What to Do After Inheriting a House in 6 Easy to Follow Steps

A person handing house keys over to a new ownerHave you recently inherited a home after a family member or friend passed? Losing someone is never easy, and when you combine grief with the stress of figuring out what to do with their belongings, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Following these 6 steps for what to do after you inherit a house can help to take some stress off of your plate and allow you to focus on your family.

A Breakdown of Steps After Inheriting a House

  1. Consult with all beneficiaries: If you are not the sole beneficiary of the house, it is important to consult with all beneficiaries before making decisions about the house. Different members of the party may want different things, and it is important to consider everyone’s wishes.
  2. Continue to pay the bills: Even if the mortgage of the house has already been paid off, you still need to pay for the water, gas, electric, trash and any other utilities the house has. This will not only make it more comfortable for you to be in the house, it will also prevent you from racking up some serious late fees.
  3. Take time to process: If possible, try to take some time to process your loss. It is easy to bury yourself in a task like dealing with the house during a loss, but this can lead you to making decisions you may regret in the future. Before making any major decisions about the house, try to take time to process your loss.
  4. Get the value of the home appraised: One factor that may directly impact your decision is the value of the house. If the house has been in the family for a while, it is very likely that the value has fluctuated from the initial cost of purchasing it.
  5. Make a decision: Together with all of the other beneficiaries, decide what you want to do with the house. When it comes down to it, you’re three big options are to sell the house, have one party live in the house or rent the house out to a tenant. Selling the house will likely be the most work upfront but will also result in the highest income upfront. Before deciding to rent the house out to tenants, it is essential to be prepared for the amount of work being a landlord can entail.
  6. Let others help: Once it comes down to emptying out the house, let others help with the process. This will not only help to expedite the process for you, it will also allow for other people to walk through the house and choose mementos.

Let a Storage Unit Rental Help with the Process

If you are looking to sell the house as soon as possible, you may not have time or be ready to sort through all of the belongings in the house. A storage unit rental will allow you to get everything out of the house and sell it to prevent the house from accruing any additional expenses.

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Renting vs Buying a Home: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Options

A house with for sale sign Have you decided you want your next home to be a house? Well, the next step is to decide if you will rent or buy the home. The decision of whether to rent or buy a house can be a big one, but thankfully, there are many positives to both options. Looking for help making the choice? You’re in luck! In this post, you’ll find a breakdown of the pros and cons of buying vs renting.

The Pros and Cons of Renting vs Buying a Home

Advantages of Buying a Home

  • More control over the house: When you buy a home, you are the owner of the house and have free-rein over painting, design and renovating the place. This allows you to change your home to your pleasing and can make it feel homier.
  • A good investment: Buying a house can be a really good investment. The money you are paying on the mortgage will lead to you eventually owning the home. Once the house is paid off, you will no longer have monthly house payments.

Disadvantages of Buying a Home

  • More settled in one location: Buying a home makes moving much more difficult. If you are not sure if you want to live in your current location for a good period of time, buying a home may not be the best choice for you.
  • More responsibility: When something breaks, you are in charge of getting it fixed. You are also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the home.

Advantages of Renting a Home

  • Less responsibility: One of the main perks of renting a house is that there is less responsibility involved. It is common for upkeep of the house, appliances and house repairs to be covered by the homeowner.
  • Less initial cost: Generally speaking, there is more of an initial cost associated with buying a home. Between a minimum down payment of 3.5%, closing costs and fees, buying a house can be a large investment.

Disadvantages of Renting a Home

  • Must oblige by owners’ rules: When you rent a home, you must oblige by the rules laid out by the homeowner. If the homeowner does not want pets in the house, or for you to paint the kitchen cupboards a new color, you will be unable to do so.
  • Less long-term home security: Things change, and in a few years the homeowner of the house may decide they want to sell the it. This will mean that you have to move, maybe at short notice.

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How to Get Your House Ready to Sell Quickly

A home for sale in a neighborhoodAre you thinking about selling your home? Selling your home can seem like a very daunting task. But there are a few tips and tricks you can use to help your home to sell faster. Check out these 5 tips for selling your home faster.

Tips for Selling a Home: Follow These 5 Easy Steps

  • Care for your landscaping: The exterior of your home will be the first thing potential buyers will see when they pull up to your home. Before putting your home on the market, spend time assessing the landscaping and outside of your home. If your grass is starting to look a little dreary, spend time reviving it. Planting flowers and plants is also a good way to brighten up the outside of your home.
  • Declutter your home: The main goal of staging your home is to help a potential renter envision themselves living in your home. A home that is too cluttered or disorganized will not attract a buyer the same way that a clutter-free home will. Decluttering your home for selling can be difficult because you’re unable to just stash extra or unneeded items in the basement, garage or closets. When selling your home, it is a good idea to get a storage unit rental to store items you do not want to clutter your home.
  • Get a sitter for pets and kids during the showing: It is important to keep potential buyers focused on the house. While you may have some buyers that would enjoy interacting with your kids and pets, as a general rule of thumb it is a good idea to send your kids and pets to a friend or grandparents’ house while the house is being showed.
  • Finish any unfinished projects: It isn’t uncommon to start a home renovation project only to give it up because of new obligations or realizing the magnitude of the project. If you have half-finished projects throughout your home, spend time finishing them up before putting the house on the market.
  • Take good pictures: Be sure to take accurate and clear pictures of your home. These pictures will help to attract potential buyers to tour the home. If you need photography inspiration, browse through magazines and realtors’ websites. It might not be a bad idea to hire a professional photographer to truly capture your house.

Need Storage While Your House is For Sale?

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The Benefits of Living in a Co-Living Space

Roommates enjoying co-livingLiving in any major city can be very expensive. But there is a new trend in the housing and rental market called co-living that makes living in a big city a little more affordable. So, what is co-living and why should I consider it? Keep reading this article for an explanation of co-living and its benefits!

What is Co-Living?

Co-living involves sharing spaces and amenities with people you share common interests with. What was once described as a dorm for adults, co-living is now much more than that. Co-living is centered around the idea of community, with many tenants living under one roof and a host that brings everyone together. In order to even be considered for one of these homes, you’ll have to apply. Often times, everything is included in one bill; rent, utilities, internet, housekeeping and more.

The Benefits of Co-Living

  • Saving money: While co-living offers benefits beyond just saving money, this is still a huge one. The co-living concept offers a more affordable living option in cities that are usually more expensive.
  • Make new friends: If you are moving to a city where you know no one, co-living may be a good option for you. When you live in a co-living community, you will be surrounded by many other people that are your age and share common interests.
  • Community: Many people describe the sense of community as the best benefit offered in co-living homes. When you live in a co-living community, you will be surrounded by young peers with similar interests as you. This allows you to collaborate and bounce ideas off of each other.
  • Access to events: Most co-living communities will offer access to fun activities and events throughout the month. These events can range from movie nights to themed dinners.
  • Balance privacy with community: When you live in a co-living home, you’re able to have both privacy and community. If you want a night in by yourself, head to your private bedroom. If you’re looking for company, you’ll be able to find it in the main living area.

Need a Storage Option for Your Co-Living Home?

If you are moving to a co-living community, you may be downsizing your home. Downsizing is a great way to save on rent but can lead you to feeling cramped for space. A storage unit rental allows you to store items you don’t use as often close to your home and in a secure location.

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Moving to Atlanta: The Benefits of Moving to the City During the Winter

Atlanta, GA in the winterAre you thinking about moving to Atlanta, GA? You’re not alone, this city’s population is growing as more and more people are being attracted to what Atlanta has to offer. While you may have heard that moving in the winter is not the best idea, that is not the case with Atlanta. There are actually a lot of benefits to move to Atlanta during the winter which can result in a much smoother move for you. Learn the benefits of moving to Atlanta in the winter as well as a few Atlanta winter moving tips in this post!

4 Benefits of Moving to Atlanta, GA in the Winter

  • More mild weather: If you’re moving to Atlanta, GA, you more than likely view the weather as a huge perk of living in the city. That being said, moving in the heat of the summer can be very difficult and exhausting. Moving in the winter can actually mean that your moving day is more comfortable than if you chose to wait for the spring or summer.
  • Easier scheduling opportunities: Since the winter is the off-season for movers, they will not be as in demand as the warmer months. This means that since there is less competition for booking dates, you’ll have an easier time scheduling the date and time you’re looking to move.
  • Enjoy reduced moving expenses: Moving is not cheap. If you’ve moving soon, you’re likely looking for all of the savings you can get. When you move in the winter, you’re able to take advantage of lower costs for movers.
  • Avoid the tourism traffic: Atlanta, GA brings in a large number of tourists every year. The popularity of the city with tourists can create a large deal of both foot traffic and driving traffic. Since winter is also the off-season for tourism, when you move in the winter, you’re able to mostly avoid the tourism traffic.

Tips for Moving to Atlanta, Georgia in the Winter

Did you decide to make the move? Before moving, check out these tips for moving to Atlanta, GA!

  • Check in with your movers: Since the winter is the off-season for movers, it is important to check in with your moving company during the weeks leading up to your move. The last thing you want on the day of your move is to find out that there was a miscommunication with your moving company.
  • Keep an eye on the weather: While Atlanta winters are generally extremely mild, the city still experiences snow or rain fall periodically during the winter. If you notice that a storm may interfere with your move, contact your moving company with your concerns.
  • Be prepared: If you notice it’s going to be colder than normal, stock up on extra gloves and hats for the move. If there’s a chance it’s going to rain during your move, purchase ponchos to help keep dry.

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2019 Spring Events in Decatur, GA

Young adults at a festivalAlthough it may not seem like it, it’s warming up in the Atlanta and Decatur area. This can only mean one thing, spring is on its way! During the spring, the city of downtown Decatur comes alive with fun festivals, events and activities.

Don’t miss out on any events taking place this spring in the Decatur, GA area! Check out some of our favorite events below.

Decatur Calendar of Events Spring, 2019

AARFstravaganza 2019

Saturday, March 30th, 2019
This year is the 5th annual AARFstravaganza at The Solarium! Every dollar raised at this event will go to feeding, housing and veterinary needs for the animals in the organization’s care. This event will feature a show, refreshments and food.

Amplify Decatur Music Festival

Saturday, April 13th, 2019
The Amplify Decatur Music Festival is back for another year at the downtown square! This event will feature Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Mavis Staples as well as two-time Grammy award winner, Jeff Tweedy. Kevn Kinney, of Drivin N Cryin, and The Bitteroots will also be preforming at this event. Tickets are available for sale online. Visitors are able to choose from the general admission, VIP and premium seats.

Atlanta Spring Wine Festival

Saturday, April 13th, 2019
Are you a wine lover? Come check out the Atlanta Spring Wine Festival this April! There will be 50+ different kinds of wines, beers and ciders. The event will also feature live music, an air-conditioned tent and more. This is a 21 and over event. Tickets are available for purchase online.

Great Southern Beer Fest

Saturday, April 27th, 2019
The Great Southern Beer Fest is coming to the Decatur and Atlanta, GA area! The beer fest will feature 75+ regional craft beer tastings, a souvenir Great Southern Beer Fest mason jar and live music. There are two different sessions included in this event, including the early and afternoon session. Purchase your tickets online today!

Decatur Lantern Parade

Friday, May 10th, 2019
Celebrate the start of summer at the Decatur Lantern Parade! The parade will start at Color Wheel Studio and end at the downtown square. Parade attendees are invited to bring their own lantern or attend a lantern making workshop.

2019 Decatur Arts Festival

Saturday, May 25th, 2019
Are you looking for plans for Memorial Day? Come check out the Decatur Arts Festival! There will be an artist market, live musical performances, stand-up comedy, a children’s festival, dance performances and more.

Need Storage in the Decatur Area?

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6 Cupboard and Pantry Organization Hacks

The kitchen is a high traffic area in the house. Due to the popularity, it is common for this space to be disorganized. But with a few key organization tips, this space doesn’t have to be this way. Check out these tips for organizing your pantry and cupboards!

The Best Cupboard and Pantry Organization System

  • Empty out your pantry and cupboards: This first step to organizing your kitchen is to empty out your pantry and cupboards. By emptying out your pantry, you will be able to clearly see all of your items and determine which are broken, duplicate and unneeded. This is a good time to also pull out any expired food cans or boxes you find.
  • Get rid of unneeded items: Sort through your items and determine what you can part with. If you haven’t used your food processor or toaster oven in years, consider donating or selling these items.
  • Use turntables for deep cabinets: If you have deep cupboards, consider using turntables or “Lazy Susans” to store your items. This will allow you to clearly see and grab items that would have ordinarily been pushed to the back of the cupboard.
  • Use raised storage: Another good way to make sure your food doesn’t get lost in the back of the cupboard is to utilize raised storage. Raised storage can also help you to save money because it will easily allow you to take inventory of what you have so items don’t go to waste. 
  • Make the best use of space: When trying to squeeze the maximum number of items into your pantry, it is important to make use of as much space as you can. For example, install door racks on the back of the doors to store small snacks and other items.
  • Continue to organize as you go: One of the most important ways to ensure your pantry and cupboard doesn’t become disorganized again is to continue to organize as you go. Once a month, take 30 minutes to re-organize your pantry. This can really go a long way to help you stay organized.
  • Need More Household Storage Space?

While the pantry and cupboards are likely just the start to organizing your kitchen, you may discover that you just don’t have enough storage space. Maybe your nice china from your wedding is taking up too much space or maybe you just have too many kitchen gadgets. Whatever the reason, a storage unit rental allows you to still hold onto the items that you do not have space in the kitchen for.

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How to Declutter After Death: 5 Tips for Cleaning Out the Home and Finding Peace

If you’ve recently lost a family member, you are likely dealing with a lot of emotions. The pain of your loss may still be very raw. Unfortunately, another emotion you may be feeling is the stress of having to sort through all of their items. And if they lived in a rental, like assisted living or an apartment, you may be under a time crunch.

We’re here to help. In order to alleviate as much stress as possible, we put together 5 tips for decluttering after death. 

5 Tips for Cleaning Out the House After Death

  1. Ask for help: Sorting through your relative’s belongings can be exhausting both physically and mentally. During this time, never be afraid to ask for help. Family members and friends will likely want to help as a way to say goodbye.
  2. Find important documents: When sorting through documents, be sure to locate any important documents. For example, pull out the Will, trusts, life insurance policies, real estate deed, recent bank statements, stock certificates and 401(k) information. Place this information in a location where it will not get lost or mixed in with other items.
  3. Invite friends and family members over early: When sorting through the items, pull out any that are damaged or broken. After pulling out those items, invite family and friends over that weren’t previously there to determine what they want to keep. This will not only help to speed up the process, it will also prevent you from accidentally getting rid of an item that someone else wants. 
  4. Get items appraised: It is important to get items that you are unsure of the value appraised. There are appraisers out there that specialize in fine jewelry and art work. This can help you to avoid any messy problems later on.
  5. Take breaks: If you are under a time crunch, you may feel the need to keep working and working. Due to the high emotion and stress of the situation, it is important to take breaks. If you start to feel overwhelmed, take a break. Go for a walk, get lunch with a friend or go do something for yourself.

Are You In Need of Temporary Storage?

During this period of time, it is important to take it easy on yourself. If there are items that you are unsure what to do with, put them to the side. Later on, come back to this pile. As time goes on, hopefully it will be easier to touch these items.

If you are under a large time crunch and feel that you are unable to rationally go through the items, consider a storage unit rental. A storage unit rental allows you to get the items out of the home and into a secure location until you are ready. Storage World has three locations near you, one in Jonesboro  and two in Decatur on Flat Shoals Pkwy and Panthersville.

How to Load a Moving Truck

If you are moving soon, you’re more than likely planning on using a moving truck. A moving truck can easily get you and your items from point A to Point B in just a few trips. Unfortunately, many people do not realize there is a preferred method for loading a moving truck. But fear not, we’re here to help! Follow these 6 steps for loading a moving truck!

6 Steps for Packing a Moving Truck

  • Step 1: Be ready for your move- Moving days can be extremely stressful. We never suggest saving packing to the day you’re planning on making your move.
  • Step 2: Keep important items with you- Any important documents or valuable items should be kept with you in the cab. These items can be easily unloaded from the truck and brought into your new home as soon as you arrive at the destination.
  • Step 3: Invest in moving supplies- Moving supplies will not only help to protect you from injury, they will also help to protect your items from damage. If you do not have moving straps and a dolly, ask your truck rental company if they sell them.
  • Step 4: Place the heaviest item in the front of the truck-When packing your moving truck, place your dishwasher, refrigerator or other heavy items in the front of the truck closest to the cab. This will help to support the weight of the item.
  • Step 5: Balance large items along the side of the truck- Next, place any large and bulky items. For example, your box springs, mattress, dresser or couch can go on each side of the truck.  
  • Step 6: Use buffer items- In order to avoid your furniture from getting scratched, place any pillows, blankets or comforters between each furniture piece. These items can act as padding to protect your more expensive items.  

Rent a Storage Unit for Your Next Move

If you’re moving into a smaller home, you may be looking for a storage option for some of your items. A storage unit rental allows you to keep all of the items that matter to you. Out-of-season decorations, clothing or any other items you do not currently need can be stored in a storage until they can be used again.

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