Fourth of July Events in Atlanta, Georgia

Fourth of July weekend is drawing near, which means around the country people will be celebrating with friends and family at picnics, barbecues, pool parties, and of course, viewing some firework displays!

The tradition of celebrating our country’s independence dates all the way back to the 18th century and the American Revolution, although it didn’t become a federal holiday until 1941. Today, the Fourth of July is considered one of our most important national holidays and is a symbol of patriotism.

Here’s a fun fact: it’s estimated that consumers spend over $600 million dollars on fireworks for the Fourth of July, with two-thirds of that going to backyard barbecues!

What to Do This Fourth of July in Atlanta

There are a wide variety of Fourth of July events in Atlanta to help you celebrate our country’s Independence Day. If you’re wondering how to spend the holiday in the area this year, here are a few ideas:
Fourth of July Events in Atlanta

Centennial Olympic Park’s 4th of July Celebration

On July 4, head to Centennial Olympic Park after 6pm for fun and entertainment for the whole family. This Fourth of July event in Atlanta features not only free music, but also the Southeast’s largest fireworks display!

East Pointe’s Salute to the Red, White & Blue Hometown Celebration

This fun-filled Fourth of July Atlanta event features activities the entire family will enjoy, with vendors and artist markets, a kids’ activity zone, entertainment, and delicious food and beverages. Plus, the evening is capped off by a spectacular fireworks display!

Red, White & Brew at the Georgia Aquarium

Head to the Georgia Aquarium on July 3 for their Summer Beer Festival held in their magnificent OceansBallroom. You’ll enjoy unlimited beer, food, and live music while taking in over 500 aquatic species including beluga whales, manta rays and whale sharks. This event is for those 21 and over, and don’t forget to arrange for safe transportation home.

Fantastic Fourth Celebration at Stone Mountain
 From July 1-4, Stone Mountain Park will host their annual Fantastic Fourth Celebration, which was votedthe “Best Place to see Fireworks in Atlanta” by Atlanta Journal-Constitution readers. You’ll also get toexperience the Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision®, an amazing show that features the base ofthe 825 foot mountain shining up like fingers of light.

Callaway Gardens 4th of July Beach Party Callaway Gardens holds a Fourth of July event in Atlanta that starts early in the day and lasts well into the evening hours at Robin Lake Beach. Wear your red, white and blue gear and get ready to enjoy anentire day’s worth of live music, beach activities and the annual Fireworks Extravaganza!

Legendary Fourth of July at Lenox Square

For over 50 years, Lenox Square has been celebrating the Fourth of July in Atlanta with activities for the whole family, including musical entertainment, food concessions and a 15 minute show featuring over 10,000 fireworks!

Happy Fourth of July from Storage World!

Storage World would like to take a moment to say Happy Fourth of July to all our tenants of the past,present and future! We hope you have a wonderful long holiday weekend! Remember, Storage World has three Atlanta self storage locations that can serve any of your residential or business storage needs!

Best Atlanta Bike Trails for Cycling Enthusiasts to Explore this Summer

This is the time of year for bicycles to be taken out of bike storage and prepared to ride through the many amazing bike trails in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Featured below are four bike riding destinations in Atlanta that many cyclists will be exploring this summer. The four Atlanta bike trails of focus for today are Silver Comet Trail, Big Creek Greenway, Stone Mountain PATH and Suwanee Greenway.

Atlanta Bike Trails

Silver Comet Trail

The Sliver Comet Trail begins at the intersection of South Cobb Drive and the East-West Connector in Smyrna, Georgia and runs all the way to the Alabama border. There, it meets the Chief Ladiga trail in Alabama. A former rail line, the trail runs more than 60 miles through Atlanta forest, farmland, ravines and more before extending into Alabama. It features a gentle grade and scenic views all along the way and is a great destination for bike riding in Atlanta.

Big Creek Greenway

The Big Creek Greenway is a flat, winding trail with plenty of shade and is divided into two sections. The southern portion (Roswell/Alpharetta section) runs parallel to North Point Parkway. The northern portion, which begins north of Webb bridge, extends south 8.6 miles to a parking lot at Big Creek Park off Old Alabama Road near Holcomb Bridge Road in Fulton County. It is one of the best bike paths Atlanta offers, and with YMCA facilities along the way it can be a great pick for the whole family.

Stone Mountain PATH

The Stone Mountain Trail begins with the John Portman Cycle Track at Centennial Olympic Park. Then, this Atlanta bike trail continues across Piedmont Ave in downtown Atlanta, along the Freedom Parkway trail and ends at the loop around Stone Mountain. The 19-mile-long trail does require on-street travel for almost four miles, in Candler Park and through Clarkston. The trail connects downtown Atlanta to the Martin Luther King, Jr., Historic site, the Carter Center, Fernbank History Center, downtown Decatur, Stone Mountain Village, and Stone Mountain Memorial Park.

Suwanee Greenway

The multi-use Suwanee Creek Greenway offers a great bike riding experience in Atlanta. This bike path extends four miles along Suwanee Creek through forest and wetlands, with bike paths offering mostly solid surface for cyclists throughout. The greenway connects 400 acres of parkland with residential and commercial areas. Bike Riders in Atlanta can begin this trail at George Pierce Park on the northern end of Suwanee Creek Park at the southern end and pass through Martin Farm Park.

Store Your Bicycles with Storage World

Storage World is a self-storage company with storage locations throughout the Atlanta, GA area. We are ready to meet any of your bike storage, household or business storage needs! Visit your nearest Storage World location today or contact us for more information.

Bicycle Storage Tips for Atlanta Cyclists

Bicycle storage best practices will keep your bike in excellent condition throughout the year. To kick-start your bicycle storage, we’re offering the top bike storage tips that cycling enthusiasts need to ensure their bikes are safe, secure and peddling further through Atlanta this summer. Those bicycle storage tips include cleaning your bicycle before storing, avoiding garage storage, storing bicycles together and placing your bikes in a self-storage unit.

Clean Bicycles Before Storage

Before placing a bike in storage, it’s important to thoroughly clean the bicycle. Take a few minutes to wipe and polish the frame, reflectors, handle bars and seat. Use a brush to remove any mud and grit from the wheels, joints and brakes, and then you’re ready for bike storage. This will also help you prepare your bike for riding as soon as its removed from storage, and prevent the build-up of rust and grime.

Beware of Bike Storage Near Cars and Tools

Cars, snow blowers, shovels and tools that occupy the garage could become a damaging combination of items when stored with a bicycle. It only takes a simple bump from your car door to knock a nearby bicycle over, causing damage to any number of items. If you must use your garage for bicycle storage, consider hanging them from the ceiling with manufacturer-approved bike hooks. But if this can be avoided, we recommend keeping your bicycles out of the way of everyday items, and storing them in a shed. Or, if the riding seasons is over, there are a variety of self-storage units that could help during the winter months.

Keep Your Bicycles Stored Together

True biking enthusiasts have a stable of bicycles. From mountain bikes, to touring bikes and everything in between, there are specific bicycles designed for specific terrains. To help stay organized and get you on the road quicker, it’s best to store all bicycles together. Whether in a basement, shed, or self-storage unit, keeping all bikes together helps maintain their condition and prevents damage to the bike or other items while in storage.

Self-Storage Units for Bike Storage

Storing your bicycles in a self-storage unit will keep the chains and tires out of the elements, preventing rust or cracking. It will also help keep your garage organized. At Storage World, our storage facilities throughout Atlanta offer 24/7 access to your unit. This means that you will have the ability to grab your bike for that early morning ride as well as that late-night trek after work. Self-storage units also provide a more secure storage option, remaining locked at our storage facility until they need to be accessed.

Storage World offers self-storage specials, as well as household storage solutions, business, car and bicycle storage along with everything else that you need. Stop by one of our self-storage facilities in Atlanta today and speak with our customer service team to find the storage unit that’s right for you.

Spring Cleaning: Boost Your Business

A frustrated businessman seated at a cluttered deskMost spring cleaning guides (including our previous three) are focused on the home. The practice can also greatly benefit the workplace. Many offices have a cleaning crew come through regularly, so there’s less focus on wiping and scrubbing when we talk about spring cleaning for businesses. However, organization plays a major role in all spring cleaning projects, and that’s what we’ll focus on today.

Organizing Your Office or Workspace

Many (if not most) office jobs today revolve around a computer, so not only do you have a physical desktop area to maintain, but you also have a virtual one that needs special attention. Let’s start with the more traditional space first.


If your desktop is covered with sticky notes, papers, folders and more, sort through those first. Toss any outdated items. Arrange the remaining things according to priority so you can focus on the appropriate projects first once you’ve finished cleaning. Keep frequently used items close at hand (like a pen or two and a notepad), but consider stashing away things like staplers and sticky notes if you only use them occasionally. Don’t throw them into drawers just yet, though. We’ll be cleaning those out shortly.

Try to place your phone on the same side of your desk as your dominant hand. This will prevent you from having to drape the cord across any items you’re working on while talking on the phone and potentially disrupting your organized structure. It should also help keep the phone cord from getting kinked and knotted. Family pictures, knick-knacks and other personal items can help make your space more comfortable, but don’t overdo it. It’s easy to get distracted, and if you spend all day reminiscing about that vacation, you won’t be getting much work done. Position your computer monitor directly in front of you—preferably at eye level. This can help with screen visibility, and it may prevent you from straining your neck.


Once the top of your desk is clean, it’s time to see what’s been hiding in the drawers. Empty them completely so you can take a thorough inventory. Toss any garbage like stale or expired snacks, paper scraps and sticky notes containing information that’s already been processed and anything else that’s just cluttering up the area. Sort and organize any remaining objects, and return them to the drawers neatly. Make sure any items you need frequently are at the front of the drawer so you don’t have to rummage around every time you open it.


With the physical space organized, here are a few tips to help you manage the virtual counterpart. Set aside regular time in the morning and afternoon for checking email, but plan on staying focused on tasks and projects for the rest of the day. It’s easy to get distracted by incoming messages, and it can be difficult to get back into a good working groove once you’ve been interrupted. If the incoming notifications prove too tempting to resist, try turning them off.

You can also reduce the amount of email needed with some follow-up phone calls, meetings or office visits when there is any confusion about a subject. It might be easier to hash out the details with a form of communication that’s a little more give and take than the one-sidedness of an email conversation.

Off-site Storage For Businesses

You might have equipment, office furniture, documents or other items that need to be kept off site and out of the way. Those needs could be temporary or long-term. Either way, Storage World can help! We offer month-to-month self-storage solutions with no long-term commitment. Our storage units come in a variety of sizes and feature state-of-the-art security. Talk to one of our self-storage pros today to learn more about finding a storage unit that’s the right fit for your business.

Spring Cleaning: A Better Bedroom

Now that we’ve taken care of the kitchen and garage, it’s time to head to the bedroom. Don’t get too comfy, though. We’re not going to take a nap! First, we have to clean out the closet, declutter your drawers and transform this messy nightmare into a gleaming clean dream.

Check out our spring cleaning tips to clean your messy bedroom.

Cleaning Your Bedroom

Before you get started, map out your spring cleaning plan. Our tips below will get you going in the right direction, but you’ll want to customize your list to make the most of this spring cleaning adventure. Now, let’s clean up your act and get organized!


Banish the mess monster from your closet first. Start by removing everything. This will give you an opportunity to take a full inventory of what you have, what you’ll keep and what you’ll discard. Once the closet is empty, wipe down any shelves or racks, and vacuum the floor. Then, return the clothing, accessories and other items you plan to keep to the closet—organizing as you go. Arrange like items together so they’re easier to find. Place lesser-used things towards the back.

Now, you can sort through the castoffs. You might donate or sell some items. Take anything that’s beyond repair or too worn and toss those in a garbage bag. Don’t cart these piles away just yet!


Take the fight to the dresser, nightstand and anything else with drawers next. Empty each piece of furniture completely as you did with the closet. Go ahead and sort the items you remove—utilizing your existing piles for discarding. Dust and wipe down the furniture inside and out while it’s empty. Then, return the “keepers” in an organized fashion. Now, remove the various discard piles so you can thoroughly clean the remaining areas of the bedroom.

Ceiling Fan and Light Fixtures

Don’t forget the ceiling fan and light fixtures. These areas collect a lot of dust and cobwebs if you don’t stay up to date on your cleaning routine. You may need a ladder or an extendable duster. Take care of this before you clean the floor. Otherwise, you’ll just have to do the floors again afterwards.


Turn your attention to the windows. If you have blinds, they’ve probably accumulated a fair amount of dust. Wipe those down. Curtains should be taken down and cleaned, too. Check the label for proper cleaning instructions or you may end up having to toss these in the discard pile. Don’t forget to clean the glass!


Wrap things up with the floor. If you can’t remember the last time you had your carpet shampooed, it’s probably time. A professional cleaning service can handle this for you, or you can rent equipment to do it yourself.

Storage for Seasonal Clothing

If your closet and drawers are still cramped for space, consider self-storage! At Storage World, we offer storage units in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. One way you can save on space at home is to store your winter clothing. Once the colder weather is gone, you won’t need the heavy gear again for several months. Get it outta there, and enjoy the extra flexibility in arranging your closet and bedroom. If you want to learn more about storing your belongings, stop by for a tour of the facilities, or give us a call! Our experienced professionals will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Spring Cleaning: The Garage

Take back your garage with our spring cleaning guide. If your garage looks more like garbage, let’s do something about it. Our guide below can help you reclaim that valuable space and put it to good use.

Cleaning the Garage

The first step is to get rid of everything. Relax. This is only temporary. However, if you want to make sure you’ve cleaned every nook and cranny, it will be much easier if the space is empty. As an added bonus, this will help immensely with organizing the space and eliminating some of the junk. So move everything to the porch, driveway or some other convenient area.

Once the garage has been cleared out, break out the broom. Knock down any cobwebs and dust off any permanent shelving or other surfaces. Then, you can turn the broom the other direction and sweep the floor. Afterwards, spray the floor with the water hose or put your mop to work. If any stubborn stains (like oil) stick around, you might be able to soak them up with sawdust or kitty litter.

Organizing the Garage

Don’t toss everything back in there when the floor dries. While you have the contents of your garage out in the open, sort through them. Toss broken items. Set aside things you want to sell or donate.

Now, you can take the remaining items and begin arranging them in your garage. Group things by themes so it’s easier to find those various lawn care products or tools next time you need them.
Take note of any seasonal items—particularly the things you only need 2-4 months out of the year. You may want to consider off-site storage for these during their downtime. You’ll appreciate the extra freedom in arranging your remaining most frequently used items, and who knows? You might even be able to park in there when you’re finished!

Once everything is squared away, try to commit to a regular cleaning plan. If you stay on top of your maintenance schedule, the big annual clean-up won’t be such a big deal.

Self-Storage for Seasonal Items and More

If you want to learn more about storing your seasonal items, entire households or even boats and RVs, Storage World has you covered! Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any questions you may have. Our self-storage facilities in the Atlanta area offer a number of amenities including state-of-the-art security, climate-controlled storage units and even a free move-in truck! Whether you’re looking for temporary or long-term storage, we will work with you to find the solution that fits your needs. Stop by any of our Storage World facilities today!

Spring Cleaning: Kitchen Edition

Keeping the house clean is a never-ending job, and the kitchen is easily one of the toughest spots. Most of us make several messes in the room throughout the day. That’s why we’re targeting the kitchen first in our series on spring cleaning.

A mother of two toddlers stresses over her messy kitchen.

Cleaning the Kitchen

The first tools you should reach for are a pen and paper. Proper planning is one of the keys to success, and that’s no different here. Use the following tips to structure your to-do list for the kitchen. Customize it to fit your needs, and check items off as you complete them. It will help keep you focused and efficient. The visual aid of checking off items can help you stay motivated, too.

  • Break it down into areas and categories. Starting in one area and cleaning it thoroughly before moving onto the next will prevent you from going in circles. You don’t want to clean it twice, do you? You might start with cabinets and drawers, move onto the appliances next and wrap things up with surfaces like counter tops and floors.
  • Get that stuff outta here. Remove the contents of anything you’re cleaning. In the end, you’ll save more time taking everything out, cleaning thoroughly and returning the items than if you just shuffled things around as you work. With the refrigerator, once all the food and drinks are removed, take out any removable shelves and drawers and give them a good scrub in the sink. Take the time to check for any expired food and toss it. Now that the fridge is completely empty, you can clean the inside from top to bottom. Follow the same basic steps for any other appliances, cabinets, drawers, and pantries.
  • Soak away the stains. If items like knobs and burners on the oven have some caked-on gunk, you can remove and soak them in a vinegar solution. It should loosen the clingy crud. You’ll also be able to clean the stove top much more thoroughly without those in place. Give everything a rinse with warm to hot water before you return it all to its rightful home.
  • Save the sink, clean the counters and finish with the floor. You’ll be using the sink to clean other items as you go, so don’t worry about cleaning it until all washable items have been addressed. The counters will serve as your temporary staging areas when cleaning and sorting. When you’re finished with all that, make sure you wipe the counters down. Finish everything off by sweeping and mopping the floor.

Organizing the Kitchen

As you move from area to area, consider how things are organized. Group like items together so you don’t have to hunt for that herb or spice next time you try a new recipe. If all your plates are stacked together, you’ll maximize cabinet space and make putting away clean dishes more efficient. Keep all your cleaning supplies under the sink (and under lock and key if little ones are running about). Once you know where everything is, you’ll be zipping around the kitchen like the star of your own cooking show! You could do it blindfolded! (Actually, don’t try this.)

Additional Storage Needs?

As you’re cleaning, you might come across some items that you want to keep, but you lack adequate space. Let us help. At Storage World, you’ll find state-of-the-art security, a wide range of self-storage unit sizes, easy access seven days a week and a professional, knowledgeable staff ready to assist you. We know that people need self-storage solutions for a variety of reasons. Our goal is to provide some stability through stellar service designed to satisfy your storage needs whether temporary or long-term. Call or visit a Storage World location near you so we can answer your questions!

Property Storage and Divorce

No matter how amicable the separation may be, divorce is always a deeply distressing process. Obstacles arise as one party leaves the once-shared home or apartment. Couples going through a divorce may find themselves getting more belongings than they can deal with as assets are divided. In these circumstances, self-storage from Storage World can help give you the space you need to handle the stresses of divorce.

Understanding Self-Storage for Property

In times of divorce, storage unit solutions from Storage World can help give you the space you need. Divorcees can take advantage of flexible leasing options from Storage World to get self-storage that fits their timetables. Whether you need storage for a couple of weeks, several months or indefinitely, Storage World can find self-storage solutions for you in the greater Atlanta area.

Storage Units for Every Property Storage Need

  • 5×5: These units are perfect for smaller items such as clothing, boxes, small furniture and business records.
  • 10×10: Medium size units such as the 10×10 can hold items for small apartments, including small beds, furniture, and small appliances.
  • 12.5×30: Our largest storage units can fit a five bedroom house complete with appliances, large boxes, large furniture and more.

Don’t worry if you don’t see a unit size here that doesn’t fit your needs. Storage World offers many different sizes in-between and offers the help of our professional staff to find the right unit for your needs. Also feel free to check out our storage calculator.

Divorce Self-Storage at Storage World

When you choose self-storage at Storage World, you choose facilities with indoor and outdoor storage units. We offer drive-up accessible units and free moving truck rentals for new customers. Our facilities are well-lit, gated, and equipped with high-quality surveillance cameras. We offer a variety of payment options to help those in the midst of divorce make it through their financially uncertain situation.

If you plan to store valuable items such as woodwork, furniture, or special collections, a climate controlled storage unit is in your best interest. These units maintain stable heat and humidity levels to help ease the risk of weather related damage to stored items.

At Storage World, we want to help your divorce go as smoothly as possible by offering easy and effective self-storage solutions. Simplify your divorce by contacting your local Storage World office today!

Donate Household Items to Save Money

Storage World is proud to offer self-storage solutions to meet your every need, however we want to make sure our customers are only ever paying for storage space they really need. By taking the time to evaluate your belongings – sorting essential items from non-essentials – you can save time and money no matter what situation you find yourself in down-the-road.

For example, if you find yourself preparing to sell your home then donation will help you downsize with ease. Should you find yourself in the midst of a divorce, this advantage can play a crucial role as newly single adults find themselves living in smaller quarters. If tragedy strikes and a loved one passes away, keeping a clutter-free lifestyle will help you manage those extra items.

On top of the natural advantages that a clutter-free lifestyle brings, the effect of your donations can make a real impact on your local community. If the impact of altruism isn’t enough, keep in mind the possible tax deductions that donors commonly qualify for. Once you have donated those unnecessary items, you will also reap the additional reward of needing less storage space – allowing you to store your belongings in a smaller, more cost-effective storage unit.

A common misconception among potential donors is that donation is a time-intensive labor. Rest easy knowing that many operators of donation centers offer pick-up services or easy drop-off locations. There is little need to worry about selling, haggling or lugging around your old, unwanted items.

For those living near Atlanta, GA, read below for a few places where you can donate those unwanted belongings.

Nationwide Donation Centers

There are many options for donating those old, unwanted items. If you are interested in helping build housing for those in need, Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore locations can be found throughout country. Many of them offer free pick-up service for your furniture, appliances, exercise equipment and more.

Donors can support adult rehabilitation centers through donations to the Salvation Army’s Family Stores. These stores resell your donated items to raise funds for those in the grips of addiction.

If you are more interested in helping people get the education and employment they need, Goodwill locations accept toys, computers, clothing, furniture, and a variety of household items. Check with your area’s branch for more information.

For the ultimate in convenience, Donation Town offers free pick up and delivery service to a variety of charities nationwide.

Looking to Donate that Old Mattress?

Some delivery services will offer to dispose of your old mattress when they deliver your new one. Instead of having them take it to the nearest landfill, consider helping someone in need. Most of the organizations above will not take mattress donations due to sanitary regulations, but Donation Town can help find a new home for your “gently used” mattresses. Once donated, they can help veterans, women’s shelters and more. If your old mattress is in poor shape, Green Junk Removal accepts a wide range of household items for their green junk removal service.

Get Only the Self Storage You Really Need

After sorting through those non-essential items and old clutter, let a friendly staff member from Storage World find the right storage unit for your needs. Our team is happy to show you self storage best practices so you get the most out of your storage unit. No matter where you are in Georgia, Storage World can help you find the convenient, quality storage unit you need at a price that is tough to beat.

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