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Storage Woes solved by Storage Containers Atlanta

You are moving, and you are stressed out. You know you are going to have to rent a truck and figure out a schedule to load and unload it, and you just do not have time for all that.  Your new house is not going to be ready when you have to be out of the old one, so you have to store your stuff for a while and then you’re going to have to move it all over again. It’s enough to give a person a headache just thinking about it.

You have the storage woes, and Storage World on Wheels has the answer.


Safety is one of the main things you want to think about when you are looking for self storage – and that means safety both for you and for your items. Storage World on Wheels offers the safest Atlanta storage facilities, and your security is one of our main concerns. To enter the gates of Storage World you use a secure code, so there are no unwanted visitors to your unit. Storage World gives you a free lock for your unit at the time of move in and it is yours to keep, so the unit is not accessible unless you are present. Your items will stay safe and secure while they are stored.


There is nothing worse than showing up to a storage facility and realizing that they are closed and you can’t get in. If you can’t get to your stuff when you need it, it’s not good self-storage. Storage World has 24 hour access to your units, so you can visit at your convenience.

Storage Cost

Does the thought of paying for storage make you wince? Traditional self storage in Atlanta is often expensive. Renting a portable unit gives you convenience plus a lower cost, keeping you and your budget happy.


A traditional Georgia storage unit means that you must pack your items, transport them to the storage facility, and then do it all over again when you empty the unit. With a portable storage unit, we bring the unit to you. You pack the ground-level unit on your schedule, and then you call us to pick it up. We use our patented horizontal lift of our atlanta storage containers to carefully pick it up and move it wherever you specify – to your new home or to one of our many facilities. What could be more convenient than that?

Storage World on Wheels has the safety, convenience, 24 hour access, and the price you need to banish those “storage woes” and make moving the pleasure that it should be.

How to store clothes in storage

When you store your things away in a self storage container, it’s important that you stack things up in the right way. Not only is this important in helping you maximize the space, and in giving you access to items you may need, it also helps ensure your clothes remain intact and undamaged.

Don’t go thinking that just because your clothes are snugly packed into bags in a storage container they’ll be immune from damage. Not so. In fact, various environmental issues and pests can leave your clothing in tatters if you don’t take the right precautions. Here are some tips to help you out:


Clean them

Before going into storage, all clothes must be cleaned. If you’re going to be putting them away for the long haul, make sure you don’t use starch, as this may attract moths and other nasties that you really don’t want in your clothes.


Don’t seal them

Some people are tempted to seal away their clothes in airtight bags. This is not a good idea. If your clothes don’t have access to proper ventilation, mold can form, particularly if you’re storing your things in an area where the humidity is high. So, for example, in Atlanta, where the humidity is high, particularly in the summer months, always make sure your clothes can breath.


Use cedar blocks

Moths can be a real pest, and do untold damage to your clothes if they get at them. To deter these winged irritants, put some cedar blocks into the container. These are better than using other forms of pest control or moth balls, and won’t leave any lingering smell.


Using hangers

It’s a good idea to hang certain items of clothing, such as jackets and dresses. When you do, don’t use metallic hangers as these may rust over time. If this happens, the rust can rub off onto your clothing. In addition, cover any hangers you do use with a layer of cloth or similar fabric, so your clothes never come into contact with the hanger.

Additional tips

In order to prevent mildew or mold forming, use a dehumidifier like silica gel. In addition, separate each item of hanging clothing with tissue paper, ideally acid free. This will help to prevent any sort of dye transfer from garment to garment, as well as warding off mildew.


The last thing you want is to go and check on your things after a few months and find that your clothes are all worn and motheaten. So, if you’re going to be putting your clothes into storage for a long time, don’t leave it too long without checking their condition. Do so every 6 months to make sure no infestations have developed and that your clothes are still intact.

5 Things to Consider about Atlanta Storage Facilities When Moving

Here at Storage World we know all too well that everyone has their own specific needs and requirements when storing their things during a move. With factors like container size, mobile storage services, and storage site locations to consider, it can be tricky to work out exactly what you need. Here are 5 things you may want to consider:

  1. 1. Rental Length

    If your new property is available, using our mobile storage service will make things all the more convenient for you. We deliver our portable moving containers to you and then move them onto your new home, so you won’t need to rent a van or hire a moving company. If your new property isn’t available yet, we can either leave the container with you for as long as you want, or store it at one of our safe locations for as long as you need.

  2. 2. Container Location

    If you go with the latter, you’ll need to choose an appropriate location for your container. We have three separate Atlanta storage facilities, so picking the one that is closest to you will make things a lot easier, especially if you want to access your container at any point. Obviously, if you’re going to keep your things in storage for a long period, having easy access to them will become more important.

  3. 3. Container Size

    You can hire as many containers as you need, but ideally you’ll want to get the best rates possible, right? Well, it’s important for you to really think about how much space you need in that case. We offer containers that vary from small 25 square feet units, up to much larger ones that get up to 300 square feet. As you’d expect, prices go up the larger the containers get, so carefully thinking about your needs will help you get the best value for money. To make things easy, we have a handy space calculator that you can use to help you decide how much space you need.

  4. 4. Supplies

    To store your things as safely as possible, it’s a good idea to use boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper and other supplies to pack things up securely. The last thing you want is to unpack your things when you move to find all of your finest china smashed and broken. If you don’t already have these supplies, we can help you out here as well.

  5. 5. Safety and Security

    It is important that your things are safe when being put into storage. Our mobile storage service guarantees this with our patented horizontal lift, as well as all of the security features we have at our storage sites. As a result, you’ll never have to worry that your valuable possessions are at risk.

The above considerations are important, so go ahead and think about exactly what you need before using any storage solution you come across. Hopefully, you’ll find that our services fit your requirements. Get a no obilgation quote today for a container to fit your needs.

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