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Wine Storage Tips to Safely Age Your Wine

Wine bottles stored on a wine rack The wildfires in California have resulted in a shortage in the supply of wine. In order to ensure their supply doesn’t run dry, many wine lovers have resorted to stocking up on their favorite selections. This means that it is now more important than ever to ensure you are storing your wine properly. If you are looking to store your wine temporarily or long-term in order to age it, follow these wine storage tips!

Why is it Necessary to Properly Store Wine?

Imagine spending time picking out the perfect bottle of wine, aging it in order to improve the flavor, and then discovering that at some point during the storage process, the wine had gone bad. The best way to prevent your wine from going bad is to ensure you are taking the necessary precautionary steps when storing it. Try out these wine storage tips!

Always Store Your Wine in the Dark

Any exposure of light to your wine will degrade the quality of your wine and can cause it to age prematurely. Store your wine in a dark room away from any sunlight, ultraviolet rays or windows. While it is equally as important to protect both your red and white wines from light, white wines are more susceptible to damage caused by light. Over time, red wines will also see a degradation in quality when they are exposed to light but it will take longer than white wines.

Consider Using a Wine Rack

When wine is exposed to air, it will oxidize. It is extremely important to keep the wine cork damp in order to prevent it from drying out and cracking, which can let air in. A wine rack or wine holder will angle a wine bottle on its side and keep the cork damp enough to prevent cracking. If the wine bottle does not have a cork and instead has a screw cap, plastic cork or glass top, it will not be necessary to store your wine bottle on its side.

Store Your Wine in a Dark Location

In order to prevent damage from occurring to your wine, it is important not to store it in a location that is too hot or too cold. Wine that is stored in a location that is too hot will age prematurely. The cork on a wine bottle that is stored in an area that is too cold will dry out which can result in the wine becoming exposed to air. To keep your wine from becoming damaged, ensure it is stored within a safe range of temperature.

Are You In Need of a Location to Store Your Wine?

If you’re in need of a location to store your wine, consider a storage unit that will control the environment. Storage World has locations in Stockbridge, Jonesboro and Decatur that are capable of controlling the environment in your storage unit. Additionally, all of our storage units are dark, creating the optimal condition for wine storage. Are you interested in learning more about a storage unit rental at one of our storage facilities? Contact us today!

The Top Musical Instrument Storage Ideas

A man plays a musical instrument before placing it into storage in a storage unitMusical instruments can be extremely valuable, both monetarily and sentimentally. If you have to store your musical instrument, it is important to do so with care to avoid any damage coming to the instrument. Follow these tips for safe musical instrument storage!

The Best Tips for Storing a Musical Instrument

  1. Follow Manufacturer Approved Instructions: If the manufacturer specified any care or storage instructions, be sure to follow them. It is important to understand that all instruments require a different kind and level of care.
  2. Break Instruments Apart: Any instrument that can be broken down should be broken down. This will help to reduce pressure on the joints of the instrument and prevent it from cracking or breaking.
  3. Clean and Condition the Instrument: Before storing your musical instrument, make sure it is clean and ready to be stored. Take advantage of the musical instrument being broken down and clean all of the joints and parts that you aren’t normally attainable. To avoid scratching the instrument, only use a cloth that is intended to clean musical instruments. Be cautious to never use oil or rubbing alcohol on wooden instruments because it can damage the instrument. If you’re storing a guitar, violin or other stringed instrument, be sure to release the tension in the strings to prevent the instrument from cracking during storage. It is not necessary to adjust the strings in a piano, but after carefully cleaning it, be sure to apply a polish.
  4. Place Tissue Paper Between the Instrument’s Pads: In order to prevent moisture from causing the pads to stick to the instrument, place tissue paper between the instrument and pads. Over time, a pad that is stuck to an instrument can rip
  5. Store Instrument in Original Case: No matter what kind of instrument it is, make sure to store it in its original case. This will be the best way to prevent your instrument from becoming damaged.
  6. Be Cautious of Where You Store Your Instrument: It is important to store your instrument in a location free from moisture and fluctuations in temperature or humidity. An instrument that is exposed to fluctuations in temperature and humidity can crack or the finish can peel.
  7. Check on Your Instrument: If you are storing your instrument long term, make sure you check on it periodically. This will help to mitigate the chances of damage occurring to your instrument.

Are You Looking for a Location to Store Your Musical Instrument?

A climate controlled storage unit is an ideal location for the storage of a musical instrument. Not only will storing your instrument in a climate controlled storage facility unit keep your instrument away from the dangers in fluctuation and humidity, it will also keep your instrument in a secure and out of the way location. Are you interested in learning more about a storage unit rental at one of our storage facilities? Contact us today!

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