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Tips for Organizing your Attic and Shed this Summer

Shed OrganizationThe attic and shed are two of the easiest areas of our home to overlook when it comes to cleaning and organization. While we focus on rooms like our kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and basements, attic organization and shed organization are equally important to maintaining your home throughout the year. As we switch out our winter tools, equipment and clothing for backyard grills, lawn mowers and pool attire this summer, now is the perfect time to tackle these projects. Below are some tips to get your attic and shed more organized than ever.

Attic Cleaning Tips

Create the space you need to thoroughly clean the floors, walls, ceilings and windows as the first step in your attic cleaning process. Remove all of the items from your attic temporarily, or consolidate those items into one confined area. After that, use a dust rag and damp cloth to dust the walls, window frames, and exposed rafters throughout the attic. After the dusting is complete, use a separate rag to wipe down all of the glass windows panes, doors and other hardware. Then, sweep the floors as the final step in your attic cleaning project.

Shed Cleaning Tips

Begin your shed cleaning process the same way as your attic: remove everything you have from your shed so you can clean all areas of the space. Then, hose down or wipe off the dust, grime and cobwebs that gathered throughout the winter months and make sure the floors, walls and equipment you are storing are as clean as possible. If your shed has windows, wipe down the inside of those windows and rinse off the outside with a hose.

Attic Organization Tips

Before you place your items back after attic cleaning, designate which items you will keep, throw away, donate or store. Then, be sure to place like items together in your attic. You can use moving and packing supplies to box up those items for summer and get them out of the way. All of your Halloween decorations, for example, should be grouped in the same area as well as all of your winter coats and apparel. Keep your exterior Christmas lights, artificial Christmas tree and other decorations together, too. This will make your items easy to access and find as the seasons change throughout the year.

Shed Organization Tips

After your shed cleaning is complete, the next step is shed organizing. Before you start moving everything back into your shed, think about what items you will be using the most. Your lawn mower, weed whacker, edger and garden equipment are things you will want to be able to access quickly and easily this summer. Place those items in your shed last closest to the door. This way you won’t have to waste time moving boxes and digging through your shed for what you need when it’s time to do your landscaping. Snow blowers and shovels are examples of things you will want to put in first near the back of the shed. Always make sure you are grouping like items together in your shed as well, and don’t save anything you no longer need; broken or damaged items should get thrown away so you can take full advantage of the storage space in your shed.

Storing Winter Equipment in a Self-Storage Unit

Depending on the space you have available in your attic or shed, renting a self-storage unit for your winter tools and accessories may go a long way to maximizing attic organization and shed organization projects throughout the year. Storage World also offers storage units of all sizes at our multiple storage locations throughout the Atlanta area . Stop by to one of our three facilities today to see how we can help you get more organized this summer.

Moving Tips: How to Unload a Truck

Ensure your moving day goes as smoothly as possible with these moving tips from Storage World

How To Unload A TruckWhen you’re planning on renting a moving truck and doing all the packing, loading and unloading yourself on your moving day, you need to make sure you’ve taken some proper steps to make your move as stress-free as possible. Hiring professional movers who sometimes take care of some of the packing, as well as all of the loading and unloading of your belongings, is a great option but it can also be an expensive one. Instead, many people opt to keep their costs low by enticing family and friends with food and beverages to help them on moving day.

Tips for Moving Day: How to Unload a Moving Truck

One of the most crucial steps to take when planning a move is to ensure you’re utilizing every square inch of the moving truck and that your boxes and furniture are well-protected while in transit. Make sure all of your moving supplies are on hand and everything is ready to go the day you rent your truck so you aren’t wasting time filling last-minute boxes.

If you properly packed your moving truck, large appliances were the first to go in, followed by furniture that had been evenly distributed throughout both sides of the truck. Then, boxes went in, with the heavier ones on the bottom. Fragile items were last to be packed, and empty spaces were filled with buffers like bags of clothing, linens, pillows or cushions.

So, how should you go about unpacking your moving truck to make moving into your new home easy? A few helpful moving day tips include:

  • Map out rooms before unloading. Before you start unpacking the moving truck, go into your new home and take note of where items need to go. This way you’ll be able to easily direct your helpers into the right spot.
  • Place boxes in the proper rooms immediately. Your boxes should all be labeled with the area of the home where they belong, so make sure everything is getting set down in the right place immediately. This will help you stay organized and able to find the things you need without any problems.
  • Keep a clear pathway. Make sure there’s an open pathway clear of debris and boxes from the moving truck into the home. Protect your flooring with carpet remnants or taped-down plastic.
  • Set up larger items first. Place boxes out of the way of furniture so you can set up beds, put together tables and dressers, etc.
  • Install the appliances. Make sure your appliances weren’t dinged up in the move, then get them into their proper places and hooked up. If any appliances are gas-powered, let the professionals handle those later.

Tips for Moving Day: Essential Moving Tips for an Easy Moving Day

Preparation is key when it comes to planning a stress-free moving day. Start de-cluttering your home as soon as you’ve set your moving date so you can be sure you aren’t packing items you no longer use or need. If there are items you want to keep, but won’t have a designated spot for in your new home, rent a self-storage unit to keep these belongings safe until you need them.

A few other moving tips to keep you on track include reserving your rental truck in advance, mapping out the floor plan of your new home if possible, and purchasing all your moving supplies early on. Create an “open first” box full of essentials like toiletries, paper products and utensils, a change of clothing, and bedding.

Self-storage is a perfect option to ensure your moving day goes off without a hitch. If you’re planning a move, Storage World has three self-storage locations within the Atlanta area that can serve all of your storage needs. From standard storage units to climate control, Storage World has options that will keep your belongings safe and secure until you need to access them. Learn more by stopping by to check out one of our facilities today!

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