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4 Alternatives to Boxes for Self-Storage

If you’re moving home, going on a long trip, or just have some extra belongings and need somewhere to put them, self-storage can be a great solution for you. Self-storage has many great perks – like being able to access your stuff whenever you want or need. Usually, self-storage is also an economical and financially-smart way to stash your belongings – with affordable monthly or annual pricing options available. Want to save even more money while storing your stuff? One great way to do that is to avoid buying boxes. Yes – avoid boxes, which are often thought of as the best way to pack up your things before putting them away. Boxes can be a useful packing tool – but buying a ton of them can also be expensive, and take a long time to assemble and pack correctly. Instead of packing your belongings in boxes before you move them to a self-storage facility, why not try some of the packing ideas below?


1.     Dresser Drawers or Cedar Chests

Take advantage of empty space in the furniture you’re storing! Use dressers or cedar chests to store linens, clothing, or other items that can be folded and made smaller. Storing soft items in dressers or drawers not only keeps the items protected and clean, but it maximizes the space you are using in your unit. You can also use dresser drawers packed with linens to store small, wrapped fragile items.


2.     Large Appliances

To further maximize space in your storage unit, pack items in large appliances. For linens that don’t fit in drawers, fold them and place them in big items you are storing like washing machines or dryers. Clean your ovens and stoves well before moving them to storage, and they also make for great space to put your belongings while in storage.


3.     Trash Cans

If you have large metal or plastic trashcans that you are keeping for your outdoor space, kitchen, or laundry room, clean them out and use them to store outdoor goods or cleaning supplies. Use trashcans to hold things like mops, shovels, hoes, rakes, brooms, etc. To maximize space, as well, you can stack trashcans one in the other, and place your items in the can at the top of the stack.


4.     Large Plastic Containers

While perhaps not cheaper than cardboard boxes, large plastic storage containers that can be bought at home goods stores are a better long-term investment than boxes. Buy large plastic boxes with lids that snap onto them to make sure your belongings are sealed and safe. After you move your belongings out of self-storage, these plastic containers can be a great way to store items under furniture (like beds or couches) in your home and protect them from dust and dirt.

5 great reasons for using Self Storage in Georgia

If you’re moving from one home to another, you’ve probably already thought about self-storage as part of the process. There are many other situations beside moving, however, in which self-storage can make your life much easier. Here are a few ideas for using self-storage in Georgia to become more efficient and free up new living space:

Seasonal items

Are you short on closet space in your home? If so, you may need a place to stash your down comforters and bulky woolens while it’s 80 degrees outside. A small storage unit, rented during the warmer months, can make your home feel simplified and uncluttered. Picking up a bag of cedar shavings at the local pet store and leaving it open in your storage unit will keep away the moths. During wintertime, you can protect your inflatable boat and beach umbrella from all the cold and mold.

When you’re left with an empty nest

If your youngster has just flown away to college, you’re undoubtedly left with a roomful of belongings. You may have imagined using that newly open bedroom as an office or a crafts space — but instead, you have a sort of museum to your offspring’s childhood, crammed full of mementoes that of course you’re not allowed to throw away. Self-storage may provide the solution,  letting your child’s belongings be safely put away and providing you with a whole new room in your house!



Redoing your basement? Where will you put the big old sofa, the entertainment center and the pool table while the work crew is down there running power tools? Most of us don’t have enough space in the rest of our house to store all the furniture when one part is being redone, so self-storage is a great solution. You have the security of knowing that your belongings are totally safe, while your workers won’t have to climb around a pile of furniture in order to get their job done.


Home business inventory

moving boxes with dollyYou may be in the cottage-industry start-up phase, where you assemble your products on the kitchen table, but have no official place of business yet. Renting a storage unit for your raw material stockpile or your finished inventory will provide you with a low-cost way of launching your business without having to look at stacks of products in every room of your house.

Secure equipment storage

If your work involves the use of valuable tools and equipment, you may not feel comfortable leaving them in your truck every night. For a self-employed person who doesn’t have their own garage or warehouse space, self-storage can become like another room in your house. Just stop there each morning on your way to the job, and pick up the tools you’ll need.

It’s an inexpensive route to peace of mind. Self storage can be used in a number of creative ways, to make life easier and help you have the space to accomplish your personal goals.

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