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Property Storage and Divorce

No matter how amicable the separation may be, divorce is always a deeply distressing process. Obstacles arise as one party leaves the once-shared home or apartment. Couples going through a divorce may find themselves getting more belongings than they can deal with as assets are divided. In these circumstances, self-storage from Storage World can help give you the space you need to handle the stresses of divorce.

Understanding Self-Storage for Property

In times of divorce, storage unit solutions from Storage World can help give you the space you need. Divorcees can take advantage of flexible leasing options from Storage World to get self-storage that fits their timetables. Whether you need storage for a couple of weeks, several months or indefinitely, Storage World can find self-storage solutions for you in the greater Atlanta area.

Storage Units for Every Property Storage Need

  • 5×5: These units are perfect for smaller items such as clothing, boxes, small furniture and business records.
  • 10×10: Medium size units such as the 10×10 can hold items for small apartments, including small beds, furniture, and small appliances.
  • 12.5×30: Our largest storage units can fit a five bedroom house complete with appliances, large boxes, large furniture and more.

Don’t worry if you don’t see a unit size here that doesn’t fit your needs. Storage World offers many different sizes in-between and offers the help of our professional staff to find the right unit for your needs. Also feel free to check out our storage calculator.

Divorce Self-Storage at Storage World

When you choose self-storage at Storage World, you choose facilities with indoor and outdoor storage units. We offer drive-up accessible units and free moving truck rentals for new customers. Our facilities are well-lit, gated, and equipped with high-quality surveillance cameras. We offer a variety of payment options to help those in the midst of divorce make it through their financially uncertain situation.

If you plan to store valuable items such as woodwork, furniture, or special collections, a climate controlled storage unit is in your best interest. These units maintain stable heat and humidity levels to help ease the risk of weather related damage to stored items.

At Storage World, we want to help your divorce go as smoothly as possible by offering easy and effective self-storage solutions. Simplify your divorce by contacting your local Storage World office today!

Donate Household Items to Save Money

Storage World is proud to offer self-storage solutions to meet your every need, however we want to make sure our customers are only ever paying for storage space they really need. By taking the time to evaluate your belongings – sorting essential items from non-essentials – you can save time and money no matter what situation you find yourself in down-the-road.

For example, if you find yourself preparing to sell your home then donation will help you downsize with ease. Should you find yourself in the midst of a divorce, this advantage can play a crucial role as newly single adults find themselves living in smaller quarters. If tragedy strikes and a loved one passes away, keeping a clutter-free lifestyle will help you manage those extra items.

On top of the natural advantages that a clutter-free lifestyle brings, the effect of your donations can make a real impact on your local community. If the impact of altruism isn’t enough, keep in mind the possible tax deductions that donors commonly qualify for. Once you have donated those unnecessary items, you will also reap the additional reward of needing less storage space – allowing you to store your belongings in a smaller, more cost-effective storage unit.

A common misconception among potential donors is that donation is a time-intensive labor. Rest easy knowing that many operators of donation centers offer pick-up services or easy drop-off locations. There is little need to worry about selling, haggling or lugging around your old, unwanted items.

For those living near Atlanta, GA, read below for a few places where you can donate those unwanted belongings.

Nationwide Donation Centers

There are many options for donating those old, unwanted items. If you are interested in helping build housing for those in need, Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore locations can be found throughout country. Many of them offer free pick-up service for your furniture, appliances, exercise equipment and more.

Donors can support adult rehabilitation centers through donations to the Salvation Army’s Family Stores. These stores resell your donated items to raise funds for those in the grips of addiction.

If you are more interested in helping people get the education and employment they need, Goodwill locations accept toys, computers, clothing, furniture, and a variety of household items. Check with your area’s branch for more information.

For the ultimate in convenience, Donation Town offers free pick up and delivery service to a variety of charities nationwide.

Looking to Donate that Old Mattress?

Some delivery services will offer to dispose of your old mattress when they deliver your new one. Instead of having them take it to the nearest landfill, consider helping someone in need. Most of the organizations above will not take mattress donations due to sanitary regulations, but Donation Town can help find a new home for your “gently used” mattresses. Once donated, they can help veterans, women’s shelters and more. If your old mattress is in poor shape, Green Junk Removal accepts a wide range of household items for their green junk removal service.

Get Only the Self Storage You Really Need

After sorting through those non-essential items and old clutter, let a friendly staff member from Storage World find the right storage unit for your needs. Our team is happy to show you self storage best practices so you get the most out of your storage unit. No matter where you are in Georgia, Storage World can help you find the convenient, quality storage unit you need at a price that is tough to beat.

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