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The Top Tips for Moving a Table

A dining room table before it is movedThere may come a time in your life when you are tasked with the project of moving or storing a dining room table. This can be a large project because dining room tables tend to be large, heavy and very expensive. Understanding how to properly move a dining room table will help to mitigate the chance of damage occurring during the move.

Moving a Table in 6 Simple Steps

Follow these tips to properly move your table!

  1. Clean the Table: Ensure the table and chairs are clean. Before you move your dining room table, be sure to dust and clean it with a manufacturer approved cleaner. This is especially important if you will be storing your table after moving it, as any leftover food or moisture on the table can turn to mold or mildew while it is in storage.
  2. Remove the Legs from the Table: Spread a blanket down on the floor and place the table upside down on top of it. The legs will either be attached to your table by bolts, screws or glue. If the legs are bolted or screwed to the table, use a tool to remove the legs. Place any loose parts like screws or bolts in a bag and tape them under the table. If the legs are attached to the table with glue, try to use a putty knife to break the bond. If you are unable to remove the legs from the table, thoroughly wrap them in bubble wrap to protect them during the transit.
  3. Wrap the Legs in a Protective Material: In order to prevent the legs of the table from getting dinged up during the transit, wrap them in a protective material. Secure the protective wrap using tape to prevent the wrapping from coming loose during the move.
  4. Remove the Table Extension: If the table has a leaf or table extension, remove it before moving the table. Wrap the extension in a moving blanket and secure it using tape. Use packing tape to secure the underside of the table and prevent it from opening while the table is being moved.
  5. Cover the Corners of the Table: Prevent the corners of the table from getting dinged up by folding cardboard around the corners of the table.
  6. Use a Dining Table Protector: Use blankets to protect the surface of the table. Make sure the entire surface is covered then secure it using tape.

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2018 Home Organization New Year’s Resolutions

A young woman organizes her wardrobe for a more organized New YearDuring the early months of the New Year, is isn’t uncommon to make goals about the things you want to change in your life. Maybe they are wellness, fitness or financial goals, or maybe they are organization goals around the home. Try out these home organization tips for a more organized New Year!

Achieve Your 2018 Home Organization New Year’s Resolutions Using these Tips

  1. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter! If you have too many items in your home, it can be impossible to organize it. Items that you no longer use should be given away, sold or thrown out. While items that aren’t used often, or are seasonal, should be stored somewhere out of sight. To prevent your home from becoming too cluttered in the future, try implementing a 1:1 rule. For every item you bring into your home, get rid of one item.
  2. Get Your Family in on the Fun: It can be hard to stay motivated when you are the only person trying to achieve the goal. Even worse than that, when it comes to organization goals, if your family members aren’t involved, they may make things worse by not doing their part to put items away. Motivate your family to help you achieve your home organization goals. Something as simple as a special dinner after each room gets organized can go a long way.
  3. Break Large Goals into Smaller Steps: When you view a large goal as a whole, it can be extremely overwhelming. You may also be more likely to give up your goal because you think there’s just no way you’re going to accomplish it. Taking the time to break down a goal will make it feel more manageable. For example, if your goal is to have a more organized home in 2018, view each room as its own project. Tackling the project room by room will make it seem like a much less of a daunting task, and can be more rewarding with each room you finish.
  4. Set Timely Goals: When your goal doesn’t have a timeline, it’s easy to put off making the changes. Setting a timely goal ensures you won’t put off making the necessary changes and can help you to stay motivated. For example, as an extension of the goal above, decide you want to organize one room in your household every month.
  5. Make Sure Your Goals are Realistic: Ideally, you may want to have your entire home organized by the end of January, but that just isn’t practical. Setting unrealistic goals can hinder your ability to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions. To increase your chances of achieving your New Year’s Resolutions, set realistic goals.

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