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Tips for Storing Comic Books, Vinyl Records and Other Collectible Items:


Storage Tips for Collectibles
Comic Book Storage Boxes



We are a collecting culture. We collect toys, stamps, books, vinyl records, comic books, photos, sports memorabilia, and the list goes on and on. What happens when you need to put away your collection and you don’t have the space to store it? That is where self storage comes into the picture. Storing many types of collectibles in a hot attic or damp basement could ultimately ruin the items. Placing the collectible items in a climate-controlled self storage is the best option to protect the collection for years to come. Storage World  offers climate controlled storage units at our 3 locations in Decatur, Jonesboro and Stockbridge. On top of storing these items in a climate-controlled storage unit, it is important to follow some basic storage tips to keep the items protected in storage. Listed below are a few tips to keep your collectibles safe and in great condition when they are being stored.

Comic Book Storage

1. Comic books can easily be damaged by extreme humidity and temperatures. Keep the comic books away from light and heat sources. The light can fade the comic books over time.

2. Most comic shops will sell special acid-free comic book storage boxes. These boxes come in a smaller size for up to 100 comic books to a larger size, which can hold up to 300 comic books.

3. Store you comic books in a polypropylene bag with acid-free comic packing board. This will keep your comics protected and in good condition. For rare or expensive comic books, use Mylar sheets for the protective covering.

4. Store the comic books upright in the boxes.

Vinyl Record Storage

1. Store vinyl records away from any heat and light sources.

2. Store the records standing up in a plastic crate or a very sturdy cardboard box.

3. Do not stack or have vinyl records lean against one another. This could cause warping and breaking of the album and also damage the cover art.

4. Do not stack boxes of records more than 4 boxes high. The records are heavily and with too much weight, they could crash down ruining your entire collection.

5. Store vinyl records in a paper sleeve if you do not have the original album cover.

Collectible Books Storage

1. Do not store books on their spine inside a box. Stack books with the heaviest on the bottom and the lightest on the top. Also, pack books in smaller boxes, as the boxes can get very heavy.

2. Remove all bookmarks and items inside the book, as they can cause a chemical reaction to the book’s paper over time.

3. Do not store books in a plastic bag. The bags cause moisture to build up, which will damage the spine, cover and pages of the book.

4. Protect books from extreme humidity and temperatures and keep away from head and light sources.

Collectible Toys Storage

1. The value of the collectible toys is directly tied to the condition of the item. Keep toys in the original packaging as much as possible. Packaged toys have more value than toys that have been played with.

2. Keep stored toys away from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration. Extreme humidity can cause warping and breaking of plastic toys.

3. Make sure to properly wrap and pack boxes of collectible items. Make sure to use filler material such as bubble wrap or newsprint in fill up the boxes.

4. If you are storing collectible dolls, make sure to store them in fabric boxes or bags. Cardboard or plastic boxes can produce acid or chemicals that can ruin a doll that is in storage over a long period of time.

5. Don’t over pack a box of collectible toys. Wrap each item (especially if they are not in their original boxes) tightly and use filler. Pack these collectibles in smaller boxes and store on the top of stacks.



RV Storage Tips

RV storage tips
Properly prepare your RV for winter storage

The cooler weather is just around the corner. Summer officially ends this weekend. Soon, the travel season will be ending for the year. It is time to start thinking about storing your RV, boats and summer vehicles for the winter months. Some people choose to store these vehicles in their own garages, backyards or driveways for the winter months. However, if there is not enough room for keeping them in a driveway, then it is time to think about parking the vehicles at a self storage facility. Recreational vehicles are very large and do take up a lot of space in a driveway. Storage World offers RV storage at our Jonesboro and Stockbridge facilities. Stop in to find out more about the vehicle parking availability.

Just like packing personal belongings for storage units, you need to properly prepare your RV for off-season storage. If you are storing your RV for long-term storage, make sure that you consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions on types of antifreeze, fuel stabilizers and fluids to use. Also, make sure that you have updated the registration, license plates and insurance for the RV before you place it in storage. Some storage facilities will require proof of insurance in order to store these vehicles.

The following tips are just a few reminders that should be done prior to placing your vehicle in storage for winter months:

1. Take your RV out for one last drive before it will not be used for the winter. This is a “maintenance run”, where you can listen for any issues that might be going on with your engine and other systems. Inspect the outside of the RV to see what repairs need to be made during the off-season.

2. Thoroughly clean the RV inside and out. Wash the outside of the RV and wax it if you have the time. Remove all perishable items from the refrigerators and cabinets. Clean out the refrigerator and leave the door open after the cleaning. Open up all cabinets and leave the doors open for air circulation. Remove the linens and drapery to be cleaned. Vacuum the interior and wipe down any surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom areas.

3. Make any needed repairs to the outside of the RV including the antennae, awnings, windows and doors.

4. Drain and flush the water tanks and water heater.

5. Remove the battery and store in a dry, cool and ventilated area. If you are only storing for short-term, disconnect the battery switches. Connect the batter to a maintenance charger if you are storing the vehicle for a longer time. Once a month, charge the battery to keep it fresh.

6. Change the oil and the oil filter before storage. Check the belts and the transmission, break, steering fluid levels. Fill these up if they are low. Add antifreeze according to the owner’s manual instructions.

7. Fill up the gas tank right before storage and add a fuel stabilizer. Run the engine after adding the stabilizer to make sure that it has run through the system.

8. Store the vehicle on thick plywood off of the ground. This will protect the tires during the winter months. Cover the wheels to protect them from exposed elements if you are storing outdoors.

9. If possible, cover the RV with a canvas tarp to keep it clean and dry during the winter months.

Following these preventative tips will help to prevent damage to your RV during the off-season. Properly preparing your RV for storage in the fall will make it much easier to get it ready for the spring travel season.

Boom in Atlanta’s Housing Market

Atlanta Housing Market is in a boom

The Atlanta housing market was hit hard by the recession between 2009 and 2012. The housing “bubble” burst and the economy fluttered sending many homeowners into foreclosure and home values and prices dramatically down. However, the housing market in the Atlanta area is starting to get hot and improve to levels that haven’t been seen in years! There are many factors that are contributing to this growth including job growth, a better economy and smaller availability of homes on the market in the Atlanta area. The demand for homes is up, but the supply is low. You can see the improvements for DeKalb and Clayton counties in Georgia at this website.

According to Eugene Jones of MetroStudy’s Atlanta Market, “Job growth is one of the single most important drivers of home demand and Atlanta’s pace of job growth is one of the highest in the nation.” Atlanta is in the Top 10 of year over year job growth since the recession hit 5 years ago. When there is job growth, there is need for new homes. New home construction has also continued to grow for the first half of 2013 in Atlanta. Companies continue to relocate to Atlanta due to lower cost of living, younger workforce, lower housing costs, cultural events and being close to good universities and educational opportunities. The improving housing market is also a factor in the slowly growing economy.

Another condition helping to create a hot housing market is the shortage of inventory of homes that are being sold. This makes home prices go up because of the higher demand for housing. In Atlanta, it is becoming a seller’s market, where homeowners can get the amount that they are asking for their homes and sometimes more. The increased value hasn’t fully reached the level of home values during the housing bubble, but it is slowing approaching that level. The amount of short sales and foreclosures are decreasing, which also helps the market. Also, during the recession, homeowners were making renovations and improvements on their homes instead of selling them. Now, they can put the homes on the markets and actually get more money for their homes then they would before. Also, this leaves little negotiating room for the buyers as the demand is so high.

With the improvement in the housing market, there is an increased need for storage space due to moving or downsizing to smaller homes. Storage World in Decatur, Stockbridge and Jonesboro, has the storage solutions to fit your storage needs from smaller units to large storage units that can fit the entire contents of a 3 bedroom home. If you are moving to a smaller home and do not know what to do with belongings that will not fit in the new space, consider placing the items in a self storage unit until you can find homes for the items or decide what to do with them. If you are moving to another home in the southwest Atlanta area, then renting a storage container from Storage World on Wheels is a great option to use instead of renting a moving truck or hiring a moving company. Stop in at one of our locations to find out more information about the mobile storage solution.

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