sweet potatoes in your cupboard for the past year and have not managed to use them, get rid of them. Items that have not expired can be donated to a local donation center or shelter.
  5. Old Trophies and Awards: If the award or trophy means something to you, skip this tip. If you still have your participation trophy from your 3rd grade soccer team, consider getting rid of it.
  6. Old Baby Items: If you’re done having kids, get rid of any unsentimental old toys, clothes and other baby items. These items can also be donated to a donation center or shelter.
  7. Old Receipts: Do you still have old receipts lying around from items you kept? Unless the receipt is needed for taxation purposes, or contains a warranty, get rid of your old receipts.
  8. Old Technology: What do we do when we get new technology to replace old technology? Well we hold onto the old technology just in case something happens to the new item. If you have had your new device for a year and haven’t had any issues with the performance, get rid of the old technology. This will help to clear up extra storage space.

A Storage Unit Rental Can Help with Decluttering

Some items may not be as easy to get rid of as the items listed above. If there are a few items that you want out of your home but are unable to fully part with the quite yet, consider storing them in a self storage unit. Storage World has storage units in Stockbridge, Jonesboro and Decatur, ready to meet your storage needs. Our storage units range in sizes from small storage units to large storage units, perfect for any sized storage needs. Our self storage specials makes a storage rental with Storage World easy and affordable. Contact one of our self storage facilities today!

What Do I Need to File Taxes in 2018?

A woman gets ready to file her taxes Although it may seem hard to believe right now, soon enough spring will be here. With spring comes flowers, green grass, and unfortunately, tax season. Tax season can be a brutal time of the year even for the most organized and on-the-ball type person.

It is never too early to start preparing for tax season. Stay with us and you will learn what documents are needed to file your taxes as well as other need-to-know tax information!

What Documents Do I Need to File Taxes?

  1. W-2 Form: Your employer is required to give you a W-2 form that will show your wages and the taxes you paid throughout the year. If you had multiple employers, you will receive multiple W-2 forms.
  2. Social Security Number: When filing your taxes, you will have to have your social security number as well as the social security number of your spouse and dependents.
  3. Tax Credit Forms: There are some situations and expenses that can qualify for a tax credit. For example, education costs, childcare costs, adoption costs, medical expenses and charitable contributions may qualify you for a tax credit.
  4. 1099 Form: 1099 forms are filled out when you receive income from someone other than your employer. For example, someone who works as an independent contractor for a business would have to fill out a 1099 form. 1099 forms are also filled out when you withdraw from a taxable retirement account, receive a government payout or unemployment.
  5. The Tax Return from Your Previous Year: It may be helpful to have your tax return from your previous year in front of you when filing your taxes. This will not only help you save time, it can also help keep you from making mistakes. Don’t forget to update your current year tax return with any big events, like getting married, moving or having a kid.

Who Needs to File a Tax Return?

When determining if you need to file a tax return, there are a few factors you should take into account. These factors are your filing status, your age and your gross income. Before deciding not to file your taxes, consider consulting with a tax professional.

When is the Last Day to File Taxes?

This year, Tax Day falls on April 17th. Due to April 15th falling on a Sunday, and April 16th being a holiday, this is two days later than normal. To avoid getting charged a late penalty by the IRS, it is important to have your taxes filed before April 17th.

Storage World is Your Organization Expert

We strive to offer you the best tips for a more organized life. Are you tired of misplacing important personal papers and files needed for tax season? Consider renting a climate controlled storage unit for the storage of your personal documents. This is a great way to keep your items all in one secure location. Contact us today for more organization tips or to learn more about a storage unit rental with Storage World!

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