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Musical Instrument Storage Tips


musical instrument storage tipsSelf storage can be used for a variety of business and personal reasons from storing items during a move to storing business documents and inventory. The majority of self storage customers are using storage for residential storage including storing items from the very small to RVs and boats.  Each personal item needs to be treated and prepared differently before placing in storage. Antiques, electronics, photographs, musical instruments and collectibles need to be stored in a specific way in order to keep them in good working order when they are removed from storage.

Musical Instruments in Self Storage

Musical instruments are made of wood, metal or leather (drums) and are very sensitive to extreme weather conditions, such as high temperatures and humidity levels. High humidity can damage by warping the wood instruments while cold, dry conditions can contract (or cause cracks) in the instruments. The optimum place to store musical instruments would be in a home. However, if storage space is limited, then storing musical instruments in a climate controlled storage unit is the best storage solution to keep musical instruments protected. Climate controlled storage keeps the storage units at a constant temperature and humidity level. Climate controlled storage units help prevent damage from extreme temperatures and humidity levels and keep the musical instruments protected for future use.

Musical Instrument Storage Tips

There are certain preparations that need to be made to the music instruments to keep them ready for storage. Always follow any manufacturer instruction for storage for the musical instruments. These instructions as well as the additional tips below will explain how to properly clean and prepare the instruments to allow the instruments to be used for generations to come.

  • Store instruments in their original cases. The cases have been specially manufactured to fit and protect the instruments. The cases should be clean. The material inside the cases should not be damaged or fraying.
  • Clean and condition the instruments before placing in storage. Take apart the instruments and remove reeds or mouth pieces on woodwind instrument per the manufacturer instructions. Relax the strings guitars or violins before placing in storing.
  • Condition drums with oil before placing in storage to prevent drying out or cracking.
  • Place the instrument cases off of the floor or on a shelving unit during storage. Do not store the instruments near direct light or sunlight, heating or cooling vents or a door.
  • Hire a professional piano mover to prepare a piano for storage. Cover the piano with a sheet or tarp and wrap the legs, pedals, lid and bench with sheets or heavy padding for extra protection during storage.
  • Take extra precaution when removing the instrument from storage. Take your time cleaning, reattaching and tuning the instruments.

Storage World offers safe and secure storage solutions giving our tenants peace of mind that they musical instruments will be safe and secure while in storage. We have well-lit facilities with gated access with personal code, a variety of surveillance cameras that are monitoring our facilities 24 hours a day. Storing instruments in self storage will give you the peace of mind that your instruments will be safe and secure while in storage.

Tips for Storing Outdoor Patio Furniture & Grills

Tips for Storing Outdoor Patio Furniture & GrillsAutumn marks the beginning of cooler weather, leaves falling from the trees, and of course the extremely popular pumpkin-flavored coffee. As the weather cools down, it means less and less time will be spent outdoors relaxing or eating on patio furniture.  Before it gets too cold, it is time to think about moving seasonal items like patio furniture and outdoor grills into storage. Fall is a great time to prep these items and place them in storage for the winter months. If you prepare them properly, then you will be able to set them up easily in the spring and summer.

If you decide to store patio furniture or a grill outside throughout the winter months, it is important to have it covered with water tight coverings. Remove the fabric cushions from the furniture and place them in a fully sealed outdoor storage container. As an alternative, putting your patio furniture into a self storage unit, such as one of our storage units in Atlanta, while keeping it out of the elements can help prolong its life.

How to Store Patio Furniture

If you follow a few preparation steps before storing your patio furniture, then you can easily assemble and reuse it again in the spring. Check with manufacturer’s instructions before starting to clean your outdoor furniture and placing in storage.

  1. Before you place your outdoor grill or patio furniture in storage, closely examine the tables, chairs, and patio umbrellas to see if anything is broken or needs repair. If the patio furniture looks like it cannot be fixed, then it is time to get rid of them.
  2. After you examined the items and determined if they are ready for storage, the next step is to thoroughly clean the furniture before placing it in storage. Remove and wash the cushions and wipe down all surfaces of the chairs and tables. Wash wicker, mesh or plastic and wrought iron chairs with a solution of dishwater soap and water. Use wood oil soap on wooden furniture. Clean the fabric or canvas cushions with a solution of Lysol and hot water.
  3. Let the furniture dry completely after rinsing off the cleaning solution. The cushions should be completely dry before storing to prevent mold and mildew growth.
  4. To keep the furniture protected, wipe the wicker or wood furniture with a furniture grade wax, aluminum or plastic furniture with a car wax and metal furniture with a silicone sealant spray.
  5. Clean patio umbrellas according to manufacturer’s instructions. Cleaning canvas usually requires brushing to remove dirt and then cleaning with warm water and mild soap. The patio umbrella should be completely dry before storing. The patio umbrella’s wooden frame can be cleaned with wood polish or wax.
  6. In a storage unit, stack patio furniture chairs on top of one another to gain extra storage space. To save more storage space, remove the legs of the patio table while in storage. Keep the screws and nuts for the table together in a plastic bag attached to the legs.

 Storing Outdoor Grills or Barbecues

Just like patio furniture, an outdoor grill must be properly prepped before going into storage for the winter months. Following tips on how to clean and store an outdoor grill will allow for continuous use after the cold months.

  1. For grills with propane tanks, consult with the owner’s manual for the grill before disconnecting the propane from the grill. Shut off the gas source, before removing the tank from the grill. Do NOT store the propane tanks in your storage unit with the grill. For winter storage, disconnect the tank and store it outside of your home in an upright position away from dryer and furnace vents and children’s play areas.
  2. To clean a grill, use a wire brush or steel wool to clean off any cooked-on food or grease. Clean and empty the ash pan, drip pan and burner shield.
  3. The grill needs to be thoroughly dry before placing in storage.
  4. If you are storing a charcoal grill, remove and properly dispose of the charcoal before storing.
  5. Cover the stored grills with waterproof grill covers while in storage.

Patio Furniture Storage

Storage World has a variety of self storage units to help you store your patio furniture for the winter. From climate controlled to non-climate controlled and sizes ranging from 5×5 to 10×30, our home storage solution is a great option to store your outdoor grills, tables, chairs, umbrellas and more until you’re ready to bring them out again.


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