Common Storage Unit Myths Debunked

A sleuth investigating storage unit mythsThere are a lot of myths surrounding storage units. Some of them are entertaining, and some are downright terrifying. Although the truth may not be as entertaining as the myth, knowing the truth can make a storage unit rental much less scary.

Commons Myths About Storage Units

We decided to set the record straight about what a storage unit rental is really like. Below you will find some common storage myths that surround storage units as well as explanations as to why they are myths.

Storage Myth Number 1: A Storage Unit is Not Secure

This is simply not true. At Storage World, we take the security of your storage unit very seriously. Our storage facilities are surrounded by a gate that can only be accessed through a personal code. This not only keeps unauthorized personnel out, it ensures that the facility knows who has been inside any given day.

Storage Myth Number 2: A Storage Facility is Dark and Dreary

The storage units at Storage World have ample lighting. Properly lit storage units not only help deter crime, they also help reduce injury and provide an overall safe environment to our customers and workers.

Storage Myth Number 3: Storage Units are Gross and Dirty

We keep our storage units very clean to create an overall enjoyable storage experience. Clean storage units are not only beneficial to customers, our staff and business, they also help to deter vermin and the growth of mold and mildew.

Storage Myth Number 4: Storage Units are Expensive

At Storage World, we strive to offer competitive prices for our storage unit rentals. We also offer various promotions and even a free move in truck with a storage unit rental. We feel that offering competitive prices to our customers is a part of creating a good rental experience. Contact us with any questions about our storage rental promotions.

Storage Myth Number 5: A Storage Unit Rental is a Waste of Money

This is extremely circumstantial and not true in many instances. Sometimes you just need some extra storage space. Whether it’s during a move, to store seasonal or unneeded items, or because you want to use it for an unconventional reason a storage unit rental can be extremely beneficial. When a storage unit is used properly, it helps to create a more organized life. In many situations, the use of a storage unit reduced stress, saved time and improved daily organization.

Are You Looking for a Storage Unit Rental Near

Now that you understand what a storage unit is really like, you may be feeling a little different about a storage unit rental. Storage World has four storage locations throughout Georgia ready to meet your storage needs. If you still have additional questions regarding a storage unit rental, contact us to speak to one of our friendly representatives.

How to Store Antique Furniture

A business selling antique itemsTo someone who owns a piece of antique furniture, it most likely means more to them than a traditional piece of furniture. Antiques are commonly passed along generation to generation in a family and contain a rich history. If you are moving soon, making renovations or remodeling your home, you may be in a situation where you need to store your antique furniture. Safely store your antique furniture using these tips!

The Best Ways to Store Antique Furniture

  1. Disassemble all Removable Pieces: Before storing your antique furniture, disassemble any removable pieces. This is extremely important with long-term storage. Antique furniture is often weaker than normal furniture and overtime, the weight of heavy pieces can cause lower pieces to collapse.
  2. Do not Stack Your Furniture: As stated in the previous tip, antique furniture is normally far weaker than normal furniture. While it may seem like a smart space-saving solution, stacking antique furniture on top of other furniture can result in the furniture falling or getting crushed under the weight.
  3. Don’t Go Overboard on the Plastic Wrap: Plastic wrap is a good solution to protect furniture from damage caused by dust settling on it. It is important to use plastic wrap sparingly though, as it can prevent furniture from breathing. If moisture gets trapped inside of the plastic wrap, it can result in the formation of mold or mildew on the furniture.
  4. Spray a Protectant: Leather and wooden furniture should be sprayed with a protectant to keep it from drying out during storage. Wooden furniture should be sprayed with an antique furniture polish and leather furniture with a leather conditioner. This should be done regardless of how long you plan to store your antique furniture.
  5. Store Your Antique Items in a Location Safe from Fluctuations in Temperature: When storing items as sensitive as antique furniture, it is extremely important to store them in a location free from fluctuations in temperature. Over time, fluctuations in temperature can cause wooden or leather furniture to crack or become warped.

Are You Looking for a Place to Store Antique Furniture?

If you’re looking for a location to store your antique furniture, consider utilizing a storage unit. A storage unit is also a smart way to keep your antique furniture out of the way during home renovations, a move or remodeling. When choosing a storage facility, choose one that has a climate controlled storage option. No matter what the temperature is like outside of the storage unit, a climate controlled storage unit will keep your unit within a range of temperatures that is safe for sensitive items.

Storage World has three locations throughout Georgia, perfect for storing your antique furniture. Our storage facilities are monitored 24/7 and well lit, so you can rest assured that when you rent with Storage World, you’re renting with the best. Do you have questions regarding a storage rental? Contact us today!

Make Your Move Easy by Using this Moving Day Checklist

A young couple moves boxes into their new home after completing a moving day checklistMoving is stressful, there’s no denying it. Packing, determining the moving timeline, hiring movers, finding new stores and pharmacies… it seems like the work is never done. The day of your move doesn’t have to be stressful though, if you’re prepared. Create a moving day checklist to stay organized the day of your move!

Top Moving Day Tips to Help the Day Run Smoothly

  1. Dress Accordingly: The day of the move is going to be an exhausting and strenuous day. Wearing the right clothing will help you be more comfortable. Make sure to wear clothes you can easily move in and comfortable shoes, even if you hired movers. You may still end up moving smaller boxes, and the last thing you want is to slow down the moving process, or get injured, due to your attire.
  2. Eat a Good Breakfast: Along with dressing accordingly comes eating a nutritious breakfast. It will be impossible to deal with the stress of moving day if you are hungry, and you don’t want to feel nauseous or weak while you’re trying to move. Take the time to have a proper breakfast to help you maintain your strength throughout the day.
  3.  Make a Moving Day To-Do List: More likely than not, little things will come up that you need to remember to do. On a day as stressful and busy as moving day, it would be easy to forget to do something. Making a list of things that need to be done the day of your move will keep you organized and mitigate stress.
  4. Pack a First Night Bag: After a long day of moving, you will not want to dig through your boxes in search of items you need before bed. Pack a bag for your first night at your home filled with any important items you will need. This box should include things like toiletries, medicine, a shower curtain and towels, clothes and chargers.
  5. Enlist Help: Don’t underestimate the amount of help you will need. Consider having a moving party and offering to provide the pizza if your friends help you move. If you have a lot of heavy items, save those for the movers and concentrate on moving light and delicate items yourself.

Get a Head Start with Self Storage

If you have items that you want at your new home but are not using at your current house, consider storing them in a storage unit. A storage unit is a smart way to get a head start on packing for your move, while giving yourself more self to pack boxes. Seasonal decorations, clothes and other items can easily be stored in a storage unit and not missed for a few months. Storage World has various sized storage units available, perfect for storing a few miscellaneous items all the way up to the contents of multiple rooms. Contact us with any questions or to set up a tour!

Unconventional Storage Unit Uses

A young band sits on the floor in their storage unit after a band rehearsalA storage unit is a great option for storing items when you’re moving, downsizing or just need a little extra space. Today, storage units aren’t just for storing items. Many people have benefited from some unconventional uses for a storage unit. This list only encompasses some of the unconventional uses for a storage unit.

Band Practice in Storage Unit

A band that is just starting out may have a hard time finding a place to rehearse. Whether the funds aren’t quite there to afford a rental hall, or you need a space away from a residential community to rock and roll to your optimal volume, a storage unit can be a smart choice. Our climate controlled storage units will not only help to keep you comfortable while you’re practicing, it will also keep the unit at a temperature safe for your instruments.

Art Storage Units

Artists require a level of peace and quiet to paint. This may not be possible in their current living situation, making a storage unit a viable alternative. A climate controlled storage unit will not only make it a more comfortable work atmosphere, it will also protect the artwork from being damaged by dangerous temperatures. A storage unit that is too hot or humid can cause paint to run, ruining the artwork.

Workout Room in a Storage Unit

It can sometimes be hard to find a gym you like and feel comfortable at. If you have your own workout equipment, consider turning a storage unit into a workout room. This is a great way to not only keep your workout equipment from cluttering your home, but to also get a quality workout without any personal distractions.

Storage Unit for Business

Office space can be expensive. Sometimes it may not be possible to fit all of your inventory, or employees, inside of an office space. If you work from home, or run a small business, consider moving your headquarters to a storage unit. A storage unit can also be a great storage option for office supplies, documents and inventory. If you are storing important documents or inventory that may be sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, consider utilizing a climate controlled storage unit.

Interested in Using a Storage Unit for an Unconventional Use

A storage unit is no longer just for storing items. Whether you’re looking to create your own gym, yoga or art studio or are simply looking for a place to rehearse with your bandmates, we’ve got you covered. Storage World has three locations throughout Georgia, ready to serve your needs, whatever they may be. Before using a storage unit for an unconventional use, talk to the manager at the storage location. Are you interested in learning more? Contact us and set up a tour today!

How to Store a Bicycle During the Winter or Off-Season

Dad and young son clean and prepare a bicycle for storage over the winterRiding a bike is not only a great form of exercise, it is also a great way to see the beautiful early fall foliage all throughout Georgia. The gorgeous leaves, corn fields and weather that fall brings is entirely unique from any other season. Unfortunately, fall is also the time to think about storing your bicycle during the winter months.
Follow these bicycle storage tips to keep your bicycle in the best shape for your next season of summer rides:

1. Clean Your Bike
2. Inspect Your Bike Frame
3. Lubricate and Clean Cables and Chains
4. Inflate Your Tires
5. Store Your Bicycle in a Secure Location

Bicycle Storage Solutions and Tips Even the Pros Can Use

  1. Clean Your Bike: Before storing your bike, it is important to ensure it is clean. Use a soft bristle brush to remove any dirt and dust from the frame. Next, take a cloth and run it over the frame of your bike removing any spots the brush may have missed.
  2. Inspect Your Bike Frame: If left untreated, a bike frame that is already damaged before going into storage, may have further damage after being removed from storage. Take the time to look for any rust, cracks or damage to the metal. If you notice signs of damage, take care of it before placing your bike into storage.
  3. Lubricate and Clean Cables and Chains: Lubricate the cables on your bicycle to prevent any rust from forming during the winter months. Clean and lubricate your chain to remove any dirt or dust that may have accumulated during your long bike rides.
  4. Inflate Your Tires: If you are storing your bicycle standing on its wheels, be sure to properly inflate the tires before storage. Over time, the weight of the bike can cause dead spots to form on your tires, making them unusable. The best way to fight this is to ensure your tires are properly inflated.
  5. Store Your Bicycle in a Secure Location: When storing your bicycle, take into account the items that are located around the bicycle. If you store your bicycle in your garage, is it possible that a shelf or heavy power tool may fall on it? Take care to store your bicycle away from potentially hazardous items. If you’re concerned about the hazardous items you have on the floor of your garage, consider hanging your bicycle from the ceiling using bike hooks. Another issue bicycle owners may come across is thieves. Bicycles can also be worth a great deal of money, and can be seen as an appealing snatch for a thief. When storing your bicycle, store it in a secure location and out of the eyes of thieves.

Are you Looking for Somewhere to Store Your Bike During the Off-Season?

If you’re in need of a place to store your bicycle during the off-season, consider renting a storage unit! Storage World has storage units ranging in sizes from 5X5 to 10X30, perfect for storing anywhere from one bike to a whole fleet of bikes. Our storage units are monitored using a 24/7 camera monitoring system, so you can rest easy knowing your bicycle is under surveillance. Find a Storage World location near you or contact us today!

DIY Cardboard Projects for a More Creative and Organized Home

A young dad completes a DIY cardboard project to turn an old cardboard box into a car.Cardboard boxes are a cost-efficient and sturdy way to transport items from one location to another. If you have recently moved, you may be living in a sea of cardboard boxes. Instead of tossing out those cardboard boxes, consider the following DIY cardboard projects to create fun toys for your kids or handy storage containers. This is an environmentally friendly way to save money and create memories with your family!

DIY Cardboard Organizer and Storage System

A problem faced by many homeowners and renters is the lack of storage space in their homes, leading to clutter and stress. Consider turning an old cardboard box into a DIY storage masterpiece.

DIY Cardboard Drawer Divider
There’s nothing more frustrating than when you can’t find something in a drawer. If it’s a drawer you use often, like a sock drawer, imagine how much time you would save by just organizing the drawer! Create this easy drawer divider and never have to dig for a pair of matching socks again!

DIY Cardboard Storage Shelves
If you’ve been trying to get your garage or basement organized to no avail, try creating this easy cardboard box storage system! This is a simple way to stay organized, and you can customize your storage system to be any size you need! Do you need storage in your living room or bedroom? Add a coat of faux wood grain paint and no one will ever know your storage system is made from cardboard!

DIY Cardboard Home Décor

Decorating every room in a new house is neither easy nor inexpensive. Create these unique cardboard home décor pieces and spend less time shopping, and more time with your family!

DIY Faux Cardboard Letters
Walls in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms across America are decorated with trendy letters spelling words such as “Love” and “Eat.” This gorgeous look is equally trendy as it is expensive– if you go the traditional route of buying your letters in a store. Instead, consider creating faux metal letters from old cardboard boxes, papier mache and paint!

DIY Cardboard Light Fixture
Light fixtures are necessary in a room to create a completed look, but can be expensive. Consider saving time and creating a unique look for your room by making a pendant light out of an old cardboard box! This will create a modern look for your room, without you having to pay the price for a unique light fixture!

DIY Cardboard Toys

Playtime is important for the cognitive growth of a child. However, toys can be expensive and it is surprising how quickly kids outgrow them. Instead of buying new toys, try creating these toys out of old cardboard boxes!

Cardboard Box Race Track
Do you have a little racecar lover in your life? Create this easy cardboard race track! Your kids will love customizing it with their name and favorite colors!

Cardboard Box Oven
Do you have a young, aspiring baker or chef living in your house? This DIY cardboard oven craft will be perfect for them! Your child will spend hours using their imagination to whip up creative feasts! And the best part is, many of the materials needed for this craft can be found around the house!

Do You Need Room to Empty Out Your Boxes?

Creating these wonderful cardboard box projects depends on having the room in your house to unload all your boxes! If you have moved recently and are tight on space, consider storing some of your items in a storage unit! A storage unit is a great place to store items you do not need right now, but still want to hold on to– like seasonal decorations or outdoor furniture. Find a self storage location close to home, or contact us with any questions regarding a storage unit rental!

What to Store and What Not to Store in a Storage Unit

A man lovingly holds up the pet snake he is unable to store in a storage unitWhile we will happily store most items, there are a few particular items we are unable to store. Whether for your own safety, the safety of your items or the safety of the storage units around you, becoming familiar with our list of storage prohibited items will result in a better storage experience for everyone.

Storage Prohibited Items

Can I Store My Pet Snake?

We will gladly store any stuffed-animal snakes laying around your home, but we are unable to store the living snake that grew too big to live in your apartment. Besides, it would be cruel to store any living creature in a storage unit for a variety of reasons that should be obvious to most people. Not to mention, living animals and plants will also attract pests and vermin, which could result in damage to the other items in your storage unit, as well as the storage units surrounding you.

Can I Store My Leftover Fireworks from the Fourth of July?

We are unable to store any explosives, flammables or toxic/hazardous materials. Examples of materials that can’t be stored in a storage unit are fertilizers, paint, gas, kerosene lamps, chemicals and grease. These items require special storage considerations that may not be possible in a standard self storage unit. For your safety as well as the safety of those around you, it is prohibited to store these dangerous items in a storage unit. And yes, that even means your awesome stockpile of fireworks.

Can I Store Food in Case of a Zombie Apocalypse?

Food is prohibited from being stored in a storage unit. This goes for pet food, rawhides and treats as well. These food items may attract rodents and other pests, not only ruining the food itself but possibly your other belongings. Storing food in your storage unit isn’t just bad news for you, it may even be bad for your neighbors. Especially if those pests decide to infiltrate nearby units. Might we suggest storing your zombie apocalypse survival kit somewhere in your home?

Is Storing Guns in a Storage Unit Prohibited?

Guns and gun powder are prohibited from being stored in a storage unit. Due to the fact that gun powder is an explosive, it would not be safe to store it in your storage unit.

Can I Stash my Stolen Goods?

This should go without saying, but it is illegal to store stolen goods in a storage unit. If an item stored in a storage unit is found to be a stolen item, Storage World is not responsible for that item.

What Items to Store in a Storage Unit

While there are some items that are prohibited from being stored in a storage unit, there are far more items that are allowed to be stored. Items commonly stored in storage units include clothes, toys, seasonal decorations, office supplies and appliances. If you need storage for delicate items, such as wine, leather wooden furniture, electronics or musical instruments, consider utilizing a climate controlled storage unit.

Are Your Items Safe to be Stored in a Storage Unit?

Do you have further questions about what items are allowed to be stored in a storage unit? Contact us! Our friendly staff is always available to answer questions. An understanding of the items that are allowed to be stored in a storage unit, as well as the items that aren’t allowed, is mutually beneficial for everyone.

First Time Storage Rental Tips and Storage Advice

Desperate women standing by messy couch considers renting a storage unit for the first time.As with anything new, renting a storage unit for the first time may seem intimidating. Once you know what to expect, the process will seem much less daunting. Before renting a storage unit, check out these tips to help you get the most out of your investment!

What is the Cost of a Storage Unit?

The price of a storage unit rental is dependent on both the size and type of the storage unit you decide to get. A small, regular storage unit is less expensive than a small, climate controlled storage unit. As the size of the storage unit increases, the price also increases.

How Much Storage is Needed?

The first step in renting a storage unit is determining how much storage space you need. To make space estimates as accurate as possible, we offer a storage unit calculator to assist you. If you later decide that more storage is needed, you can rest easy knowing we offer month-to-month rental options so you are not locked into a long-term contract.

How to Choose Your Storage Unit Facility

Once you determine how much storage space you needed, it’s time to decide what type of storage unit makes the most sense. Depending on the items you are storing as well as the length of time you plan to rent, you may benefit from choosing a climate controlled storage unit. If you are storing items that could be damaged by fluctuations in temperature, a climate controlled storage unit is recommended. Examples of items put in a climate controlled unit include wooden or leather furniture, wine, pictures and electronics.
Over time, the humid and muggy Georgia air can damage the items stored in a regular storage unit. If you are storing your items for an extended period, consider utilizing a climate controlled storage unit. A climate controlled storage unit will be your best defense in combatting fluctuations in temperature.

What Safety and Security Features Should You Look for?

As someone who has never rented a storage unit before, we understand your concerns about the safety of your storage unit. At Storage World, we take pride in offering secure storage units to our customers. Every facility is encompassed by a security gate that can only be entered by punching in a personal code. We have 24/7 surveillance cameras, weather-proof disk locks, ample lighting and an alarm system that will send out an immediate alert if a storage unit is entered without permission. For additional questions regarding the safety of your storage units and security options available, contact us.

Do you Have Further Questions Regarding Renting a Storage Unit?

With three locations throughout Georgia, Storage World is ready to assist you with any storage needs. We offer various sized moving boxes and packing supplies, along with a storage solution fit for your unique situation. Contact us! Our expert storage team is ready to help answer your questions today.

Why are People Moving to Georgia?

The Atlanta skyline at nightGeorgia’s population has been growing. According to AJC, in 2016 Georgia’s population increased by the 7th highest amount in the United States. Whether you move to Georgia for the beaches, unique cities or weather, Georgia has something for everyone.

Top 7 Reasons to Move to Georgia 

  1. Weather: Mild winters and hot, tropical summers make Georgia an attractive place to live. The state sees an above average rainfall every year, resulting in gorgeous parks and flora throughout the state.
  2. Beaches: Partly encompassed by the Atlantic Ocean, Georgia is outlined with gorgeous beaches. Georgia is the home to Tybee Island, St. Simons, Jekyll Island and Cumberland Island. Tybee Island is a popular film location, as Baywatch and the Last Song were shot on this beautiful island.
  3. Low Cost of Living: According to Sperling’s Best Places, Georgia has a relatively low cost of living as compared to average states in the United States. A one-bedroom apartment in Georgia would cost on average $716, while elsewhere in the United States it would cost about $825.
  4. History: Georgia is dripping with American history. Anderson Prison, Battle of Pickett’s Mill Fort McAllister, Fort Pulaski and the National Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus are all located in Georgia. Thousands of tourists and history buffs alike enjoy visiting these historic sites to learn more about our American history.
  5. Savannah, GA: Millions of visitors flock to Savannah every year to experience this historic city. Whether you are coming for the food, the aquarium, beer tasting or sites, Savannah is sure to have something to please you. As one of the most haunted places in America, Savannah offers various ghost tours to tourists. Savannah is also the home of a 1920’s style speakeasy. To get into Mata Hari’s you must have a key.
  6. Atlanta: The city of Atlanta is booming. According to Penske Top Moving Destinations, Atlanta, Georgia was the number 1 moving destination of 2016. Within recent years thousands of people have flocked to Atlanta to live. The city has a low cost of living making it a very desirable location. Atlanta, GA is home to manyattractions like the World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta Botanical Gardens and Fox Theater.
  7. Fortune 500 Companies: According to Atlanta Patch, in 2017, 17 Fortune 500 companies have called Georgia home. Seeing the opportunity for jobs, people have clustered in Georgia, or mainly Atlanta, to get a chance to work for one of these ginormous powerhouse companies.

Have you Recently Moved to Georgia or are Planning to Move?

Whether you moved to Georgia for the weather, low cost of living or to be close to a unique city, Storage World has a storage solution to help you. Stop in and visit one of our locations today!

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