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It’s Time for Football!

Atlanta Falcons





Storage World is proud to be a part of the Atlanta area community. We want to share the different aspects of this great city that we call home. Stay tuned for future blog posts that share information about local businesses, things to do and see around the Atlanta area and Atlanta sports teams. This week, we are focusing on the return of football with the Atlanta Falcons.

High Hopes for this season

The Atlanta Falcons will be starting their regular season games against division rivals, New Orleans Saints, at Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Sunday, September 8th at 1pm. It has been a rough pre-season so far, with a losing record of 0-3 with one more game to go. However, the team is looking good and could be primed to be heading to the Super Bowl. Many sports commentators are predicting that the Falcons will be in the Super Bowl this year. Last year, the Falcons fell short in the NFC title game in January 2013 to the San Francisco 49ers. It’s been 14 years since the Falcons have been to the Super Bowl. The last time that they played in one, was 1999, where they lost to the Denver Broncos. The Falcons are hoping to win their first Super Bowl championship for the franchisee this season. Under the leadership of head coach, Mike Smith, the Falcons have been in the playoffs 4 out of the last 5 seasons. They have one of the best offences in the NFL under quarterback, Matt Ryan. According to some 2013 predictions, the team could be one of the NFL’s highest scoring offensive teams. The only “soft spot” for the team is on defense, but that can be developed as the new players and additions to the team get developed.

A Bit of Falcon History

The Falcons are members of the National Football Conference South Division. The team was founded by Rankin M. Smith in 1965. The first Falcon football game was played in Atlanta Stadium (later named Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium) in 1966. Mr. Smith and his family owned the Falcon’s until 2001 when it was purchased by Arthur M. Blank, the retired chairman of Home Depot, which is also headquartered in Atlanta. Today, the Falcons play in the Georgia Dome which was built in 1992 and was featured predominately in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics Games. The Falcons have a strong tradition of franchise players. Some of these players have been honored with having their jersey’s hung from the rafters of the Georgia Dome. The policy is not to retire the uniforms, but honor the players in a Ring of Honor. Some former honorees includes: Deion Sanders, Tommy Nobis, Jessie Tuggle, Jeff Van Note, Steve Bartkowski and William Andres.

Storage World and Storage World on Wheels wish the Atlanta Falcons the best of luck this football season. We hope to be writing about them again in January as they make a trip through the playoffs to the Super Bowl! Go Falcons!

Moving Tips

Follow easy tips to make your moving day less stressful



Moving. Just the mention of the word, makes people nervous and stressed out! A majority of Americans have moved at least once in their lifetime and there are many families (especially military families) that have moved multiple times. Planning a move can be a stressful event. There are so many unknown factors that might happen the day of the move. However, if you properly prepare for the move and start planning in advance, you can be ready for those things that might pop up!

6-8 Weeks Before the Move

Start planning your move at least 6-8 weeks before you need to move. It is important to start the research for your move early. The busy moving season runs from the end of May through the end of September. If you need to move in that time, you will have to be flexible with your move date to accommodate the moving company’s schedule and availability. When you are researching moving companies, make sure to make “in-person” appointments with a representative for the moving company. DO NOT book moving companies online or over the phone. The in-person estimate is important as questions can be discussed and cost agreed upon and then put in writing. Online reservations only can lead to hidden fees and costs on moving day. If you are moving locally within the Atlanta area, there is another moving solution if you want to move your items on your own. Storage World on Wheels is a mobile storage solution where the storage container can be dropped off at your home, you load the contents and then call to have the container moved to your new home to be unloaded.


This is also a good time to start contacting utility companies such as phone, electric, gas, internet and cable to cancel service at your current home and connect service at your new home. If you have school-aged children, use the time to research local schools in your new neighborhood.

1 Month to Move

The month before your move date is usually the busiest. This is the time to start packing and organizing your belongings for the move. If you need moving or packing supplies, stop by Storage World’s 3 Atlanta area locations  for boxes, packing tape and filler materials, such as bubble wrap and wrapping paper. Make sure to label the moving boxes with the contents of each box and put the destination room on the outside of the box, so the movers know where to place it in your new home. Keep a running inventory list of the boxes to double-check on the actual moving day. Notify the post office, insurance companies and credit card companies of your new address.

As you are packing, this is a good time to decide if you need to place your belongings in self storage. Self storage is a great option if you are downsizing your home or if you are moving out-of-state. Storage World has conventional and climate controlled storage units to help you with your storage needs.

Week Before the Move

The Week before the move is verification time! Make sure that your moving company and friend and family helpers are clear on the moving dates and times. Set aside items that you will need first at your new home. Label these boxes with “Load Last”, so the movers know to put that in the truck last and to remove first. Also, designate which items you will be moving in your car. Start cleaning empty rooms, check closets, storage areas, and clean out the kitchen and defrost the refrigerator.


The Day of the Move

Let the chaos begin….The day of the move is usually very hectic. But, with your proper planning, you can handle anything that can come along. Make sure that you are leaving everything in your current home clean for the new owner/renter. Wipe down the counters, sweep the floors and vacuum the carpets. Keep an eye on the movers and consult your inventory list to keep track of your items as they move. As you leave your home, close windows, turn off the lights and lock the doors.

When you arrive at your new home, check the utilities to see if they have been set up properly and are in working order. Change the locks on the doors and the windows. Consult your inventory list to make sure that all of the items that went on to the moving truck, make it off of the truck. If there are any problems, let the moving company know right away. Once you have settled into your new home, then it is time to explore and enjoy your new neighborhood.


Conventional or Climate Controlled Storage

Climate Controlled storage units at Storage World
Climate controlled storage units are available at Storage World.





There are many factors that need to be decided upon when choosing a storage unit: location, price, security and what size storage unit. Deciding what you need to put in storage will determine the size and type of the storage unit that you will need. There are two types of storage units: conventional storage units or climate-controlled storage units, which are usually located inside a finished building. Both types of storage units have their pros and cons depending on the cost and the length of time that you will be renting. Storage unit sizes range from the smallest at 5×5 to 15×30. Atlanta summers of high temperatures and humidity are a perfect reason to have a climate controlled storage unit.

Climate controlled storage units are either air-conditioned or heated depending on the climate. A unit cannot go below freezing in the winter and above 90 degrees in the summer. Most climate controlled storage units are maintained at 55-80 degrees throughout the year. Some facilities will also offer humidity control, setting their storage units at a 55% humidity level. Having the constant temperature in the storage unit will help protect the stored items from damage. High temperature and humidity levels can warp, crack or split wood or leather furniture. High humidity levels can create moisture in electronics, book, paper and clothing which can develop into mold, mildew and rust damaging the items beyond repair. Extreme temperature can also damage business items such as electronics, medical or pharmaceutical supplies and retail inventory.

If you are storing the following items, then it would be important to ask your storage facility about a climate controlled storage unit:

  • Wood or leather furniture
  • Furs
  • Electronics
  • Books
  • Artwork
  • Medical Supplies
  • Musical Instruments
  • Photographs
  • DVDs/CDs/Video
  • Important Documents
  •  Family Heirlooms or Antiques
  •  Clothing
  • Sporting Equipment

If you are storing the following items then it would be okay to rent a conventional outdoor storage unit:

  • Lawn movers
  • Water Hoses
  • Kitchen items
  • Gardening Equipment
  • Cars/RV/Boats
  • Appliances

Storage World offers climate controlled storage units at our 3 locations in Decatur, Stockbridge and Jonesboro. Ask one of our staff about the benefits of renting a climate controlled storage unit for your belongings. Give yourself piece of mind that your belongings will be protected from damage from extreme temperatures and humidity levels by placing them in climate controlled storage unit today!

Inexpensive Solutions For Packing Fragile Items

Inexpensive Packing Tips Preparing your precious belongings for storage can be a lesson in stress management. Not only do you have to carefully wrap up some of your most treasured items so they are protected while in holding, but you also need to watch your budget as you make a major transition. Devising a way to securely pack your delicate goods in a cost-effective manner, whether moving across the state or merely freeing up garage space, safeguards against added expenses.

There are innumerable solutions on the market for stowing fragile items, but they almost always cost more than you would expect. Fortunately, there are inexpensive solutions for packing fragile items. Here are a few ideas that will preserve both your keepsakes and your money.

Christmas Ornaments, Small Figurines and Fragile Jewelry

Retail establishments, like the Container Store and Michael’s, will try to sell you boxes and single-use containers that are specially made for ornaments and jewelry, but some of these options can be costly! Skip the brand name containers and use commonplace plastic cups and egg cartons. The cherry red picnic tumblers can hold all sorts of small objects. When lined up at the bottom of a box, they naturally distance themselves with their rims touching and cup bodies remaining separate. Egg cartons provide even more security for your smaller items because they close; jewelry fits snuggly where the eggs once were, and a few well-placed cotton balls ensure they stay put.

Oddly Shaped Items, Good China, and Glass Everything

In order to have a well-organized storage space, you need to pack everything in easy-to-stack boxes. Oddly shaped items, including vases, lampshades and crockery, usually require packing peanuts and bubble wrap, but you have another choice. Use shredded newspapers and magazines to fill open spaces, and inflated sandwich bags can support glassware better than pillows. Consider wrapping plates in t-shirts if you’re moving, or wrapping them in junk mail if they’re going to be stored at a local storage facility. A word of caution: Don’t use printed newspaper for wrapping your items because the ink can run and damage the items.

Plastic food containers, plastic grocery bags and yarn also all make useful materials for packing.

These inexpensive, effective and readily available supplies will protect your cherished goods while in transit to Storage World. Give your wallet and your wellbeing a boost by utilizing these handy tips next time you find yourself on the move. Storage World also has packing supplies such as boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap if you do need to use the more “traditional” packing supplies.

Back to School is a Great Time to Consider Self Storage

Back to school is a busy time of year for every family! There is school clothing and supplies shopping, packing belongings for first time college students (and then cleaning out their rooms) and helping returning college students to gather their belongings. Back to school time is also a busy time for self storage facilities. College student who have rented a storage unit in the spring are now returning to take their items out of storage and it is also the end of the moving season.

The back to school season is time of transition for everyone in the family. It is important that your home is prepped and organized for the chaos of the school year. Children’s school projects can start piling up on kitchen tables and desks. Fall sports equipment begins to take over home basements and closets. Self storage is a great option to store these items during the off season. Utilizing self storage will help you keep your home organized during the school year. For college students, it is time to access your storage unit that you rented at the end of the spring semester. It is good time to go through the stored items to see what you will need to take back to your dorm rooms and college apartments. If you do not have room for some of the items, then continue to rent the storage unit until you can find room. For parents of college students, fall is the time to renovate and repurpose the college student’s room.  The bedroom can be turned into an office, workout or craft room. Once the college student leaves for school, it is a great time for parents to clean out the clutter and box up the children’s awards, artwork and childhood collections. Place these items in a self storage unit for the college student to look through when they are home visiting.

This summer has gone by way to quickly and it is hard to believe that it is already time for school to start! DeKalb County Schools start back on August 12th. The Atlanta City School District starts classes on August 7th with district wide open houses to help families prepare their children for the new school year on August 5th. The Atlanta area colleges and universities will be heading back to classes at the end of August. Georgia State University  will start their fall semester on August 16th and Emory University will start their classes on August 28th. The classes at Georgia Tech will start August 19th.

Storage World with locations in Decatur, Stockbridge and Jonesboro is here to help with your storage needs during the back to school transition time. Stop in to one of our locations to pick up packing supplies for the bedroom reorganization or children’s sporting supplies. Ask our customer service representatives how our variety of storage unit sizes can be a great option for your family’s storage needs.

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